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The Handbook of Credit Portfolio Management

Author : Greg N. Gregoriou
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Features expertise from an international team of 35 contributors, including Moorad Choudhry, Panikos Teklos, and Tamar Frankel Provides much-needed, timely information for institutional investors and professional portfolio, asset, and hedge fund managers as the fallout from the credit bubble continues to plague the institutional finance sector Includes important discussion of new risk management techniques and standards, including Basel II

Exam Prep for The Handbook of Credit Portfolio Management

Author :
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Credit Portfolio Management

Author : Charles Smithson
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A cutting-edge text on credit portfolio management Credit risk. A number of market factors are causing revolutionary changes in the way it is measured and managed at financial institutions. Charles Smithson, author of the bestselling Managing Financial Risk, introduces a portfolio management approach to credit in his latest book. Understanding how to manage the inherent risks of this market has become increasingly important over the years. Credit Portfolio Management provides readers with a complete understanding of the alternative approaches to credit risk measurement and portfolio management. This definitive guide discusses the pricing and managing of credit risks associated with a variety of off-balance-sheet products such as credit default swaps, total return swaps, first-to-default baskets, and credit spread options; as well as on-balance-sheet customized structured products such as credit-linked notes, repackage notes, and synthetic collateralized debt obligations (CDOs). Filled with expert insight and advice, this book is a must-read for all credit professionals. Charles W. Smithson, PhD (New York, NY), is the Managing Partner of Rutter Associates and Executive Director of the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers (IACPM). He is the author of five books, including The Handbook of Financial Engineering and Managing Financial Risk (now in its Third Edition).

The Handbook of Credit Risk Management

Author : Sylvain Bouteille
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A comprehensive guide to credit risk management The Handbook of Credit Risk Management presents a comprehensive overview of the practice of credit risk management for a large institution. It is a guide for professionals and students wanting a deeper understanding of how to manage credit exposures. The Handbook provides a detailed roadmap for managing beyond the financial analysis of individual transactions and counterparties. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, the authors outline how to manage a portfolio of credit exposures--from origination and assessment of credit fundamentals to hedging and pricing. The Handbook is relevant for corporations, pension funds, endowments, asset managers, banks and insurance companies alike. Covers the four essential aspects of credit risk management: Origination, Credit Risk Assessment, Portfolio Management and Risk Transfer. Provides ample references to and examples of credit market services as a resource for those readers having credit risk responsibilities. Designed for busy professionals as well as finance, risk management and MBA students. As financial transactions grow more complex, proactive management of credit portfolios is no longer optional for an institution, but a matter of survival.

Measuring and Managing Credit Risk

Author : Arnaud de Servigny
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Credit Portfolio Management

Author : Michael Hünseler
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Credit Portfolio Management is a topical text on approaches to the active management of credit risks. The book is a valuable, up to date guide for portfolio management practitioners. Its content comprises of three main parts: The framework for managing credit risks, Active Credit Portfolio Management in practice and Hedging techniques and toolkits.

Handbook of Credit Scoring

Author : Elizabeth Mays
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· Credit scoring is a vital and sometimes misunderstood tool in financial services · Evaluates the different systems available Bankers and lenders depend on credit scoring to determine the best credit risks--and ensure maximum profit and security from their loan portfolios. Handbook of Credit Scoring offers the insights of a select group of experts on credit scoring systems. Topics include: Scoring Applications, Generic and Customized Scoring Models, Using consumer credit information, Scorecard modelling with continuous vs. Classed variables, Basic scorecard Development and Validation, Going beyond Credit Score, Data mining, Scorecard collection strategies, project management for Credit Scoring

Quantitative Credit Portfolio Management

Author : Arik Ben Dor
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An innovative approach to post-crash credit portfolio management Credit portfolio managers traditionally rely on fundamental research for decisions on issuer selection and sector rotation. Quantitative researchers tend to use more mathematical techniques for pricing models and to quantify credit risk and relative value. The information found here bridges these two approaches. In an intuitive and readable style, this book illustrates how quantitative techniques can help address specific questions facing today's credit managers and risk analysts. A targeted volume in the area of credit, this reliable resource contains some of the most recent and original research in this field, which addresses among other things important questions raised by the credit crisis of 2008-2009. Divided into two comprehensive parts, Quantitative Credit Portfolio Management offers essential insights into understanding the risks of corporate bonds—spread, liquidity, and Treasury yield curve risk—as well as managing corporate bond portfolios. Presents comprehensive coverage of everything from duration time spread and liquidity cost scores to capturing the credit spread premium Written by the number one ranked quantitative research group for four consecutive years by Institutional Investor Provides practical answers to difficult question, including: What diversification guidelines should you adopt to protect portfolios from issuer-specific risk? Are you well-advised to sell securities downgraded below investment grade? Credit portfolio management continues to evolve, but with this book as your guide, you can gain a solid understanding of how to manage complex portfolios under dynamic events.

The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities Chapter 46 Global Credit Bond Portfolio Management

Author : Frank Fabozzi
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From The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities--the most authoritative, widely read reference in the global fixed income marketplace--comes this sample chapter. This comprehensive survey of current knowledge features contributions from leading academics and practitioners and is not equaled by any other single sourcebook. Now, the thoroughly revised and updated seventh edition gives you the facts and formulas you need to compete in today's transformed marketplace. It places increased emphasis on applications, electronic trading, and global portfolio management.

Rethinking Valuation and Pricing Models

Author : Carsten S. Wehn
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It is widely acknowledged that many financial modelling techniques failed during the financial crisis, and in our post-crisis environment many techniques are being reconsidered. This single volume provides a guide to lessons learned for practitioners and a reference for academics. Including reviews of traditional approaches, real examples, and case studies, contributors consider portfolio theory; methods for valuing equities and equity derivatives, interest rate derivatives, and hybrid products; and techniques for calculating risks and implementing investment strategies. Describing new approaches without losing sight of their classical antecedents, this collection of original articles presents a timely perspective on our post-crisis paradigm. Highlights pre-crisis best classical practices, identifies post-crisis key issues, and examines emerging approaches to solving those issues Singles out key factors one must consider when valuing or calculating risks in the post-crisis environment Presents material in a homogenous, practical, clear, and not overly technical manner

Handbook of Finance Investment Management and Financial Management

Author : Frank J. Fabozzi
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Volume II: Investment Management and Financial Management focuses on the theories, decisions, and implementations aspects associated with both financial management and investment management. It discusses issues that dominate the financial management arena—capital structure, dividend policies, capital budgeting, and working capital—and highlights the essential elements of today's investment management environment, which include allocating funds across major asset classes and effectively dealing with equity and fixed income portfolios. Incorporating timely research and in-depth analysis, the Handbook of Finance is a comprehensive 3-Volume Set that covers both established and cutting-edge theories and developments in finance and investing. Other volumes in the set: Handbook of Finance Volume I: Financial Markets and Instruments and Handbook of Finance Volume III: Valuation, Financial Modeling, and Quantitative Tools.

The Handbook of Trading Strategies for Navigating and Profiting from Currency Bond and Stock Markets

Author : Greg N. Gregoriou
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Make the post-meltdown markets work for you, using the unparalleled insight of today’s top global investing experts! “This book provides a collection of papers that examine trading execution, technical trading, and trading strategies, as well as algorithms in different markets (equities, forex, fixed income, exchange traded funds, derivatives, and commodities) around the world. This is particularly relevant given the recent explosion in trading volumes.” Tarun Chordia, R. Howard Dobbs Chair in Finance, Goizueta Business School, Emory University “This book uses a number of well-respected authors in the area of asset trading. It provides a comprehensive analysis of trading-related issues covering momentum trading, algorithmic trading, the use of technical trading rules, strategies for ETFs, and the role of trading volume.” Professor John Cotter, Director of the Centre for Financial Markets, University College Dublin School of Business, University College Dublin “The Handbook of Trading is a good reference tool for both practitioners and academics. The contents cover a wide range of topical issues.” Professor Robert McGee, Director of the Center for Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Studies, College of Business Administration, Florida International University About the Book: Given today’s market volatility, even the most advanced investors can be unsure of their next move. Rather than rely on one or two individuals who claim general knowledge on any given investing topic, you need the advice of professionals who have spent their entire careers developing real expertise on more focused sectors of the market. The Handbook of Trading is the only book available that provides just that. Greg N. Gregoriou has amassed forty of the world’s top academics, researchers, and practitioners who explain how to make today’s markets work for you. With this highly technical but ultimately practical guide, you have access to a broad array of trading strategies that will put you light years ahead of the competition—regardless of the state of the market. From technical analysis and momentum trading to algorithmic and FOREX trading, The Handbook of Trading introduces you to techniques and insights never before published, each of which has been rigorously back-tested and analyzed. Chapters include: Performance Leakage and Value Discounts on the Toronto Stock Exchange Lawrence Kryzanowski and Skander Lazrak Trading in Turbulent Markets: Does Momentum Work? Tim A. Herberger and Daniel M. Kohlert Profitability of Technical Trading Rules in an Emerging Market Dimitris Kenourgios and Spyros Papathanasiou Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds and Their Trading Strategies Narat Charupat The Impact of Algorithmic Trading Models on the Stock Market Ohannes G. Paskelian Applying critical lessons learned from the financial crisis of 2008–2009, the contributors explain how to approach turbulent market environments and adjust your trading methodologies accordingly. The Handbook of Trading is the go-to guide for financial professionals seeking profits in today’s currency, bond, and stock markets. Correlating PowerPoint slides and reading questions created by the contributors appear on

Advanced Bond Portfolio Management

Author : Frank J. Fabozzi
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In order to effectively employ portfolio strategies that cancontrol interest rate risk and/or enhance returns, you mustunderstand the forces that drive bond markets, as well as thevaluation and risk management practices of these complexsecurities. In Advanced Bond Portfolio Management,Frank Fabozzi, Lionel Martellini, and Philippe Priaulet havebrought together more than thirty experienced bond marketprofessionals to help you do just that. Divided into six comprehensive parts, Advanced BondPortfolio Management will guide you through thestate-of-the-art techniques used in the analysis of bonds and bondportfolio management. Topics covered include: General background information on fixed-income markets and bondportfolio strategies The design of a strategy benchmark Various aspects of fixed-income modeling that will provide keyingredients in the implementation of an efficient portfolio andrisk management process Interest rate risk and credit risk management Risk factors involved in the management of an internationalbond portfolio Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, AdvancedBond Portfolio Management is a valuable resource for anyoneinvolved or interested in this important industry.

Equity Portfolio Management

Author : Frank J. Fabozzi
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With investors flocking to Wall Street in an attempt to beat today’s turbulent market, Fabozzi and Grant show you how to stay focused and create a solid equity portfolio in Equity Management. This comprehensive guide ties together modern portfolio theory and the current strategies employed by portfolio managers to enhance returns on equity portfolios. By focusing on several key areas, including equity management styles: passive versus active investing, traditional fundamental analysis, security analysis using value-based metrics, and much more, Equity Portfolio Management will put you on the right track to investing smarter and more profitably.

Insurance Company Investment Management Handbook

Author : Edmund A. Mennis
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The Basel Handbook

Author : Michael K. Ong
File Size : 27.95 MB
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Now in its second edition, this bestselling handbook has been fully updated and expanded in light of important changes to the new Basel II Accord such as: the asset classes required under Pillar 1, the new required elements for capital adequacy and the minimum capital requirements for securitization and operational risk, credit risk mitigation, supervisory review and market discipline.

Risk Handbook

Author : John C. Chicken
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Risks cannot be avoided, but successful ways of dealing with them can be developed. This handbook provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary coverage for assessing the acceptability of risks. The text examines the practical methods for assessing risk and the theoretical considerations in some detail. It unifies the pragmatic and scientific approach to risk to provide a defensible approach to risk assessment and management. The appendices also include a guide for managers to the mathematics involved.

The Handbook of Municipal Bonds and Public Finance

Author : Robert Lamb
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Structured Products Volume 2

Author : Satyajit Das
File Size : 28.18 MB
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Structured Products Volume 2 consists of 5 Parts and 21 Chapters covering equity derivatives (including equity swaps/options, convertible securities and equity linked notes) , commodity derivatives (including energy, metal and agricultural derivatives), credit derivatives (including credit linked notes/collateralised debt obligations ("CDOs")), new derivative markets (including inflation linked derivatives and notes, insurance derivatives, weather derivatives, property, bandwidth/telephone minutes, macro-economic index and emission/environmental derivatives ) and tax based applications of derivatives. It also covers the structure and evolution of derivative markets including electronic trading markets and the origins, evolution and prospects for derivative markets. EQUITY LINKED STRUCTURES 1 Equity Derivatives - Equity Futures; Equity Options/Warrants & Equity Swaps 2 Convertible Securities 3 Structured Convertible Securities 4 Equity Linked Notes 5 Equity Derivatives - Investor Applications 6 Equity Capital Management - Corporate Finance Applications of Equity Derivatives COMMODITY LINKED STRUCTURES 7 Commodity Derivatives - Commodity Futures/Options, Commodity Swaps and Commodity Linked Notes 8 Commodity Derivatives - Energy (Oil, Natural Gas and Electricity) Markets 9 Commodity Derivatives - Metal Markets 10 Commodity Derivatives - Agricultural and Other Markets CREDIT DERVIATIVES 11 Credit Derivative Products 12 Credit Linked Notes/Collateralised Debt Obligations 13 Credit Derivatives/Default Risk - Pricing and Modelling 14 Credit Derivatives - Applications/Markets NEW MARKETS 15 Inflation Indexed Notes and Derivatives 16 Alternative Risk Transfer/Insurance Derivatives 17 Weather Derivatives 18 New Markets - Property; Bandwidth; Macro-Economic and Environmental Derivatives 19 Tax and Structured Derivatives Transactions EVOLUTION OF DERIVATIVES MARKETS 20 Electronic Markets and Derivatives Trading 21 Financial Derivatives - Evolution and Prospects

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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