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The Intern Blues

Author : Robert Marion
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While supervising a small group of interns at a major New York medical center, Dr. Robert Marion asked three of them to keep a careful diary over the course of a year. Andy, Mark, and Amy vividly describe their real-life lessons in treating very sick children; confronting child abuse and the awful human impact of the AIDS epidemic; skirting the indifference of the hospital bureaucracy; and overcoming their own fears, insecurities, and constant fatigue. Their stories are harrowing and often funny; their personal triumph is unforgettable. This updated edition of The Intern Blues includes a new preface from the author discussing the status of medical training in America today and a new afterword updating the reader on the lives of the three young interns who first shared their stories with readers more than a decade ago.

The Intern Blues

Author : Robert Marion
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A pediatric geneticist captures the intellectual and emotional transformation from medical student to practicing physician, following the experiences of three pediatric interns and their advisor

Just the intern

Author : Sakshi Kiran
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Close friends Medini, Riddhi, and Varun work as student interns for a leading Indian MNC under a five-year scholarship program. During their last year of internship, they end up joining the same project which is led by Garima Kapoor, a shrewd, trailblazing professional. As time passes by, her initial attempts, to pass off as a career-oriented woman who is a victim of office gossip, are nullified when she reveals her biased views and irrational behaviour towards the interns. After the initial shock of Garima’s deplorable behaviour has worn off, Medini and her friends learn to navigate through their stressful internship with the guidance of some trustworthy colleagues. Medini’s journey is relatable; she’s young, hardworking, has friends, and lives on her own in a large city throbbing with opportunities. She struggles with the challenges thrown at her and draws strength from Agastya, a colleague she starts dating. As Medini and her friends wander through the stress of their professional lives, they often wonder if life would get easier or be just as challenging? Would it afford them time for their friends and family or would they remain a slave to their work just like Garima? Sacrifices are to be made and decisions can be hard. Will Medini rise to the challenges or will she cave in?

More Than a Mentoring Program

Author : Graig R. Meyer
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In striving to reduce racial achievement gaps, schools and youth development programs are increasingly turning to youth mentoring programs. But how to ensure success? Here, accomplished educators Graig Meyer and George Noblit reveal how one such program challenged institutional racism and eliminated persistent achievement disparities in a local school system that boasts a national reputation for excellence. The authors share personal lessons, strategic guidance, and detailed practical advice for education and community leaders seeking to create successful youth mentoring programs. Their story, backed by research, offers real-world perspective on the important work of challenging systemic racism in schools. Meyer and Noblit demonstrate how mentoring and advocacy come together in a strengths-based program that boosts academic success and post-secondary enrollment for youth of color, while also creating change to benefit all students in a school system.

The Intern Affair

Author : Roxanne St. Claire
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Businessman Cade McMann had put the lovely Jessie Clayton on his radar since the day she started interning at his magazine. Though his reasons for keeping a close eye on her had not always been professional, the suave, successful bachelor knew she was hiding something. Mindful that Jessie's hidden agenda might just prove to be the undoing of the Elliott publishing empire, Cade set out to uncover every one of her secrets. And seduction seemed the best way to begin….

Blue Collar Blue Scrubs

Author : Dr. Michael J. Collins
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It looked for a while like Michael Collins would spend his life breaking concrete and throwing rocks for the Vittorio Scalese Construction Company. He liked the work and he liked the pay. But a chance remark by one of his coworkers made him realize that he wanted to involve himself in something bigger, something more meaningful than crushing rocks and drinking beer. In his acclaimed first memoir, Hot Lights, Cold Steel, Collins wrote passionately about his four-year surgical residency at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs turns back the clock, taking readers from his days as a construction worker to his entry into medical school, expertly infusing his journey to become a doctor with humanity, compassion and humor. From the first time he delivers a baby to being surrounded by death and pain on a daily basis, Collins compellingly writes about how medicine makes him confront, in a very deep and personal way, the nature of God and suffering—and how delicate life can be.

Blue Fire

Author : R. J. Mikelionis M.D
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PRIZE WINNER - NATIONAL WRITERS BOOK CLUB. BLUE FIRE is a story of loss, search, a journey across time, continents, deserts, mountains, and seas. It begins as a child’s simple game, with clear rules, moving to encounter life’s later games with more riddles than rules. Along the way emergency “Red Blankets” await in hospital corridors; night bombardments flash across black horizons like shattered sunsets; and a butterfly hovers above an 8000 ft snow-covered peak... At times reality may blur at the edges, but continues on to journey’s end, to the fire within us. Maybe at the very end, it is a very simple thing that moves us all.

The Intern

Author : Jess C. Scott
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A 17-year-old intern must choose between trusting an irresistibly suave dance instructor †or her instincts * * * Book #1 (Lust) in Jess C Scott "s SINS07 Sseven deadly sins series. * * * By author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott. This is the full version of the first novel in the series.

The Transformation of Academic Health Centers

Author : Steven Wartman
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The Transformation of Academic Health Centers: The Institutional Challenge to Improve Health and Well-Being in Healthcare’s Changing Landscape presents the direct knowledge and vision of accomplished academic leaders whose unique positions as managers of some of the most complex academic and business enterprises make them expert contributors. Users will find invaluable insights and leadership perspectives on healthcare, health professions education, and bio-medical and clinical research that systematically explores the evolving role of global academic health centers with an eye focused on the transformation necessary to be successful in challenging environments. The book is divided into five sections moving from the broad perspective of the role of academic health centers to the role of education, training, and disruptive technologies. It then addresses the discovery processes, improving funding models, and research efficiency. Subsequent sections address the coming changes in healthcare delivery and future perspectives, providing a complete picture of the needs of the growing and influential healthcare sector. Outlines strategies for academic health centers to successfully adapt to the global changes in healthcare and delivery Offers forward-thinking and compelling professional and personal assessments of the evolving role of academic health centers by recognized outstanding academic healthcare leaders Includes case studies and personal reflections, providing lessons learned and new recommendations to challenge leaders Provides discussions on the discovery process, improving funding models, and research efficiency

The Billionaire The Intern Next Door Marcus Chloe

Author : Rebecca johnson
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Climbing into bed thinking I was almost free of prying eyes on me and then this happens I’m going to have my uncle's friend watching everything I do now when will I ever be free of this I should have gone out of the country Maine was not far enough away. I wonder if it’s too late to change my mind and go out of the country, yes it probably is now what do I do well it’s not like I will see him all the time I mean I will be at school and work so when I do get home it will be late and if he is anything like my uncle he will be asleep by 9:00 pm so it may not be so bad I can deal with this I’m thinking as I drift off to sleep. Waking up to the alarm going off in my ear jumping up and realizing today is the day I will be leaving my parents’ home and making my way in the world OMG! I’m really going off to college today! The road to freedom Is just around the corner, Then he knocks on my door Looking like sin, I think my mouth went dry and all the moisture went between my legs holy hell Chloe get a grip. Why is he standing there looking at me like I'm an alien? Hello, may I help you?