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The Intelligent Portfolio

Author : Christopher L. Jones
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The Intelligent Portfolio draws upon the extensive insights of Financial Engines—a leading provider of investment advisory and management services founded by Nobel Prize-winning economist William F. Sharpe—to reveal the time-tested institutional investing techniques that you can use to help improve your investment performance. Throughout these pages, Financial Engines’ CIO, Christopher Jones, uses state-of-the-art simulation and optimization methods to demonstrate the often-surprising results of applying modern financial economics to personal investment decisions.

Intelligent Asset Management

Author : Frank Xing
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This book presents a systematic application of recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to the problem of asset management. While natural language processing and text mining techniques, such as semantic representation, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, commonsense reasoning, and fact checking have been evolving for decades, finance theories have not yet fully considered and adapted to these ideas. In this unique, readable volume, the authors discuss integrating textual knowledge and market sentiment step-by-step, offering readers new insights into the most popular portfolio optimization theories: the Markowitz model and the Black-Litterman model. The authors also provide valuable visions of how AI technology-based infrastructures could cut the cost of and automate wealth management procedures. This inspiring book is a must-read for researchers and bankers interested in cutting-edge AI applications in finance.

Investment Leadership and Portfolio Management

Author : Brian D. Singer
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An industry leader candidly examines the role of investment leadership in portfolio management Investment Leadership & Portfolio Management provides a top down analysis of successful strategies, structures, and actions that create an environment that leads to strong macro investment performance and rewarding investor outcomes. By examining how to manage and lead an investment firm through successful investment decision-making processes and actions, this book reveals what it will take to succeed in a radically changed investment landscape. From firm governance and firm structure-for single capability, multi-capability, and investment and product firms-to culture, strategy, vision, and execution, authors Brian Singer, Barry Mandinach, and Greg Fedorinchik touch upon key topics including the differences between leading and managing; investment philosophy, process, and portfolio construction; communication and transparency; and ethics and integrity. Leadership issues in investment firms are a serious concern, and this book addresses those concerns Details the strong correlation between excellence in investment leadership and excellence in portfolio management Written by a group of experienced professionals in the field, including the Chairman of the CFA Institute Board of Governors Understanding how to operate in today's dynamic investment environment is critical. Investment Leadership & Portfolio Management contains the insights and information needed to make significant strides in this dynamic arena.

Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning IDEAL 2002

Author : Hujun Yin
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning, IDEAL 2002, held in Manchester, UK in August 2002. The 89 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from more than 150 submissions. The book offers topical sections on data mining, knowledge engineering, text and document processing, internet applications, agent technology, autonomous mining, financial engineering, bioinformatics, learning systems, and pattern recognition.

Bond Investing For Dummies

Author : Russell Wild
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Your friendly guide to trading the bond and bond fund market Bonds and bond funds are among the safest and most reliableinvestments you can make to ensure an ample and dependableretirement income—if you do it right! Bond Investing ForDummies helps you do just that, with clear explanations ofeverything you need to know to build a diversified bond portfoliothat will be there when you need it no matter what happens in thestock market. This plain-English guide clearly explains the pros and cons ofinvesting in bonds, how they differ from stocks, and the best (andworst!) ways to select and purchase bonds for your needs. You'llget up to speed on the different bond varieties and see how to getthe best prices when you sell. Covers the ups and downs of today's market, which reinforcesthe importance of bonds in a portfolio Explains how a radical fall in interest rates make bondinvesting trickier than ever Explores the historic downgrade of U.S. Treasuries and itspossible effects on government bonds If you're an investor looking for a resource that helps youunderstand, evaluate, and incorporate bonds into your portfolio,Bond Investing For Dummies has you covered.

Labour Market Policy and Unemployment

Author : Jaap Koning
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This book examines the effectiveness of active labour market policies and their contribution to the prevention of social exclusion. The evaluation studies reported in this volume focus on two aspects of active labour market policies that have been relatively neglected in previous research and merit special attention. The first part of the book deals with aggregate impact analysis. Using examples from France, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain, the contributors attempt to estimate the impact of active labour market policies on the transition from unemployment to employment using aggregate data at the regional level. Although quantitative in nature, these contributions take into account qualitative aspects such as the socio-economic context of the countries concerned and the structure of active labour market policies. The book then focuses on implementation issues and includes implementation studies carried out in Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden. The qualitative element plays a far more important role in these contributions which rely on case studies and surveys in addition to statistical data.

AI Trends

Author :
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Intelligent Financial Portfolio Composition based on Evolutionary Computation Strategies

Author : Antonio Gorgulho
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The management of financial portfolios or funds constitutes a widely known problematic in financial markets which normally requires a rigorous analysis in order to select the most profitable assets. This subject is becoming popular among computer scientists which try to adapt known Intelligent Computation techniques to the market’s domain. This book proposes a potential system based on Genetic Algorithms, which aims to manage a financial portfolio by using technical analysis indicators. The results are promising since the approach clearly outperforms the remaining approaches during the recent market crash.

The Intelligent Utility

Author : Harriet Prithcett MED
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In the year 2015, we see the use of Intelligent Utility technology to create business value as an integral part of successful utility companies. What role will you be playing then and what will you do now to prepare for your future in the IU world? The keys described in this book enable the successful management of work processes that are enabled with IU technology. Keys are critical because improving work processes is tough work that requires knowledge of the "tricks of the trade. The fifteen keys are all about "greasing the skids for the wide-spread use of IU technology to create business value. This book contains the needed implementation mechanics, spelled out in simple, practical yet powerful terms. Failure of Intelligent Utility projects is no longer excusable with these keys down in black and white. You can be an IU winner, not a victim of poorly- run IU projects. "You don't have to be afraid of change any longer! Dutch's work offers entertaining and simple solutions that will help you move swiftly and efficiently through the growing pains of organizational change," says Ken Blanchard, author of The Secret and The One Minute Manager.

Smart Portfolios

Author : Robert Carver
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The Stock Options Manual

Author : Gary L. Gastineau
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Adapting Information and Communication Technologies for Effective Education

Author : Tomei, Lawrence A.
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Educational initiatives attempt to introduce or promote a culture of quality within education by raising concerns related to student learning, providing services related to assessment, professional development of teachers, curriculum and pedagogy, and influencing educational policy, in the realm of technology. Adapting Information and Communication Technologies for Effective Education addresses ICT assessment in universities, student satisfaction in management information system programs, factors that impact the successful implementation of a laptop program, student learning and electronic portfolios, and strategic planning for e-learning. Providing innovative research on several fundamental technology-based initiatives, this book will make a valuable addition to every reference library.

The Intelligent Company

Author : Bernard Marr
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Today's most successful companies are Intelligent Companies that use the best available data to inform their decision making. This is called Evidence-Based Management and is one of the fastest growing business trends of our times. Intelligent Companies bring together tools such as Business Intelligence, Analytics, Key Performance Indicators, Balanced Scorecards, Management Reporting and Strategic Decision Making to generate real competitive advantages. As information and data volumes grow at explosive rates, the challenges of managing this information is turning into a losing battle for most companies and they end up drowning in data while thirsting for insights. This is made worse by the severe skills shortage in analytics, data presentation and communication. This latest book by best-selling management expert Bernard Marr will equip you with a set of powerful skills that are vital for successful managers now and in the future. Increase your market value by gaining essential skills that are in high demand but in short supply. Loaded with practical step-by-step guidance, simple tools and real life examples of how leading organizations such as Google, CocaCola, Capital One, Saatchi & Saatchi, Tesco, Yahoo, as well as Government Departments and Agencies have put the principles into practice. The five steps to more intelligent decision making are: Step 1: More intelligent strategies – by identifying strategic priorities and agreeing your real information needs Step 2: More intelligent data – by creating relevant and meaningful performance indicators and qualitative management information linked back to your strategic information needs Step 3: More intelligent insights – by using good evidence to test and prove ideas and by analysing the data to gain robust and reliable insights Step 4: More intelligent communication – by creating informative and engaging management information packs and dashboards that provide the essential information, packaged in an easy-to-read way Step 5: More intelligent decision making – by fostering an evidence-based culture of turning information into actionable knowledge and real decisions "Bernard Marr did it again! This outstanding and practical book will help your company become more intelligent and more successful. Marr takes the fields of business-intelligence, analytics and scorecarding to bring them together into a powerful and easy-to-follow 5-step framework. The Intelligent Company is THE must-read book of our times." Bruno Aziza, Co-author of best-selling book Drive Business Performance and Worldwide Strategy Lead, Microsoft Business Intelligence "Book after book Bernard Marr is redefining the fundamentals of good business management. The Intelligent Company is a must read in these changing times and a reference you will want on your desk every day!" Gabriel Bellenger, Accenture Strategy

The Options Manual

Author : Gary L. Gastineau
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Here is the smart way to use options to improve investment results. Controlling risk and improving profits from options means determining which call options are undervalued and which are overvalued. Wall Street analyst Gastineau offers a strategy for eval

Investment Portfolio Management in the Commercial Bank

Author : Roger A. Lyon
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The Intelligent Asset Allocator How to Build Your Portfolio to Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk

Author : William J. Bernstein
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Time-Tested Techniques - Safe, Simple, and Proven Effective - for Building Your Own Investment Portfolio. "As its title suggest, Bill Bernstein's fine book honors the sensible principles of Benjamin Graham in the Intelligent Investor Bernstein's concepts are sound, his writing crystal clear, and his exposition orderly. Any reader who takes the time and effort to understand his approach to the crucial subject of asset allocation will surely be rewarded with enhanced long-term returns." - John C. Bogle, Founder and former Chief Executive Officer, The Vanguard Group President, Bogle Financial Markets Research Center Author, common Sense on Mutual Funds. "Bernstein has become a guru to a peculiarly '90s group: well-educated, Internet-powered people intent on investing well - and with minimal 'help' from professional Wall Street." - Robert Barker, Columnist, BusinessWeek. "I go home and tell my wife sometimes, 'I wonder if [Bernstein] doesn't know more than me.' It's humbling." - John Rekenthaler, Research Chief, Morningstar Inc. William Bernstein is an unlikely financial hero. A practicing neurologist, he used his self-taught investment knowledge and research to build one of today's most respected investor's websites. Now, let his plain-spoken The Intelligent Asset Allocator show you how to use the time-honored techniques of asset allocation to build your own pathway to financial security - one that is easy-to-understand, easier-to-apply, and supported by 75 years of solid history and wealth-building results.

The Portfolio

Author : Philip Gilbert Hamerton
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An artistic periodical.

The Intelligent Option Investor Applying Value Investing to the World of Options

Author : Erik Kobayashi-Solomon
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HOW TO USE YOUR HUMAN ADVANTAGE TO OUTPERFORM ALGORITHMS IN THE OPTIONS MARKET If you're a value investor who wants to get your money into the lucrative options market, forget about day trading, chart patterns, and market timing. This systematic book lays out a path to long-term wealth by taking positions on companies with real intrinsic value--the kind Ben Graham and Warren Buffett would invest in. Leave the complex algorithms and "Greeks" for the floor traders. Erik Kobayashi-Solomon, former investment banker, hedge fund risk manager, and valuation consultant to the World Bank, gives you the knowledge and sophistication to understand what options pricing reveals about the market's estimation of future stock prices. He then demonstrates how to find tremendous opportunity for low-risk, high-profit investments in the difference between the market's mechanized price ranges and ones made by you, a thoughtful human being armed with the insight this book offers. Everything you need to make options a powerful contributor to your portfolio is inside, including: A thorough explanation of what options are and what their prices can tell you about the market's expectations for the future price of a stock A proven way to envision the risk/reward trade-off for stocks and options and a straightforward method to use the flexibility and directionality of options to tilt the risk/return balance in your favor A robust and intuitive framework for assessing the value of a company Strategies to avoid the most common behavioral pitfalls Tips for using the information on an option-pricing screen Thorough coverage of important option investment strategies, including "covered calls," "protective puts," and "collars" Regardless of your experience level with options, this versatile guide makes you a better investor. Beginners get a turnkey solution to growing wealth in options, experienced investors gain savvy guidance for fine-tuning their practices, and professional investors learn how to effectively incorporate options into a portfolio. Understanding valuation in this perceptive light lets you earn the consistent profi ts of The Intelligent Option Investor. The Intelligent Option Investor is the hands-on guide to using a cuttingedge valuation framework in the fast-paced options market to boost growth, protect gains, and generate income. It explains how to use your insightful human mind to recognize when mechanized options pricing undervalues a stock. Once you see an opportunity, you'll have all the tools you need to execute a fact-based decision about how and when to invest in the company. Have your money make the most for you with the potent blend of timehonored value investing strategies and hot options vehicles in The Intelligent Option Investor. PRAISE FOR THE INTELLIGENT OPTION INVESTOR: "The Intelligent Option Investor reflects Erik's keen understanding of how companies create value for their owners, which is essential to successful option investing. In addition to showcasing Erik's expertise in developing option investment strategies based on fundamental security analysis and a long-term time horizon, this book delivers the information in a way that’s accessible to individual investors, offering them the resources to use options to help them meet their financial goals." -- JOE MANSUETO, founder, chairman, and CEO, Morningstar, Inc. "Erik knows--and lays out here--that to use options successfully, you need to understand the underlying stock and its valuation first. This is one of few books on options that teaches this fruitful, combined approach. And that's why it works." -- JEFF FISCHER, advisor, Motley Fool Options

Intelligent Commodity Indexing A Practical Guide to Investing in Commodities

Author : Robert Greer
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THE SECRETS TO CAPITALIZING ON THE COMMODITIES BOOM In the mid-1970s, when Bob Greer scrolled through miles of microfilm in the basement of a public library in order to record commodity prices in his yellow legal pad, the idea of commodities being an investable asset class was way outside the mainstream. Now, it's a multibilliondollar vehicle for achieving portfolio diversification and inflation hedging--and he and his colleagues have written the book on earning better returns than the indexes themselves! In Intelligent Commodity Indexing, Bob joins his fellow leaders of PIMCO's Commodity Practice, Nic Johnson and Mihir Worah, in opening up commodity indexes. Never before has there been a more thorough explanation of how a commodity index works coupled with a powerful set of strategies for making it work for you. Inside, you'll find the most up-to-date tools and time-proven best practices for earning "structural alpha" by capitalizing on recurring risk and liquidity premiums in the commodities markets. It offers the right amount of history and theory to reinforce cuttingedge techniques for: Interpreting how seasonal effects change risk premia Choosing the most profitable market for specific commodity exposure Using intelligent commodity indexing to collect risk premiums in the options market Maximizing roll yield in order to increase long-term returns Managing risk, including specific frameworks and systems Investors gain a superior advantage with this book's coverage of the nuts-and-bolts workings of various markets. Praise for Intelligent Commodity Indexing "A seminal work on an asset class that has grown in importance within institutional portfolios. The authors offer considerable insight to this complex asset class and provide investors with a thorough examination of the drivers of risk and return." -- Julia K. Bonafede, CFA, President of Wilshire Consulting "This is an excellent guide for professional investors to successful investing in commodity indexes." -- Blythe Masters, Head of Global Commodities, JP Morgan "A manual written by successful practitioners for intelligent commodity investors. An excellent guide which explains how this asset class complements and interacts with other investments." -- Alan H. Van Noord, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System "Commodities are invaluable tools for investors wishing to benefit from diversification and inflation hedging. For such an investor, this is the authoritative source to all you need to know about commodity indexing." -- Mark Makepeace, Chief Executive, FTSE Group "Greer, Johnson, and Worah simply explain the critical drivers to commodity index returns that have provided the main historical benefits of diversification and inflation protection. Every commodity index investor, or hopeful investor, should read this book and use it as a guide for evaluating the relevant index characteristics for benchmarking and investing, especially given recent industry innovations." -- Jodie Gunzberg, CFA, Director-Commodities, S&P Indexes

The Permanent Portfolio

Author : Craig Rowland
File Size : 84.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An up close look at an investment strategy that can handle today's uncertain financial environment Market uncertainty cannot be eliminated. So rather than attempt to do away with it, why not embrace it? That is what this book is designed to do. The Permanent Portfolio takes you through Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio approach—which can weather a wide range of economic conditions from inflation and deflation to recession—and reveals how it can help investors protect and grow their money. Written by Craig Rowland and Mike Lawson, this reliable resource demonstrates everything from a straightforward four-asset Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) version of the strategy all the way up to a sophisticated approach using Swiss bank storage of selected assets for geographic and political diversification. In all cases, the authors provide step-by-step guidance based upon personal experience. This timeless strategy is supported by more than three decades of empirical evidence The authors skillfully explain how to incorporate the ideas of the Permanent Portfolio into your financial endeavors in order to maintain, protect, and grow your money Includes select updates of Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio approach, which reflect our changing times The Permanent Portfolio is an essential guide for investors who are serious about building a better portfolio.