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The Way of the Hare

Author : Marianne Taylor
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To the people of rural Britain, hares are deeply beloved, perhaps above all other animals. They thrive in abundance in imagery but can be maddeningly elusive in reality. In our stories – ancient and modern – they are magical, uncanny and illogical beings which commune with the moon, vanish at will, and lose their minds when spring arrives. Yet despite the breadth and depth of its legends, the brown hare of the lowlands is a relative newcomer to our islands, and our 'real' ancient hare is the mountain hare of the most unforgiving high mountainsides. Hares of myth have godly powers, but real, earthbound hares walk a dangerous line – they are small animals with many predators but have no burrow or tunnel to shelter them from danger. They survive by a combination of two skills honed to unimaginable extremes – hiding in plain sight, and running faster than anything and anyone. The need to excel as hiders and runners ultimately directs every aspect of hare biology and behaviour, as well as inspiring our own wild ideas about hare-kind. This book explores hares as they are and as we imagine them, and the long and often bloody history of our association with these enigmatic animals. Elegant studies of molecular biology and biomechanical physics help us understand how hares are put together, while centuries of game estate records reveal how humans have commodified and exploited them. But it is ultimately the moments spent in the company of wild hares that allow us to bring together myth and reality to celebrate the magic of the living animal.

The Coursing calendar ed by Stonehenge

Author : John Henry Walsh
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The Theory of Vision or Visual Language shewing the immediate presence and providence of a Deity vindicated and explained in answer to a Letter published in the Daily Post Boy Sept 9 1732 By the author of Alciphron or The Minute Philosopher i e G Berkeley Bishop of Cloyne With the Letter from the Daily Post Boy

Author : George Berkeley
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Hamlet and the Vision of Darkness

Author : Rhodri Lewis
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An acclaimed new interpretation of Shakespeare's Hamlet Hamlet and the Vision of Darkness is a radical new interpretation of the most famous play in the English language. By exploring Shakespeare's engagements with the humanist traditions of early modern England and Europe, Rhodri Lewis reveals a Hamlet unseen for centuries: an innovative, coherent, and exhilaratingly bleak tragedy in which the governing ideologies of Shakespeare's age are scrupulously upended. Recovering a work of far greater magnitude than the tragedy of a young man who cannot make up his mind, Lewis shows that in Hamlet, as in King Lear, Shakespeare confronts his audiences with a universe that received ideas are powerless to illuminate—and where everyone must find their own way through the dark.

The Vision of William Concerning Piers Plowman The Vernon text or text A

Author : William Langland
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The Story of Waldemar Krone s Youth

Author : Herman Frederik Ewald
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The Hunter s Vision

Author : Peter S. Garlake
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A survey of the rock art of the San peoples of prehistoric Zimbabwe. The prehistoric rock-painting of these peoples are amongst the world's greatest artistic and cultural treasures. There are many thousands of paintings in the granite hills and caves, most of them until recently undiscovered and unrecorded. Created many hundreds of years ago by societies that have long since disappeared, these paintings represent an important artistic tradition.

A Complete Word and Phrase Concordance to the Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Author : J. B. Reid
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The Cambridge Review

Author :
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Vols. 1-26 include a supplement: The University pulpit, vols. [1]-26, no. 1-661, which has separate pagination but is indexed in the main vol.

The Subjective Vision

Author : Evelyn Alice Hanley
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Southern Rockies Wildlands Network Vision

Author : Brian Miller
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World-renowned for their striking beauty and high mountain topography, the Southern Rockies are one of North America's gems. The Southern Rockies Ecoregion contains a diversity of life. From alpine tundra to ponderosa pine forests and sagebrush grasslands, over 500 vertebrate species find their home in the Southern Rockies as well as a rich variety of plants and invertebrates including over 270 species of butterflies and 5,200 species of moths. It is able to obtain this abundance partially because of its continuous stretches of wild, remote and undeveloped lands. And yet, this biodiversity is threatened, as are many wild places in North America, due to human expansion and development: native species have been extirpated; old growth forests logged, wild and powerful rivers dammed and polluted, and land degraded. The Southern Rockies Wildlands Network Vision calls for ecological restoration that is based on healing these ecological wounds: the Vision identifies these wounds to the land and then considers anthropogenic causes for each, addressing not only the symptoms and the disease, but also the root cause(s) of the illness. The injuries to the Southern Rockies that have been identified by the Vision include: * Loss and Decline of Native Species * Loss and Degradation of Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems * Loss and Alteration of Natural Processes * Fragmentation of Wildlife Habitat * Invasion of Exotic Species * Pollution and Climate Change The current state of the Southern Rockies indicates that conservation planning and work is imperative. This Vision is a comprehensive look into that work, which is based in rewilding. It provides six goals and tangible implantation tactics relating to those goals in order to make the Vision a reality. These goals include protecting and recovering native species and their habitats, reducing pollution, controlling and removing exotic species, maintaining ecological and evolutionary processes and restoring landscape connectivity. The Vision is a prescription for the future. It recognizes that national parks, wilderness areas, and wildlife refuges have accomplished a great deal for nature. But over time, protected areas have been surrounded by roads and degraded landscapes. Now, the protected areas are too isolated to sustain viable populations of large animals, let alone many ecological and evolutionary processes. The Southern Rockies Wildlands Network Vision is a conservation blueprint and collaborative effort of the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project, the Denver Zoo, and the Wildlands Project for the Southern Rockies of Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports Or Complete Account of Hunting Shooting Fishing Racing Ets A New Ed

Author : Pritchett Blaine-Delabere
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A Glossarial Concordance to William Langland s The Vision of Piers Plowman

Author : Tomonori Matsushita
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Concordance to the corrected 2nd edition (1997) edited by A.V.C. Schmidt and published by J.M. Dent.

A Singular Vision

Author : Jess Wilder
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Life Lit by Some Large Vision

Author : Ossie Davis
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A compilation of speeches, essays, and other writings by the late performer and civil rights activist includes such examples as a monologue from his 1961 play Purlie Victorious, his eulogies for Malcolm X and Louis Armstrong, and the speech "The English Language Is My Enemy." 30,000 first printing.


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Hogg s Instructor

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Michigan Out of doors

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Progressive Medicine

Author :
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Johnson s Natural History

Author : Samuel Griswold Goodrich
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