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The Index of Middle English Prose Handlist X

Author : Irma Taavitseinen
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Handlist to Middle English prose items in Scandinavian libraries.

The Index of Middle English Prose Handlist XI

Author : Linne R. Mooney
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The Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, contains the largest collection of medieval manuscripts of any college in Great Britain, and one of the most important collections in the world. The subjects contained therein cover the whole range of topics usual to medieval manuscripts, with the single bias being that the majority were produced in Britain. Particularly noteworthy are Wycliffite translations of the Bible, sermons, and Wycliffite tracts; three manuscripts containing Nicholas Love's 'Mirror of the Blessed Lif of Ihesu Crist'; and major collections of devotional texts. Trinity is also rich in medieval scientific manuscripts, many of which came through Roger Gale's interest in this field; they include a number of large medical manuscripts whose compilers were apparently trying to bring together much of the current knowledge of the day, from tracts by such men as John of Arderne and Gilbertus Angelicus, with recipes for treatments, under a single cover. The collection also contains major compilations of alchemical tracts; historical and legal material; and unique Middle English translations of classical and early medieval texts. Finally, a number of known Middle English texts not previously thought to be in the Trinity Collection are identified, opening new areas for study of Trinity's manuscripts, especially the medical and scientific texts which have much to tell of scientific learning in England in the later middle ages. LINNE R. MOONEY is Associate Professor of English at the University of Maine (and a former graduate of the Center for Medieval Studies at Toronto).

Manuscripts in Christ s Emmanuel Jesus Selwyn and Sidney Sussex Colleges Peterhouse and Trinity Hall Cambridge

Author : Angela M. Lucas
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Latest volume in a series which is a monumental achievement (Review of English Studies)

Manuscripts in the Library of Gonville and Caius College Cambridge

Author : Kari Anne Rand
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Fifty-five catalogued manuscripts include major religious works and medical writing - on uroscopy, surgery, bloodletting and pestilence. Major religious works among the fifty-five manuscripts indexed in this handlist include a thirteenth-century copy of the Ancrene Riwle, Rolle's Forme of Living and the English translation of his Emendatio vitae, the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, Mirk's Festial, the Pilgrimage of the Soul, the Seven Points of True Love and Everlasting Wisdom and the apparently unique English translation of the Wycliffite Rosarium theologie. Medical writing is also well represented, with a number of extensive compilations which also contain medical recipes. Uroscopy texts include the Practica urinarum and the shorter and the longer versionsof Henry Daniel's Liber uricrisiarum; other important medical texts are the first book of Guy de Chauliac's Chirurgia magna, the shorter English version of John of Burgundy's treatise on pestilence and two versionsof the bloodletting treatise attributed to Henry of Winchester. KARI ANNE RAND SCHMIDT is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Oslo.

The Index of Middle English Prose Handlist XII

Author : Ralph Hanna
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Published by Boydell & Brewer Inc.

Manuscripts in the Library of Pembroke College Cambridge and the Fitzwilliam Museum

Author : Kari Anne Rand Schmidt
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`The Index of Middle English Prose when completed will be a monumental achievement' REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES

Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru Aberystwyth

Author : National Library of Wales
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`The Index of Middle English Prose when completed will be a monumental achievement.' REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES This is the first volume in the series to deal with a national library. Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, the National Library of Wales, was founded with the expressed purpose of preserving the material of the literary culture and history of Wales. The number of medieval English language manuscripts, while substantial, does not form as great a proportion of the holdings as in other libraries in Britain, and a special feature of the collection is that the manuscript context for some English texts is one in which Welsh is the main language. The collection is thus relatively unexplored for its Middle English holdings, and of the manuscripts indexed here fewer than half are listed in the Index of Printed Middle English Prose; they contain awealth of materials, most notably in historical writings, scientific texts, and prophecies. The introduction sets the wider context for the manuscripts by discussing the history of the Library and the way in which its major collections were brought together. WILLIAM MARXis Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, University of Wales, Lampeter.

Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library Including Those Formerly in Sion College Library

Author : Oliver S. Pickering
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Handlist to manuscripts in one of Britain's major medieval repositories. Lambeth Palace Library, which dates from a bequest by Archbishop Bancroft in 1610, is one of England's major repositories of medieval manuscripts. More than half of the ninety-six manuscripts and documents containing items of Middle English prose were already present when the library was temporarily transferred to Cambridge in 1647. In the succeeding centuries further manuscript materials have continually been added, and within the last few years the library has become home to the older part of Sion College Library, an event that has added a further seven manuscripts to the present handlist. The collection at Lambeth is large enough to be fully representative of the corpus of Middle English prose: the Brut, the Wycliffite Bible, and Love's Mirror, for example, are all present, in some cases in multiple copies, as are writings by Hilton and Rolle. There are sermon cycles (including an almost complete set of Wycliffite sermons), medical recipes, historical works, and anthologies of religious treatises. Altogether the current handlist indexes almost 800 separate items, ranging from the veterinary to the liturgical. O.S. PICKERINGis Senior Assistant Librarian and Associate Lecturer in English at the University of Leeds; V.M. O'MARAis Lecturer in English at the University of Hull.

Re using Manuscripts in Late Medieval England

Author : Hannah Ryley
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A fresh appraisal of late medieval manuscript culture in England, examining the ways in which people sustained older books, exploring the practices and processes by which manuscripts were crafted, mended, protected, marked, gifted and shared.

The Index of Middle English Prose Handlist III

Author : Patrick J. Horner
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Published by Boydell & Brewer Inc.