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Autonomy and Human Rights in Health Care

Author : David N. Weisstub
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This book offers a group of essays published in memory of David Thomasma, one of the leading humanists in the field of bioethics during the twentieth century. The authors represent many different countries and disciplines throughout the globe. The volume deals with the pressing issue of how to ground a universal bioethics in the context of the conflicted world of combative cultures and perspectives.

Philosophical Foundations of Medical Law

Author : Andelka M. Phillips
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With advances in personalised medicine, the field of medical law is being challenged and transformed. The nature of the doctor-patient relationship is shifting as patients simultaneously become consumers. The regulation of emerging technologies is being thrown into question, and we face new challenges in the context of global pandemics. This volume identifies significant questions and issues underlying the philosophy of medical law. It brings together leading philosophers, legal theorists, and medical specialists to discuss these questions in two parts. The first part deals with key foundational theories, and the second addresses a variety of topical issues, including euthanasia, abortion, and medical privacy. The wide range of perspectives and topics on offer provide a vital introduction to the philosophical underpinnings of medical law.

Global Health 101 Fourth Edition

Author : Richard Skolnik
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In keeping with the previous edition - which was independently rated as the best global health book for undergraduates - Global Health 101, Fourth Edition is a clear, concise, and user-friendly introduction to the most critical issues in global health, illustrating key themes with an extensive set of case studies, examples, and the latest evidence. Drawing from his 40 years of experience working in international development and global health, as well as extensively teaching at both Yale and George Washington University, Richard Skolnik has substantially revised his bestselling textbook. This edition offers a significant amount of new and updated information, while maintaining the clarity, simplicity, and ease of use that has made this text so popular. Global Health 101, Fourth Edition builds in unique ways on evidence from a number of fundamental sources, including the Global Burden of Disease Studies, Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition, (DCP3), and Millions Saved.

The Oxford Handbook of Public Health Ethics

Author : Anna C. Mastroianni
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Natural disasters and cholera outbreaks. Ebola, SARS, and concerns over pandemic flu. HIV and AIDS. E. coli outbreaks from contaminated produce and fast foods. Threats of bioterrorism. Contamination of compounded drugs. Vaccination refusals and outbreaks of preventable diseases. These are just some of the headlines from the last 30-plus years highlighting the essential roles and responsibilities of public health, all of which come with ethical issues and the responsibilities they create. Public health has achieved extraordinary successes. And yet these successes also bring with them ethical tension. Not all public health successes are equally distributed in the population; extraordinary health disparities between rich and poor still exist. The most successful public health programs sometimes rely on policies that, while improving public health conditions, also limit individual rights. Public health practitioners and policymakers face these and other questions of ethics routinely in their work, and they must navigate their sometimes competing responsibilities to the health of the public with other important societal values such as privacy, autonomy, and prevailing cultural norms. This Oxford Handbook provides a sweeping and comprehensive review of the current state of public health ethics, addressing these and numerous other questions. Taking account of the wide range of topics under the umbrella of public health and the ethical issues raised by them, this volume is organized into fifteen sections. It begins with two sections that discuss the conceptual foundations, ethical tensions, and ethical frameworks of and for public health and how public health does its work. The thirteen sections that follow examine the application of public health ethics considerations and approaches across a broad range of public health topics. While chapters are organized into topical sections, each chapter is designed to serve as a standalone contribution. The book includes 73 chapters covering many topics from varying perspectives, a recognition of the diversity of the issues that define public health ethics in the U.S. and globally. This Handbook is an authoritative and indispensable guide to the state of public health ethics today.

Dual Loyalty Human Rights in Health Professional Practice

Author : International Dual Loyalty Working Group
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Cumulated Index Medicus

Author :
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Health and Human Rights

Author : Stephen P. Marks
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This collection of texts provides the practitioner, scholar, and advocate with easy access to the most basic instruments of international law and policy that express the values of human rights for advancing health. It is the first in a series on health and human rights from the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health. Topics include: professional ethics; research and experimentation; treatment of prisoners and detainees; patients' rights; right to health; right to life; freedom from torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide; the right to an adequate standard of living; women and reproductive health; children; persons with disabilities; rights of older persons; infectious diseases; business, trade, and intellectual property; occupational health and safety; biotechnology; and protection of the environment. This work will be an indispensable reference for students and professors in courses covering the intersection of health and human rights.

Health and Human Rights

Author :
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Human Rights

Author : Unesco
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Poverty as a Crime

The Human Rights Encyclopedia Issues and individuals

Author : James R. Lewis
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The Human Rights Encyclopedia was compiled with special emphasis on the impact of the 1948 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. It provides a country-by-country analysis of over 175 nations and their approach to human rights, followed by detailed examinations of such crucial topics as torture, slavery, asylum, genocide, hostages, indigenous peoples, freedom of the press, and the right to education.

Health Aspects of Human Rights

Author : Organisation mondiale de la santé
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Race Ethnicity Gender and Human Rights in the Americas

Author : Celina Romany
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Health as a Human Right in Islam

Author : Muhammad Haytham Al Khayat
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This short monograph in the Health Education through Religion series explores the position in regard to the protection and maintenance of health in Islam, and provides basic guidance for Muslims in essential aspects of healthy living.

Advancing the Human Right to Health

Author : José M. Zuniga
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Advancing the Human Right to Health offers a prospective on the global response to one of the greatest moral, legal, and public health challenges of the 21st century - achieving the human right to health as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other legal instruments. Featuring writings by global thought-leaders in the world of health human rights, the book brings clarity to many of the complex clinical, ethical, economic, legal, and socio-cultural questions raised by injury, disease, and deeper determinants of health, such as poverty. Much more than a primer on the right to health, this book features an examination of profound inequalities in health, which have resulted in millions of people condemned to unnecessary suffering and hastened deaths. In so doing, it provides a thoughtful account of the right to health's parameters, strategies on ways in which to achieve it, and discussion of why it is so essential in a 21st century context. Country-specific case studies provide context for analysing the right to health and assessing whether, and to what extent, this right has influenced critical decision-making that makes a difference in people's lives. Thematic chapters also look at the specific challenges involved in translating the right to health into action. Advancing the Human Right to Health highlights the urgency to build upon the progress made in securing the right to health for all, offering a timely reminder that all stakeholders must redouble their efforts to advance the human right to health.

The Human Right to Health Norton Global Ethics Series

Author : Jonathan Wolff
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“A broad-ranging, insightful analysis of the complex practical and ethical issues involved in global health.”—Kirkus Reviews Few topics in human rights have inspired as much debate as the right to health. Proponents would enshrine it as a fundamental right on a par with freedom of speech and freedom from torture. Detractors suggest that the movement constitutes an impractical over-reach. Jonathan Wolff cuts through the ideological stalemate to explore both views. In an accessible, persuasive voice, he explores the philosophical underpinnings of the idea of a human right, assesses whether health meets those criteria, and identifies the political and cultural realities we face in attempts to improve the health of citizens in wildly different regions. Wolff ultimately finds that there is a path forward for proponents of the right to health, but to succeed they must embrace certain intellectual and practical changes. The Human Right to Health is a powerful and important contribution to the discourse on global health.

Sex Condoms and the Human Right to Health

Author :
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Recommendations -- Methods -- Background -- Findings on access to condoms and HIV/AIDS information in the Philippines -- Government response -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgements.

Health Democracy

Author : Jonathan Berger (Lawyer)
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This title is a must have for anyone in the health sector as it highlights the key issues that constitute and affect health law in post apartheid South Africa.

Summary Record of the Meeting

Author : United Nations. General Assembly. Third Committee--Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Questions
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Bioethics Human Rights and Health Law

Author : Ames Dhai
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This book provides healthcare and legal practitioners and students at all levels with the theory and practical application necessary to understand and apply bioethics, human rights and health law to their present and future work. The topics of bioethics, human rights and health law are part of the core curriculum for all students in Health Sciences in South Africa. The book, therefore comes at no better time.

Human Rights

Author : Andrew Clapham
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Today it is usually not long before a problem gets expressed as a human rights issue. Indeed, human rights law continues to gain increasing attention internationally, and must move quickly in order to keep up with a social world that changes so rapidly. This Very Short Introduction, in its second edition, brings the issue of human rights up to date, considering the current controversies surrounding the movement. Discussing torture and arbitrary detention in the context of counter terrorism, Andrew Clapham also considers new challenges to human rights in the context of privacy, equality and the right to health. Looking at the philosophical justification for rights, the historical origins of human rights and how they are formed in law, Clapham explains what our human rights actually are, what they might be, and where the human rights movement is heading. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.