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The Insanely Awesome POST Pandemic Playbook

Author : Katharine Covino
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Parents of school-aged kids are noticing how anxious their children are, as the return to school and "Normal Life" begins in the spring of 2021. But are the anxiety and depression temporary? Will those feelings just go away on their own? How can we help our kids feel more comfortable with school and friends, and how can we help them wean off a full year of nonstop screen use?The coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 are beginning to ebb, and our young children today are faced with the return of normal life. While going back to school and seeing friends again will be a huge relief, there's no doubt that kids are also experiencing anxiety and depression at record levels. When our kids are anxious, we feel worried too. Parents know that being socially isolated and worrying about the virus and other stressors for an entire year have reduced their children's social skills. Screens have dominated kids' lives for an entire year - and what impact have they had? Parents also know that kids have worried about the virus, people getting sick, the economy, and other problems. There's no doubt that being away from school and away from friends has had an enormous impact on kids and their emotional health. Even children who have been lucky enough to go to school part time or full time are showing high rates of anxiety. This book offers a solution by helping kids learn how to cope with their emotions, reduce their own anxiety and depression, improve their social skills, and understand what's happening with the pandemic and what the return to "normal life" will be like. Readjusting to lower screen and media use is also a huge task, but one that's taken on in a funny and friendly way in this book. Written by a PhD and an EdD, it helps kids label their feelings, learn to use coping skills that will help them feel comfortable going back to school, solidify their friendships, and even make new friends. Wild kid-friendly humor and illustrations by a 12-year-old really make this book relatable for kids aged 7-11. The Insanely Awesome POST Pandemic Playbook: A Humorous Mental Health Guide For Kids is a hilarious, approachable book that kids will WANT to read! Written by the authors of The Insanely Awesome Pandemic Playbook: A Humorous Mental Health Guide For Kids, this book helps kids re-adjust back to "Normal Life" in the healthiest way possible.

The Insanely Awesome Pandemic Playbook

Author : Katharine Covino
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This companion Activity Book to the The Insanely Awesome Pandemic Playbook: A Humorous Mental Health Guide For Kids is a boredom buster!

The Insanely Awesome Pandemic Playbook

Author : Katharine Covino
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This is the companion Guide for parents and teachers for the Incredibly Awesome Pandemic Playbook: A Humorous Mental Health Guide For Kids. It contains information, summaries, key concepts, discussion guides, and activities for each chapter.

The Insanely Awesome Pandemic Playbook

Author : Elizabeth Englander
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his pandemic has ushered in a social and emotional crisis for many American children. Your children may be going to school online, at least partially; and you are probably juggling work, their schooling, and coping with the pandemic and the recession. On top of this, American kids are more socially isolated and more dependent on screens than they have ever been. All of this change is taking a toll. This book is designed to address these problems by directly appealing to kids aged 8-11 years old, using uproariously funny and highly-engaging writing and hands-on activities to teach them how to pay attention to their screen use, their mental health, and their social relationships. It's the book parents have been waiting for since this Pandemic began! "Things are a little different and weird these days. Ok - a lot different! School's different. Friends are different. Your parents are different, too. Those scamps are crazier than they ever were before. Chances are you may be feeling a little different yourself. The way life is right now is probably not what you were expecting and likely not what you're used to..." This book works by using a funny, INSANELY AWESOME way to help your kids and your family adapt to the new world we are all living in right now. "Covid Times" won't last forever. Someday, everything will go back to almost how it was. But for right now The Insanely Awesome Pandemic Playbook can help your kids figure out a thing or two. You all get a chance to think about family, friends, screens, and school, with funny, age-appropriate text, jokes, and activities.Written using a humorous and engaging style specifically designed to appeal to kids aged 8-11 years old, this is a great way to learn about ways to improve and maintain mental health during a pandemic. It covers problems using screens; how to stay close to your friends; ways to talk with your family; how to choose fun and safe activities; and ways to minimize any signs of depression or anxiety. A perfect book for pre-teen readers, it encourages reading through humor and games while being educational, based on real research, and informing kids about staying mentally healthy during one of the most challenging times in recent memory.Written by a leading researcher in child development and a literacy scholar with a penchant for zany children's humor, this book has been meticulously illustrated by an amazingly talented 12 year old. Your kids will find it relevant and informative, and they won't be able to put it down.

Resetting Our Future A Global Playbook for the Next Pandemic

Author : Anne Kabagambe
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The health and economic devastation caused by COVID-19 has revealed that most countries’ national health systems are inadequate to cope with pandemics. These are global challenges that call for global responses. At the heart of this book is a bold new proposal to create a global pandemic playbook that can be quickly deployed when the next pandemic strikes. Countries and their experts must collaborate to create early warning systems, preparedness, prevention, responses and containment. But who should pay the cost? Anne Kabagambe, a former Executive Board director for the World Bank Group, explores the options, and argues that to fail to learn from COVID-19 and neglect to create a global playbook now would cost far more when the next pandemic strikes.

The Post Pandemic Business Playbook

Author : Ofer Mintz
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COVID-19 forced a dramatic change to customer behavior that resulted in an economic crisis not witnessed by anyone alive. Businesses can no longer operate as before because their customers are no longer operating as before. This book provides customer-centric based guidance for how businesses should adapt to this new reality, deriving insights from academic research, case studies, interviews, and best practice examples from around the world. As validated by hundreds of top-level executives, its readers will gain a better understanding of why customer behavior has changed so they can use the books solutions to navigate through and succeed in the post COVID-19 future.

Analytics Best Practices A Business driven Playbook for Creating Value through Data Analytics

Author : Prashanth H Southekal, PhD, MBA
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Deliver enterprise data analytics success by following Prashanth’s prescriptive and practical techniques. Today, organizations across the globe are looking at ways to glean insights from data analytics and make good business decisions. However, not many business enterprises are successful in data analytics. According to Gartner, 80% of analytics programs do not deliver business outcomes. Mckinsey consulting says, less than 20% of the companies have achieved analytics at scale. So, how can a business enterprise avoid analytics failure and deliver business results? This book provides ten key analytics best practices that will improve the odds of delivering enterprise data analytics solutions successfully. It is intended for anyone who has a stake and interest in deriving insights from data analytics. The three key differentiating aspects of this book are: · Practicality. This book offers prescriptive, superior, and practical guidance. · Completeness. This book looks at data analytics holistically across the four key data analytics domains - data management, data engineering, data science, and data visualization. · Neutrality. This book is technologically agnostic and looks at analytics concepts without any reference to commercial analytics products and technologies. Dr. Southekal proves why he is one of the leading thinkers on data and analytics today. ‘Analytics Best Practices’ is an indispensable guide for business leaders and those looking to get into the analytics field on the nuances, challenges, and immense opportunities with data. Douglas B. Laney Principal, Data & Analytics Strategy, Caserta, and author of “Infonomics” Dr. Southekal’s book is a treasure trove of best practices and practical examples from the field of Data Analytics. Upen Varanasi CEO & Co-Founder, Riversand Technologies What I like about this book is its focus on real-world best practices with an extensive set of practical tips and tricks. It provides an important bridge between the data management and business operations sides of a business. Michael Wade Professor of Innovation & Strategy, IMD Business School Prashanth’s book is accessible and practical – an excellent guide for corporate leaders who want to produce meaningful business results from the use of data and analytics to create true business value. Irina Pelphrey Senior Director, Walmart Corporation This book is a must on the desks of business executives and decision makers at all levels in an organization who want to truly understand what it takes to become a successful data driven organization. Ram Kumar Senior Vice President, Quantium Dr. Prashanth Southekal has created a practical guidebook for realizing business value from data and analytics investments. Highly recommended. Randy Bean Founder & CEO, NewVantage Partners Prashanth’s second book starts with the right title – it is always about BUSINESS VALUE. The practices explored here will help anyone interested to achieve these goals. Mario Faria Gartner Research Board The Analytics Best Practices book is one of the most comprehensive and well-researched books I have come across on data analytics. Ameet Shetty Former Chief Data and Analytics Officer, McDonald's Corporation I would encourage all professionals to read this easy to navigate, thoughtful and pragmatic book as it is relevant to all of us seeking to maximize the ROI for our organizations. Lisa M. Wardlaw Former EVP, Global Chief Digital Strategy Officer, MunichRe Deriving actionable insights from data requires that linkage to be clear between art and science and this book does just that. Chris Leonard, Director, Digital Strategy & Transformation, Plains Midstream Prashanth’s book simplifies the complex world of data analytics, and one to understand the drivers of bringing valued results to an organization. Matthew Joyce Senior Solution Architect, SAS-Institute

Pandemic Politics

Author : Shana Kushner Gadarian
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How the politicization of the pandemic endangers our lives—and our democracy COVID-19 has killed more people than any war or public health crisis in American history, but the scale and grim human toll of the pandemic were not inevitable. Pandemic Politics examines how Donald Trump politicized COVID-19, shedding new light on how his administration tied the pandemic to the president’s political fate in an election year and chose partisanship over public health, with disastrous consequences for all of us. Health is not an inherently polarizing issue, but the Trump administration’s partisan response to COVID-19 led ordinary citizens to prioritize what was good for their “team” rather than what was good for their country. Democrats, in turn, viewed the crisis as evidence of Trump’s indifference to public well-being. At a time when solidarity and bipartisan unity were sorely needed, Americans came to see the pandemic in partisan terms, adopting behaviors and attitudes that continue to divide us today. This book draws on a wealth of new data on public opinion to show how pandemic politics has touched all aspects of our lives—from the economy to race and immigration—and puts America’s COVID-19 response in global perspective. An in-depth account of a uniquely American tragedy, Pandemic Politics reveals how the politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic has profound and troubling implications for public health and the future of democracy itself.

Outsmarting the Next Pandemic

Author : Elizabeth Anne Kirley
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This book examines the role of law and policy in addressing the public health crisis of COVID-19 and offers reforms that could improve pandemic preparedness for future outbreaks. Focusing on a number of countries most expected to provide agility and organization in their crisis response – the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Taiwan – the book shows how failures in leadership from governments, executives, and institutions created a vacuum that was quickly filled by naysayers, conspiracy theorists, vaccine hucksters, and fake news generators. Through the key themes of healthcare, leadership, security, and education, the chapters address critical questions: Why have masks become such a polarizing force? How do you self-isolate if you don’t have a home? How should equitable triage models for overwhelmed frontline healthcare workers be developed? Can we utilize artificial intelligence to educate the public about manipulated information they access concerning the pandemic? The book was written during the pandemic and weaves in to each chapter vignettes with personal revelations from a broad range of countries, including some also grappling with poverty, war, natural disasters, or revolution. It will appeal to academics, professionals, and policymakers interested in how law and health policy can converge on solutions for global infectious disease. It is suitable for use in upper-level courses.

The Essential Ultimate Guide Pandemic Playbook

Author : Andrew Priestley
File Size : 43.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Essential Ultimate Guide Pandemic Playbook is an amazing guide to coping with a naughty pandemic. If you are stumped, stuck or frustrated open any page and you'll probably find the answer to your question ... or not. Or you might just make one up that suits you. This is a wonderful Do-It-Yourself journal that will serve as a lasting memento of The Pandemic we are not allowed to mention by name on Amazon. (Just to be VERY clear this is NOT a book offering any medical advice, whatsoever.)Written by top business strategists Dave Clare and Andrew Priestley it is thought-provoking fun and a wonderful fundraiser for a wonderful charity Clear Sky Children's Charity UK who provide play therapy for vulnerable children aged 4-12 who have suffered a trauma.