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The Heart of the Caregiver

Author : Mary Tutterow
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Don't feel alone and isolated any more. As a long-hour caregiver, you face incredible stress: financial, emotional, and physical. Yet, in the midst of all that, God is gently calling you to come to Him. Come, so you no longer feel desperate and overwhelmed. Come, so you can discover the deep soul-satisfying meaning in your difficult work. Come, experience satisfaction, peace and joy like never before. The Heart of the Caregiver is the path to finding God's heart in your unique situation. Diving into scripture that is relevant to all caregiving situations, fellow caregiver Mary Tutterow shares personal insights and Scripture passages that will help transform your perspective and purpose as you move from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Discover how you were made to love others through the care you provide. The Heart of the Caregiver is the first study in a ministry resource series dedicated to supporting caregivers by addressing issues specific to their spiritual needs. In addition to meeting the spiritual needs of caregivers, this two-part series aims to equip local churches with quality resources as they minister to these dynamic families.

The Caregiver s Encyclopedia

Author : Muriel R. Gillick
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Authoritative, comprehensive, holistic, and highly illustrated, The Caregiver's Encyclopedia will help you figure out how to be the best caregiver you can be.

The Caregiver

Author : Samuel Park
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From the critically acclaimed author of This Burns My Heart comes a “luminous mother-daughter saga” (Entertainment Weekly) about a young woman who is forced to flee 1980s Brazil for California, and in doing so unearths the hidden life of her enigmatic mother. Mara Alencar’s mother Ana is her moon, her sun, her stars. Ana, a struggling voice-over actress, is an admirably brave and recklessly impulsive woman who does everything in her power to care for her little girl in perilous 1980s Rio de Janeiro. With no other family or friends her own age, Ana eclipses Mara’s entire world. They take turns caring for each other—in ways big and small. But who is Ana, really? As she grows older, Mara slowly begins to piece together the many facets of Ana’s complicated life—a mother, a rebel, and always, an actress. When Ana becomes involved with a civilian rebel group attempting to undermine the city’s cruel Police Chief, their fragile arrangement begins to unravel. Mara is forced to flee the only home she’s ever known, for California, where she lives as an undocumented immigrant, caregiving for a dying woman. It’s here that she begins to grapple with her turbulent past and starts to uncover vital truths—about her mother, herself, and what it means to truly take care of someone. A “lovely and heartbreaking” (People) story that is “simultaneously dreamlike and visceral” (The Atlantic), The Caregiver is “a beautiful testament to Samuel Park’s extraordinary talents as a storyteller…that reads, in some moments, like a thriller—and, in others, like a meditation on what it means to be alive…A ferocious page-turner with deep wells of compassion for the struggles of the living—and the sins of the dead” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review).

Caring for the Family Caregiver

Author : Elaine Wittenberg
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"Caring for the Family Caregiver is an extensive practical tool kit for health care providers across the healthcare continuum. Regardless if it is a mother caring for a child with a developmental disability, a wife caring for a husband with a long term chronic illness, or a daughter sitting at the bedside of her father who is enrolled in hospice, family caregivers are the silent "other patient" in the health care drama. Healthcare providers who do not attend to the needs of the caregiver not only inflict interactional suffering, but dilute their treatment by not engaging the caregiver as a partner. In fact, they may unintentionally do harm as the caregiver flounders and thus patient treatment fails. As noted by one dying cancer patient in an educational YouTube video of his cancer journey, "there are two patients not one." If we are to eliminate the interactional suffering experienced by family caregivers, we must train both the caregiver and the health care team for the important interaction and roles that are required for the successful care of the patient. Caregivers lack information, skills, and emotional support for the tireless task they are volunteering for. They need to be taught how to advocate for themselves and their patients and how to best communicate with the health care team. Likewise, health care providers have the skills and knowledge to provide outstanding patient centered care; however, they are not taught the importance of the family caregiver, nor do they always understand that experience or how to help"--

The Heart and Soul of Caregiving

Author : Jacqueline Jennifer
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The American population is rapidly aging. People are living much longer than ever before. Who will take care of them? Caregiving is intensely personal. What does the job entail? Who can you trust? The skills with which to give care are many. It takes a very special person to turn pain and fear into comfort and ease. The Heart and Soul of Caregiving offers several stories out of hundreds that define a quality caregiver.

Implementation of Caregiver Assistance

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Subcommittee on Health
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Hands and Heart Together

Author : Patricia Hoolihan
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For the caregiver, a book of daily meditations that provides comfort, insight, and wisdom.

Poetry From The Heart By An Alzheimer s Caregiver

Author : Carolyn A. Haynali
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The Teaser Carolyn started this journey by keeping a daily journal and from that her poetry started to flow and now a book The gift of writing these poems came out of the long, lonely journey with her husband Chuck who had Alzheimer’s. The poems speak of the love, the struggles and the heartaches that a caregiver has to go through, taking care of a loved one. I was not a writer but felt inspired to write my feelings as it helped me get through the days and the years ahead. I was able to lose myself and get lost for a time in my writings. I pray that you can gain some understanding, and comfort as you read these poems.

The Caregiver s Guide

Author : Caroline Rob
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Provides information on caring for the elderly at home, discussing medical treatments for chronic illnesses, mental and physical caregiving, and medical emergencies

The Peaceful Caregiver

Author : Mary Tutterow
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The Peaceful Caregiver addresses spiritual needs specific to caregivers who open their hearts to God's Word and experience the peace He offers.

The Caregiver s Guide to Medication Management

Author : Kathleen Gondek
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The Needs of Caregivers of Elders with Congestive Heart Failure

Author : Marilyn Morgan
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The Caregiver s Sourcebook

Author : Frena Gray-Davidson
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Everything you need to know about: the importance of a caregiver in the lives of Alzheimer's patients, Parkinson's patients, and sufferers of other mental orphysical disabilities.

A Caregiver s Companion

Author : J. Daniel Dymski
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Offers guidance and training to pastoral caregivers serving parishioners who are homebound or in care facilities. This ministry is primarily directed to older adults and is often served by lay people with little formal training. This book includes an extensive resource section featuring rites for distributing the eucharist, prayer services for family settings, and more.

The Caregiver Helpbook

Author : Vicki L. Schmall
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The Caregiver s Resourcebook 2009 Ed 2009 Edition

Author :
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Caregivers of Elders and the caregiver Career

Author : Suzanne Elizabeth Lee
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The Caregiver s Companion

Author : BettyClare Moffatt
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A compilation of inspirational essays, interviews, meditations, and advice offers support for those who care for the sick and dying, explaining how to cope with the fear, stress, and grief that accompany the caregiving role

From the Heart Through the Hands

Author : Dawn Nelson
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This book is for people who feel comfortable communicating through their hands and for those who wish to feel more ease in transmitting care through touch. It is for people whose responsiblity or job or gift is to oversee or to help take care of the elderly and ill members of our society ...

Caregiver resident Interaction at Mealtime in an American Nursing Home

Author : Ellen S. Schell
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