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The Imaginary Sea

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A reflection on our changing relationship with the sea, imagined by artists such as Jeff Koons and Alison Katz It goes without saying that our relationship to the natural world, especially the sea and its enigmatic and unfathomable contents, is complex and fraught. Far from a wholesale critical condemnation of anthropocentrism, The Imaginary Sea seeks to present a balanced, multifaceted perspective of our evolving relationship with the natural world. It operates, if not in different temporalities, then in different imaginations, compiling work inspired by the sea from artists such as Jeff Koons, Miquel Barceló and Alison Katz, working across a wide range of mediums. This publication, released alongside the eponymous exhibition at the Fondation Carmignac, considers not only how artists are reevaluating our relationship with nature, but also how nature, particularly the sea, sparks our imagination. Akin to the emotional range of a Shakespearian comedy or tragedy, The Imaginary Sea intends to evoke joy, mystery, wonder and melancholy, as well as loss.

The Imaginary Voyage

Author : Shimon Peres
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Ex Israeli Premier Shimon Peres takes us on an imaginary trip around Israel with Zionist leader Theodore Herzl. Together they contrast their impressions of this young country.

Theorizing a Colonial Caribbean Atlantic Imaginary

Author : Keith Sandiford
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This book develops a theory of a Caribbean-Atlantic imaginary by exploring the ways two colonial texts represent the consciousnesses of Amerindians, Africans, and Europeans at two crucial points marking respectively the origins and demise of slavocratic systems in the West Indies. Focusing on Richard Ligon’s History of Barbados (1657) and Matthew ‘Monk’ Lewis’ Journal of a West India Proprietor (1834), the study identifies specific myths and belief systems surrounding sugar and obeah as each of these came to stand for concepts of order and counterorder, and to figure the material and symbolic power of masters and slaves respectively. Rooting the imaginary in indigenous Caribbean myths, the study adopts the pre-Columbian origins of the imaginary ascribed by Wilson Harris to a cross cultural bridge or arc, and derives the mythic origins for the centrality of sugar in the imaginary’s constitution from Kamau Brathwaite. The book’s central organizing principle is an oppositional one, grounded on the order/counterorder binary model of the imaginary formulated by the philosopher-social theorist Cornelius Castoriadis. The study breaks new ground by reading Ligon’s History and Lewis’ Journal through the lens of the slaves’ imaginaries of hidden knowledge. By redefining Lewis’ subjectivity through his poem’s most potent counterordering symbol, the demon-king, this book advances recent scholarly interest in Jamaica’s legendary Three Fingered Jack.

Chaucer and the Imaginary World of Fame

Author : Piero Boitani
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The Physical Geography of the Sea

Author : Matthew Fontaine Maury
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The Physical Geography of the Sea and Its Meteorology

Author : Matthew Fontaine Maury
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The Discovery of America

Author : John Fiske
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The Fictive and the Imaginary

Author : Wolfgang Iser
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The pioneer of "literary anthropology," Wolfgang Iser presents a wide-ranging and comprehensive exploration of this new field in an attempt to explain the human need for the "particular form of make-believe" known as literature. Ranging from the Renaissance pastoral to Coleridge to Sartre and Beckett, The Fictive and the Imaginary is a distinguished work of scholarship from one of Europe's most respected and influential critics.

The Imaginary Aquarium Sticker Activity Book

Author : Erimu
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Introducing a new kawaii property “The Imaginary Aquarium,” a hugely popular brand with Japanese kids and teens! The Imaginary Aquarium is comprised of characters that are a combination of land animals and sea creatures, which is spot on with the current U.S. publishing trend of mash-up characters. It was created by Kamio Japan, one of the top stationery companies in the country, and gained exposure through Gakken’s tween fashion magazines as well as five books. As a result of Kamio’s partnership with Takara Tomy Arts, The Imaginary Aquarium has become a merchandised brand with characters that are featured in toys and stationery. What is kawaii? The concept of kawaii, Japan’s culture of cuteness, started in the ‘70s and made its way to the US in 1976 with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty. Since then, the US has seen continued success with such kawaii properties as Pokemon. The culture of kawaii is not just about being cute: it is pushing away serious things like business and politics, and embracing a more laid-back lifestyle. Couldn’t we all use more of that? This activity book features 75 puffy stickers and over 300 regular stickers for many hours of fun with The Imaginary Aquarium! Each kit includes stickering activities and favorite age-appropriate activities like mazes, spot-the-differences, and dot-to-dot. You'll meet all The Imaginary Aquarium friends, but here are a few to start with: Budgiseal=budgie bird + fur seal, Bunnyguin=bunny + penguin, Eelpuppy=dog + eel, Elephin= elephant + dolphin, Jellybear=jellyfish + bear, Kangalion=kangaroo + sea lion, Kittyshark=cat + shark, Li'l Bunnyguin=baby bunny + penguin, Octopiggy=octopus + pig, Sealster=hamster + seal, Squidhog=squid + hog, Squiglet=baby squid + hog, Squotter=squirrel + otter, Sunbra=zebra + sunfish, Turwolf=turtle + wolf, and more!

The Imaginary Sea Voyage

Author : James J. Bloom
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"This book traces the history and literature of the imaginary voyage--stories of mariners journeying through uncharted waters to find strange and marvelous sights. Through the overlapping spheres of history, geography, cosmography and literary criticism,this book examines the mystique of what lies just over the horizon"--