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The Holmes Manual

Author : Mike Holmes
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No-nonsense advice from the star of HGTV’s Holmes Makes It Right and Holmes Inspection Why are my windows fogging up? What can I do about a squeaky floor? Why is my bedroom so much colder than the rest of the house? Are tankless water heaters worth the money? From top to bottom, outside to inside, Mike answers homeowners’ most common questions and provides solutions for everyday problems. Mike also offers trusted advice on maintenance—including instructions for repairs and projects that homeowners can tackle themselves. Packed with colour photographs, handy tips and sidebars, The Holmes Manual is a must-have guide for every homeowner.

The Manual of Koi Health

Author : Keith Holmes
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This book will help every koi keeper safeguard the health of his fishes. It includes sections on water chemistry and how to maintain good water conditions, how to handle, anaesthetize and take samples from ailing Koi, an explanation of what treatments are available and a comprehensive listing of all the common Koi diseases.

Civil RICO Practice Manual

Author : Paul A. Batista
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Civil RICO Practice Manual, Third Edition, serves as the single, most comprehensive resource to which attorneys for plaintiffs and defendants, judges, professors and students turn for information encompassing the full array of issues relating to RICO. An analytic and practical resource of high value to any attorney practicing in this area, Civil RICO Practice Manual provides comprehensive coverage of the Act and its various judicial interpretations, while at the same time taking the litigator through all aspects of RICO-based litigationand—from the complaint, through trial and appeal. This unique resource also supplies the forms and models you need to practice confidentlyand—and efficientlyand—every step of the way. Only Civil RICO Practice Manual: Helps you determine whether there is a successful RICO claim Provides model complaints and other forms you need to prosecute or defend a claim Keeps you completely current with the latest applications or bases for civil RICO claims including copyright infringement Delivers the latest case law and analysis on RICO, including U.S. Supreme Court cases Facilitates your understanding of special issues unique to civil RICO, including the Person/Enterprise standard, which holds persons employed by the enterprise responsible for damages caused by prohibited RICO activities This new Third Edition of Civil RICO Practice Manual adds an important dimension: a meaningful discussion of the criminal uses and scope of RICO. The language of the RICO statute applies equally to civil cases and criminal indictments. As a result, U.S. Supreme Court and appellate decisions rendered in criminal RICO cases almost invariably have meaning for civil racketeering litigation. Civil RICO Practice Manual, Third Edition provides civil practitioners the insight you need regarding the criminal elements of a RICO claim. This powerful resource offers: An entire new chapter on criminal RICO claims A new Model criminal RICO indictment, providing an ideal benchmark for a plaintiff who must structure, prepare and present a civil racketeering complaint And more!

The County Families of the United Kingdom Or Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland Containing a Brief Notice of the Descent Birth Marriage Education and Appointments of Each Person His Heir Together with His Town Address and Country Residence

Author : Edward Walford
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The School Marketing Manual

Author : Stephen Holmes
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Barrier Free Design

Author : James Holmes-Seidle
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This book for architects, interior designers, building managers, students, conference organisers looks at first principles to provide the user with the 'tools' to make their own decisions rather than a 'cookbook' approach. It is intended that designs and product information can be taken straight from the manual and inserted into ongoing projects. For the first time the book considers the needs of people with visual, hearing and mental disabilities, who make up the majority of disabled people in the population, alongside those of people with physical mobility disabilities. Practical low cost solutions to retro-fitting existing buildings are discussed, as well as the methods used to assess the suitability of an existing building, and assembling a project to improve access for disabled people. Specific products and designs are illustrated and discussed - with full working technical drawings, and full specification details. These will reduce considerably the research time needed to produce a cost-effective solution that will improve access for disabled people. A perspective of the standards and legislation dealing with access issues in the UK is compared with those in other countries, and the standards mentioned are compared with the realities of practical implementation carried out in 4 years of design in this area.

A Manual containing Information respecting the Growth of the Mulberry Tree with suitable directions for the culture of silk In three parts New edition

Author : Jonathan Holmes COBB
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HP 41CV Reservoir Economics and Engineering Manual

Author : Reuven Hollo
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The Millionaire Manual

Author : Randle L. Alford
File Size : 70.85 MB
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This book presents a refreshingly new method for coaching the individual on accumulating one millon dollars or more in the public markets. This uniqueness takes several forms. The first of these is the strucuture of the book itself. It is divided into four components. These components are Tools, Parts, Assembly and Warranty. In other words, it is set up as an Owners Manual for the individual. By analogy to other Owners Manuals which we have all seen and attempted to read, the Tools are generally things that are not included with a new item that we purchase and are required to assemble. We must either already have them or purchase them before we can begin the assembly process. The Tools section of this book is completely unlike other investment books. A reader can gain more from reading this section of the book than from most full texts on the subject. The Parts and Assembly sections of the book are in reality the how to of making money in the market. Although admittedly of little value without the first section,these areas combine academic theories with practical experience. Art and science are merged with real life examples of how you can make your money work for you. As a reader goes through these pages, his or her mind is transformed into new modes of thought. It is as if a light comes on and it all begins to make sense. The delivery is powerful and enlightening. The book concludes with a warranty section. It is of little value to accumulate assets if you are going to lose them. Insights are given on protecting not only your investment portfolio but other assets as well. There are full chapters on how to protect the home and auto as well as methods of getting maximum income while reducing taxes. The other area of uniqueness is the detail regarding how an investor must react to bull and bear markets and why they must act in a certain way. Making millions in the market is as much about being able to refrain from certain innate problems that we all possess as investors and converting our natures and subconscious minds in a way that allows us to be successful. Of particular interest are the stories which relate to everything from astro-physics to world history in teaching the reader about the investment world. This moves a rather bland subject from the area of boredom to very interesting reading. A reader will want to read this book again and again and keep it where it can be referred back to. It will be one Owners Manual that will not be locked away in a drawer.

Manual of American English Pronunciation

Author : Clifford Holmes Prator
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Manual of Operative Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery

Author : Michael Perry
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This manual is a condensed and didactic "how to" book, demonstrating surgical procedures in a step by step manner. It is fully comprehensive and highly illustrated (in colour, using mostly operative photographs), restricted solely to the surgical management of maxillofacial trauma, but includes most of the surfical approaches and methods of repair for all maxillofacial injuries. By including all surgical procedures (in trauma) this manual will make a useful and portable accompaniment to the Atlas of Operative Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery. It will be a good resource for all trainees, not only in maxillofacial surgery, but also in other related specialties.

Seventeen Steps to Slimness

Author : Susan Z. Diamond
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The Jack Reacher Field Manual

Author : George Beahm
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Dive into Jack Reachers life with.

Clinical Manual of Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment

Author : Ronald W. Pies
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Format : PDF
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Clinical Manual of Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment: A Biopsychosocial Approach points out the most important issues in both the pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic treatment of the patient, and guides the reader through the fundamental concepts. Dr. Pies integrates both psychodynamic and biochemical perspectives, which he calls the "biopsychosocial approach." This approach equips the clinician with a broad-based understanding of the patient. The chapters include clinical vignettes, tables, charts, and summaries. This book is helpful for both the resident who is preparing for board examinations, and the experienced clinician who is in pursuit of enriched understanding.

The Academic Manual of the Rudiments of Music

Author : George Augustus Holmes
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The United States Government Manual

Author :
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Poor s Manual of Railroads

Author :
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"With an appendix containing a full analysis of the debts of the United States, the several states, municipalities etc. Also statements of street railway and traction companies, industrial corporations, etc." (statement omitted on later vols.).

The Photographer s Studio Manual

Author : Michael Freeman
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The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual E Book

Author : Christopher A. Sanford
File Size : 58.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Prevent, evaluate, and manage diseases that can be acquired in tropical environments and foreign countries with The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual. This pragmatic, pocket-sized resource equips medical providers with the knowledge they need to offer effective aid, covering key topics in pre- and post-travel medicine, caring for immigrants and refugees, and working in low-resource settings. It's also the perfect source for travelers seeking quick, easy access to the latest travel medicine information. Dynamic images illustrate key concepts for an enhanced visual understanding. Evidence-based treatment recommendations enable you to manage diseases confidently. Pocket-sized format provides access to need-to-know information quickly and easily. Highlights new evidence and content surrounding mental health and traveling. Covers emerging hot topics such as Ebola virus disease, viral hemorrhagic fevers, the role of point-of-care testing in travel medicine, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in returning travelers and students traveling abroad. Includes an enhanced drug appendix in the back of the book.

Mango Quality Assessment Manual

Author : Rowland Holmes
File Size : 82.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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