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The Haydn Economy

Author : Nicholas Mathew
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Analyzing the final three decades of Haydn’s career, this book uses the composer as a prism through which to examine urgent questions across the humanities. In this far-reaching work of music history and criticism, Nicholas Mathew reimagines the world of Joseph Haydn and his contemporaries, with its catastrophic upheavals and thrilling sense of potential. In the process, Mathew tackles critical questions of particular moment: how we tell the history of the European Enlightenment and Romanticism; the relation of late eighteenth-century culture to incipient capitalism and European colonialism; and how the modern market and modern aesthetic values were—and remain—inextricably entwined. The Haydn Economy weaves a vibrant material history of Haydn’s career, extending from the sphere of the ancient Esterházy court to his frenetic years as an entrepreneur plying between London and Vienna to his final decade as a venerable musical celebrity, during which he witnessed the transformation of his legacy by a new generation of students and acolytes, Beethoven foremost among them. Ultimately, Mathew asserts, Haydn’s historical trajectory compels us to ask what we might retain from the cultural and political practices of European modernity—whether we can extract and preserve its moral promise from its moral failures. And it demands that we confront the deep histories of capitalism that continue to shape our beliefs about music, sound, and material culture.

Economic Governance in the Age of Globalization

Author : William K. Tabb
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The classical models of international free trade that have long been championed by the US, have failed to produce the rapid growth, reduced poverty & stable societies that have been promised. William Tabb advocates a new financial architecture to meet the real needs of the world in the 21st century.

Global Innovation in Emerging Economies

Author : Prasada Reddy
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In recent decades, the main concern regarding innovation relates to: multinational corporations relocating R & D to emerging economies'; and some companies from emerging economies entering global markets with innovative products and services, develop.

News Letter

Author : United States. Dept. of State
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Department of State News Letter

Author : United States. Department of State
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Past Sounds

Author : Gillian Perrin
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This is a book about classical music – for people who say they love music “but don’t understand how it works”, as well as for performers and music students of all ages. Proposing that deeper enjoyment begins with an understanding of music’s basic structures, the book describes how the simple template of earlier dance-songs was adapted by composers writing music for instruments. The instrumental sonata became one of the great formal frameworks of western music: in symphonies, concertos, chamber music and solo sonatas, it dominated concert music for some 250 years – yet it is little understood by many music lovers. To simplify this vast field, Past Sounds singles out for study “sonatas” for piano trio – piano, violin and ’cello. These instruments have well-contrasted and easily identifiable sounds, and as the story unfolds the reader is introduced to many rarely heard but beautiful works for piano trio. This is a lively, clearly-written narrative as well as a handbook for subsequent listening. The book has two distinctive features. Firstly, technical terms are carefully explained, and for those not familiar with music notation, audio clips in an accompanying website reproduce the actual sound of the music described. Secondly, in a broad historical sweep from mid-18th to 20th centuries, the development of the sonata is followed in its context of contemporary arts and literature – demonstrating how the sonata idea of classical music well deserves to be understood and valued as a western cultural archetype alongside other great artistic and literary forms.

The New Grove Haydn

Author : James Webster
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The son of an 18th century Austrian wheelwright, Haydn is acknowledged for refining the symphony and string quartet and praised for his oratorios and masses. Deeply involved in the evolution of the Classical style, its subsequent growth can be seen in his own music. Indeed, he is considered to be one of the most significant composers of the Classical Period. Under his care the symphony and string quartet came to life, and the oratios and masses of his late years belong to the consummation of the classical spirit in music. This biography of Joseph Haydn is one in a new series of composer biographies, derived and adapted from the second edition of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. These newly written biographies bring the best of the book-length pieces in The New Grove to a wider audience. Each title provides fresh new insights into the life and works of a major composer, derived from the most recent scholarship. In addition to a detailed and informative view of the subject's life and works, written by an expert in the field, each book includes comprehensive, tabular work-lists and a fully revised and updated bibliography.

Mozart The Haydn Quartets

Author : John Irving
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A guide to Mozart's most famous string quartets, dedicated to his friend, Joseph Haydn.

Freedom and the Arts

Author : Charles Rosen
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"Is there a moment in history when a work receives its ideal interpretation? Or is negotiation always required to preserve the past and accommodate the present? The freedom of interpretation, Charles Rosen suggests in these sparkling explorations of music and literature, exists in a delicate balance with fidelity to the identity of the original work. Rosen cautions us to avoid doctrinaire extremes when approaching art of the past. To understand Shakespeare only as an Elizabethan or Jacobean theatergoer would understand him, or to modernize his plays with no sense of what they bring from his age, deforms the work, making it less ambiguous and inherently less interesting. For a work to remain alive, it must change character over time while preserving a valid witness to its earliest state.

Joseph Haydn die Neue Welt

Author : Walter Reicher
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"Joseph Haydn & die 'Neue Welt'" - dieser Titel mag zunächst irritieren, war Joseph Haydn doch nie in Amerika. Doch bei genauerer Betrachtung überrascht die Vielfalt dieses Themenkomplexes, der zwei große komplementäre Bereiche abdeckt: Zum einen die Fragen, wie Haydn und seine Zeitgenossen Amerika wahrgenommen haben, in welche Diskussionen sie eingebunden waren, welche Bilder aus der fernen Welt von der anderen Seite des Atlantiks in ihren Köpfen vorherrschten und wie sie diese künstlerisch fruchtbar machten. Zum anderen gilt es zu erforschen, wie Haydns Musik in Amerika wahrgenommen wurde und wie sie sich dort verbreitete; welche Werke von anderen Komponisten produktiv aufgegriffen wurden und welche vielleicht auf dem Weg über den großen Teich verloren gingen. Mit Beiträgen von Christine Siegert | Gernot Gruber | Waldemar Zacharasiewicz | Bertil van Boer | Thomas Tolley | Paulo M. Kühl | Kathleen J. Lamkin | Michael E. Ruhling | Bryan Proksch | Thomas Betzwieser | Balázs Mikusi | John A. Rice | Daniel Brandenburg | Josef Pratl | Pierpaolo Polzonetti | Mark Evan Bonds | Peter Király | Walter Reicher