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Hinduism a Way of Life

Author : Sitansu S. Chakravarti
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This is a book on Hinduism designed to explain many South Asian practices, some not confined to Hindus only, that have very often been misunderstood in North America. The book contains essential information on standard Hindu sacraments and rituals, on dress codes, customs and festivals, on worship practices and sacred images. It provides a sampler of prayers, points for reflection and liturgical formulae. It notes peculiarities of emigre Hindu experience in the United States and Canada and incorporates insights from the author`s experience as a Hindu chaplain. The book has been written in response to requests for information from hospitals, ethnic squads in police forces, schools and boards of education, chaplains, social workers, and Hindus themselves. It will be helpful to students as well.

Planet Worship The Hindu Way Navagrahas

Author : Dr. A.V. Srinivasan
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The "inward looking" ancient Hindus did indeed marvel at the Cosmos focusing on the universe outside their own self. They believed that the life of a child was, to some extent, influenced by the precise positions of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth. Hence the worship of planets. They set up worship procedures along the lines described here and are still practiced by Hindus around the world. The "Planet Worship" describes the worship with Sanskrit mantras in Devanagari script and transliteration with English translation.

Classical Hinduism

Author : Mariasusai Dhavamony
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After a brief introduction on the idea of culture, enculturation and acculturation in social anthropology, a theology of culture, symbol and language is treated in order to lead to the central subject-matter of the Christian theology of inculturation, which is articulated in themes such as revelation and culture, redemptive incarnation as an exemplary model of inculturation, Lay people and inculturation, missionary spirituality and inculturation. The final chapters deal with inculturation in the Indian Church, the meeting of the Gospel with Asian religions, cultures and aspirations for full humanity, and Asian Christian theology.


Author : Julius Lipner
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Julius Lipner’s Hindus is widely recognised as essential reading for everyone wishing to understand one of the world’s great religious traditions. Hinduism comprises the religion and culture of the great majority of the people of India, a country tipped to become a world superpower politically, economically and culturally in the course of the present century. The vast array of diverse beliefs and practices usually described as ‘Hindu’ has been notoriously difficult to corral under a single regulating theme. Julius Lipner provides not only a wide-ranging introduction to Hindu religious and cultural diversity but also suggests a way to characterize Hinduism as a distinct tradition that has survived and adapted to changing circumstances from ancient times to the present day. Lipner is a recognised authority on Hinduism's polycentric emphasis, and his book is based on a lifetime of research and personal experience of his subject. In this thoroughly revised and substantially enlarged second edition, students of Hinduism will find more coverage of the debate about Hindu origins, the nature and practice of Hindu worship, the role of women, the scope of dharma and morality, Hindu philosophical thought and the use of reason, and the way caste functions.

The Sacred Marriage of a Hindu Goddess

Author : William P. Harman
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supplemented by a commentary; both seek to emphasize how the teaching is

I Am Proud To Be A Hindu

Author : J. Agarwal
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Hindu Dharma is the oldest living religion in the world. It is the eternal religion which is evergreen and perfect. Its origin goes back to the earliest of times when man first needed a way of life to conduct himself in the society. A person who always conducts himself with dignity and self-confidence in the society is called a Hindu. the sacred Hindu Scriptures describe a Hindu as the one who carries out his sublime duties and who moves on the right path of the highest state of mental peace leading to the state of Bliss. Hindu Dharma has always remained an enigma in the minds of the people living in the West. Even the Hindus living in the distant shores have long since lost touch with the true essence of the Satya Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharma. Today, the young modern generation of Hindus is puzzled and is seeking roots to their culture. With an inquisitive mind, they would like to ask many questions about Hindu Dharma. It intrigues them to find out as to - Who is a Hindu? What is Hindu Dharma? Why should a Hindu be proud of being a Hindu? Who is God? Where does God live? What He does and why is it necessary to worship God? This book is an answer to all these quetions.

Hindu Rites Rituals Customs and Traditions

Author : Prem P. Bhalla
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The Hindu Way of Awakening

Author : J. Donald Walters
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Brings order to the seeming chaos of Hinduism's vast treasure house of deities and symbols. Twenty accessible chapters cover symbols and revelations, the Bhagavad Gita, the trinity of AUM, the Divine Mother, awakening practices, and much more.

The Hindu Quest for the Perfection of Man

Author : Troy W. Organ
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Explore Hinduism

Author : Bansi Pandit
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Explore Hinduism is a concise but well-rounded introduction to the variety of beliefs and practices, and describes how Hindus think, act and practice their faith in the modern world. Most importantly, it illuminates the 'soul' of Hinduism, its spirituality.

The Myths and Gods of India

Author : Alain Daniélou
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Examines the significance of the most prominent Hindu deities and discusses the philosophy of polytheism and the representation and worship of the deities

Sacred Hindu Symbols

Author : Gautam Chatterjee
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Hinduism Is Not Merely A Religion But A Way Of Life. Hinduism, In Its Traverse Of Four Thousand Years, Has Accumulated Many A Belief And Practice, Which Encompass The Whole Socio-Religio-Cultural Life Of A Devout. Since The Mythological Past, Hinduism Is Studded With Varied Signs And Symptoms, Which Are Mystic In Character And Symbolic In Nature, And Are Also Sacred Symbols Of Spiritualism As Well. These Symbols Are The Sacred Rivers; Mystic Mantras Like Om And Gayatri; The Auspicious Symbol Of Swastika; The Shivalinga, Salagram Shila Or Sacred Stone Objects; Tripundra Tilaks Or Urdhapundra Tilaks- The Process Of Besmearing The Body With Different Marks Of Sandal Pastes; The Sacred Conch Or Sankha And Venerated Trees Which Have Medicinal Value And Spiritual Ethos Like Tulsi, Vata, Rudraksha, Etc. All These Are Part Of Modern Hinduism But To Many Devouts And Observers These Symbols Stand Enigmatic! Thus This Book Attempts To Explore And Unearth The Hidden Philosophy Of These Signs And Gauge The Socio-Scientific Base And Tries To Find Out The Real Meaning Of Ritualistic Methodologies Of These Symbols, Which Are The Great Objects Of Veneration Of The Hindus Down The Ages.

Hindu Goddesses

Author : Lynn Foulston
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This book explores the diversity of Hindu goddesses and the variety of ways in which they are worshiped. Although they undoubtedly have ancient origins, Hindu goddesses and their worship is still very much a part of the fabric of religious engagement in India today. Hindu Goddesses: Beliefs and Practices offers an introduction to a complex and often baffling field of study. ? Part I, Beliefs, provides a series of encounters with a range of Hindu goddesses starting with the idea of ?Goddess' as a philosophical concept. Topics include textual evidence for belief structures, goddess mythology, and the importance of ?the Goddess' in Tantrism. ? Part II, Practices, leads the reader through the tangled web of goddess worship, pausing along the way to examine the contrast between temple and local worship, the splendour of festivals and the importance of pilgrimage to those places in India where goddesses are considered to reside. ? A Conclusion provides details of contemporary developments in goddess worship, such as the appearance of new deities who supply the needs of worshipers in the twenty-first century. ? No prior knowledge is necessary as the book is aimed at undergraduate students and anyone interested in the religions and philosophy of India

Meeting God

Author : Stephen P. Huyler
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Documents the Hindu belief in the spiritual component of all human activity and looks at Hindu beliefs and practices, daily worship experiences, and ways of meeting God

Living Water and Indian Bowl

Author : Dayanand Bharati
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This is an insightful analysis based on personal experience of Christian work among Hindus and the error and inadequacy of Western Christianity in the Hindu world. Numerous anecdotes are the greatest strength of this important book. "He presents the transcultural Good News in culturally understandable ways for the India of the 21st century." -H. Stanley Wood, Center for New Church Development, Columbia Theological Seminary

Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism

Author : Swami Achuthananda
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Religion is the opium of the people, said Karl Marx many centuries ago. For more than a billion people living in India and abroad, Hinduism is the religion and a way of life. In this multi-award winning book, Swami Achuthananda cracks open the opium poppy pods, analyzes the causes for euphoria, and comes away with a deeper understanding of the people and their religion. *** Winner 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Religious Non-fiction) *** This is a comprehensive book on Hinduism. It tells you why Hindus do the things they do - and don't. Written in a casual style, the book guides you through the fundamentals of the religion. It then goes further and debunks a number of long-standing myths, some of them coming from the academia (of all places). While most books shy away from contentious issues, this book plunges headlong by taking on controversies, like the Aryan Invasion Theory, idol worship, RISA scholarship and many more. In fact one-third of the book is just on controversies that you rarely find in any other literature. Other Awards: *** Finalist - 2014 Pacific Book Awards (Religion) *** *** Bronze - 2014 IPPY Award - (Religion) ***

The Hindu World

Author : Sushil Mittal
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The Hindu World is the most complete, authoritative and up-to-date one-volume guide to Hindu faith and culture available today. With twenty-four dedicated chapters written by the world's leading Hinduism scholars, it elucidates the history, philosophy and practice of one of the world's great religious traditions. The perfect reference for all students of Hinduism, it is ideal for both for introductory-level study and for use as a definitive reference source. Proving invaluable for its wealth of historical material, in addition, The Hindu World also offers new insights into all aspects of Hindu life, ranging from the devotional texts of the Vedas and Ramayana to current perspectives on dharma and kama, temple architecture, sacred food, ritual, caste, cosmic philosophy, history and modernization. The Hindu World emphasizes Hinduism's classical heritage and daily practice as well as contemporary approaches to Hindu scholarship. Exploring the enormous diversity of Hindu devotion whilst considering Hinduism's academic status as a category for analysis, the book achieves a distinctive creative balance between the beliefs and values of Hindus themselves, and scholarly 'outsider' perspectives.

Skills in Religious Studies

Author : Jo Fageant
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Dealing with worship, the home, sciptures and key beliefs, this is one of three books which constitute an RE course for lower-secondary pupils. This revised edition matches the Locally Agreed Syllabuses and SCAA Models, and is designed to introduce the nature of religious belief and to encourage a greater knowledge and understanding of the six major religions. The three books are organized by religion, and non-specialist teachers are helped by the combination of detailed coverage and self-contained spreads.

The Hindu Traditions

Author : Mark W. Muesse
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Renowned lecturer from The Teaching Company, Mark W. Muesse brings readers into an encounter with the world's oldest living religious tradition, known as Hinduism. Muesse's brief survey, challenges the perception of Hinduism as one religious tradition, showing how wonderfully rich and diverse this 5,000-year old story truly is. He traces the vast history and practices of classic and diverse traditions, moving from the origins in the Indus Valley up through classic and contemporary periods. Muesse exhibits a keen sense of the myriad spiritualities associated with Hinduism, demonstrating how the religious tradition is both monotheistic and polytheistic.


Author : Madeleine Biardeau
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In This Engaging Account Of A Much-Studied Society And Culture, The Author Takes The Reader Through An Interpretation Of The Epics, Traditional Customs And Social Norms. Guarding Against Ethnocentrism, Her Narrative Digresses To Point To Parallels With The Western World.