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The Hounds of Actaeon

Author : Mauricio Loza
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Prelude. Diana, the huntsman and the stag -- Eroticism and magic from the ancient world to the Renaissance -- High tide in the Sea of Pneuma. Animal magnetism and hypnosis -- Eros in the era of the multitudes. Le Bon, Trotter, Freud and the libido of the masses -- From the Land of Oz to the Banana Republic -- Wilhelm Reich's Modern Heresy. Pneuma in fascism and the natural sciences -- Economy, neurosis, and spectacle. Capitalism and magic -- Communalism, cybernetics, and the digital economy -- Marketing, war, and demiurgy -- The digital tide. From real to virtual pneuma -- The polymorphous demon. Magic in the post-Soviet era -- Epilogue. Hounds of hunt, hounds of hell.

Palgrave Handbook of Critical Posthumanism

Author : Stefan Herbrechter
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Palgrave Handbook of Critical Posthumanism is a major reference work on the paradigm emerging from the challenges to humanism, humanity, and the human posed by the erosion of the traditional demarcations between the human and nonhuman. This handbook surveys and speculates on the ways in which the posthumanist paradigm emerged, transformed, and might further develop across the humanities. With its focus on the posthuman as a figure, on posthumanism as a social discourse, and on posthumanisation as an on-going historical and ontological process, the volume highlights the relationship between the humanities and sciences. The essays engage with posthumanism in connection with subfields like the environmental humanities, health humanities, animal studies, and disability studies. The book also traces the historical representations and understanding of posthumanism across time. Additionally, the contributions address genre and forms such as autobiography, games, art, film, museums, and topics such as climate change, speciesism, anthropocentrism, and biopolitics to name a few. This handbook considers posthumanism’s impact across disciplines and areas of study.

Texts and Violence in the Roman World

Author : Monica R. Gale
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From the bites and scratches of lovers and the threat of flogging that hangs over the comic slave, to murder, rape, dismemberment, and crucifixion, violence is everywhere in Latin literature. The contributors to this volume explore the manifold ways in which violence is constructed and represented in Latin poetry and prose from Plautus to Prudentius, examining the interrelations between violence, language, power, and gender, and the narrative, rhetorical, and ideological functions of such depictions across the generic spectrum. How does violence contribute to the pleasure of the text? Do depictions of violence always reinforce status-hierarchies, or can they provoke a reassessment of normative value-systems? Is the reader necessarily complicit with authorial constructions of violence? These are pressing questions both for ancient literature and for film and other modern media, and this volume will be of interest to scholars and students of cultural studies as well as of the ancient world.


Author : Max Gauna
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"This study of the roots and expression of free thought in the Renaissance consists of three parts. The first is a overview of the history of dissident ideas up to and including the first part of the sixteenth century; the second is an examination and a new interpretation of the Cymbalum Mundi, probably by Bonaventure des Periers; the third is a presentation and interpretation of the Dialogues of Jacques Tahureau. Both works are seen to take their place as resurgences of a continuous though necessarily mostly covert current of dissident thought and feeling which was to well openly to the surface in the libertinism of the seventeenth century and be seen in full flood in the age of the Enlightenment." "Many critics in the early years of this century and before have seen in the French Renaissance a time and period when such resurgences were fairly common. Others, particularly since the work of Lucien Febvre in the 1940s, have regarded these upwellings as imaginary, and have even denied the existence of the dissident tradition, viewing the whirlpools of the next century and the final tide-rip of the Enlightenment as spontaneously occurring phenomena with no reference to the history of ideas after the Classical period. Some remarkable recent work, none of it in English, has concentrated on establishing the existence of the dissident current itself, while considering its printed manifestations as either illusory or too obscure to establish with precision. The first part of the book describes succinctly the salient features of the dissident tradition, taking account of the indispensable but enormous and unwieldy theses of Busson and Berriot (both are available only in French, and Berriot's, whose sixteenth-century material is superbly documented, attends not at all to non-French scholarship), the brilliantly iconoclastic but politically biased work of Gerhard Schneider (available only in German and Italian), and the contributions of modern Italian scholars of the seventeenth-century period, especially Tullio Gregory. The bringing together of this material is itself new. Max Gauna also has his own contributions to make, and he propounds a different and original perspective of the question." "The second part deals with one of the most celebrated of all literary mysteries: controversy has attended the Cymbalum Mundi since it appeared, and while recent studies have seen it as a Christian work, Gauna sets out an original analytical interpretation of the text leading to a synthesis drawing the opposite conclusion." "Interest in the Dialogues of Tahureau has been growing throughout this century; they are considered in all the histories of free thought mentioned above. Gauna places this work within the dissident tradition by reference in particular to the Epicurean source material. Both the Cymbalum Mundi and the Dialogues are thus shown as daring and subtle disseminators of those dissident ideas which would flower in the productions of the next two centuries."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Playing the Other

Author : Froma I. Zeitlin
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Zeitlin explores the diversity and complexity of these interactions through the most influential literary texts of the archaic and classical periods, from epic (Homer) and didactic poetry (Hesiod) to the productions of tragedy and comedy in fifth-century Athens.

Greek Myth and Western Art

Author : Karl Kilinski
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This richly illustrated book examines the legacy of Greek mythology in Western art from the classical era to the present. Tracing the emergence, survival, and transformation of key mythological figures and motifs from ancient Greece through the modern era, it explores the enduring importance of such myths for artists and viewers in their own time and over the millennia that followed.

The Mirror of the Gods

Author : Malcolm Bull
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Perhaps the single most revolutionary aspect of the Renaissance was the re-emergence of the gods and goddesses of antiquity. In the midst of Christian Europe, artists began to decorate luxury goods with scandalous stories from classical mythology, and rulers to identify themselves with the deities of ancient religion. The resulting fusion of erotic fantasy and political power changed the course of Western art and produced many of its most magical and subversive works. The first book ever to survey this extraordinary phenomenon in its entirety, The Mirror of the Gods takes the story from the Renaissance to the Baroque. Each chapter focuses on a particular god (Diana, Apollo, Hercules, Venus, Bacchus, Jupiter) and recounts the tales about that deity, not as they appear in classical literature but as they were re-created by artists such as Botticelli, Titian, Bernini and Rembrandt. And yet this is not a book simply about painting and sculpture. It is an attempt to re-imagine the entire designed world of the Renaissance, where the gods also appeared in carnival floats and in banquet displays, and entertained the public in the form of snow men and fireworks. This rich and original new portrait of the Renaissance will ensure that readers never see the period in quite the same way again.

The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction

Author : Mike Ashley
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Our dark past brought to life by leading contemporary crime writers A new generation of crime writers has broadened the genre of crime fiction, creating more human stories of historical realism, with a stronger emphasis on character and the psychology of crime. This superb anthology of 12 novellas encompasses over 4,000 years of our dark, criminal past, from Bronze Age Britain to the eve of the Second World War, with stories set in ancient Greece, Rome, the Byzantine Empire, medieval Venice, seventh-century Ireland and 1930s' New York. A Byzantine icon painter, suddenly out of work when icons are banned, becomes embroiled in a case of deception; Charles Babbage and the young Ada Byron try to crack a coded message and stop a master criminal; and New York detectives are on the lookout for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Deirdre Counihan, Tom Holt, Dorothy Lumley, Richard A. Lupoff, Maan Meyers, Ian Morson, Anne Perry, Tony Pollard, Mary Reed and Eric Mayer, Steven Saylor, Charles Todd, Peter Tremayne

Performing Early Modern Trauma from Shakespeare to Milton

Author : Thomas P. Anderson
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An examination of political and cultural acts of commemoration, this study addresses the way personal and collective loss is registered in prose, poetry and drama in early modern England. It focuses on the connection of representation of violence in literary works to historical traumas such as royal death, secularization and regicide. The author contends that dramatic and poetic forms function as historical archives both in their commemoration of the past and in their reenactment of loss that is part of any effort to represent traumatic history. Incorporating contemporary theories of memory and loss, Thomas Anderson here analyzes works by Shakepeare, Marlowe, Webster, Marvell and Milton. Where other studies about violent loss in the period tend to privilege allegorical readings that equate the content of art to its historical analogue, this study insists that artistic representations are performative as they commemorate the past. By interrogating the difficulty in representing historical crises in poetry, drama and political prose, Anderson demonstrates how early modern English identity is the fragile product of an ambivalent desire to flee history. This book's major contribution to Renaissance studies lies in the way it conceives the representations of violent loss-secular and religious-in early modern texts as moments of failed political and social memorialization. It offers a fresh way to understand the development of historical and national identity in England during the Renaissance.

The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare

Author : Arthur F. Kinney
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Contains forty original essays.