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The Irish Sport Horse Studbook

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The Irish Draught Horse

Author : Mary McGrath
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The story of the Irish breed of horse that became an icon in that country for its profound usefulness

The Official Horse Breeds Standards Guide

Author : F. Lynghaug
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The only official guidebook to horse breed standards and conformation in North America, with breed history and information on gait and distinctive traits, temperament, colors, and variations.

Guide to Taxation for the Irish Sport Horse Industry

Author : Grant Thornton
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Irish Sport Horse

Author : Nicholas O'Hare
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The Irish Sport Horse

Author : Karen Hennessy
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The Irish Sport Horse (ISH) is universally well known and is perceived as a strong brand. However, existing evidence indicates that this strong perception does not translate into premium prices, contra-indicating the implied relationships across the Brand Value Chain. This study assessed the Brand Equity of a number high profile European sport horse brands (ISH, KWPN, HANN) within the UK B2B sport horse market. A number of studies were involved in the process of developing and testing a Sport Horse Brand Equity Model including (1) a hendonic analysis of sport horse auction data, (2) a survey of Irish Sport Horse buyers and (3) a survey of UK buyers. The findings provide practical guidance for the Irish Sport Horse industry and other sport horse industries concerning the importance of improving/ enhancing and sustaining competition performance and reputation within the discipline of show jumping as a prerequisite to increasing/maintaining the financial value of a sport horse brand.

The Irish Sport Horse

Author : Karen D. Hennessy
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The Future of the Irish Sport Horse Industry

Author : Karen Hennessy
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Influence of Foreign Bred Stallions on the Irish Sport Horse Industry

Author : Jennifer Dineen
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Origins and Development of the Irish Draught Horse

Author : Colin A. Lewis
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"The development of the Irish Draught is traced from the seventeenth century, when the Irish Hobby was transformed into a warm blooded light draught horse. The fortunes of the evolving breed are followed as political, economic and social developments impacted upon horses and horse breeding. The future of the breed in the new millennium is assessed and blood lines and pedigrees are discussed. The importance of Irish Draught blood in the breeding of show jumpers is emphasised." "This is a book for all who are interested in Irish history, in the equine heritage of the country and in the development of a distinctive breed of fine horses. It should also appeal to those concerned with the historical and developing geography of animal breeds."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Arresting Decline in the Irish Sport Horse Industry

Author : Paul Bourke
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The Horse Encyclopedia

Author : Elwyn Hartley Edwards
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From tiny ponies to heavy draught horses and rapid thoroughbreds, explore the history and variety of this noble animal that helped shape human history. A stunning celebration of the equine world, The Horse Encyclopedia is a fully illustrated book about horses and ponies, featuring over 150 breeds and types, including all those recognized by national horse societies. First domesticated around 6000 years ago, horses rapidly became invaluable to humans. They pulled chariots and ploughs, and became essential to transport and war. In this comprehensve volume, you will discover breeds from all over the world, from imposing Shires whose ancestors carried knights in chainmail into battle, to thoroughbreds bred to run like the wind, and Lipizzanas that can execute exquisite dressage moves such as the capriole where they jump with all four feet off the ground. The Horse Encyclopedia gives concise details of each breed, including its origins and anatomy, as well as famous individuals such as Secretariat, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest racehorses of all. This dazzling guide also includes expert advice on horse care, feeding and grooming, and horse health, making this a truly wonderful gift for all horse riders and equine enthusiasts.

Forages and grazing in horse nutrition

Author : Markku Saastamoinen
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Forages should be the basis of all diets in horse feeding. Therefore it is of major importance to determine which parameters will influence their quality. Changes on chemical composition along the vegetative cycle, nutrient losses during harvesting, preservation and storage are factors that could have an effect on nutritive value, as well on digestibility and palatability. A specific grazing and ingesting behaviour, linked to plant preferences and the selection of feeding sites will have an impact on biodiversity. This will determine the options on plant species and varieties and further management of pastures for horses. This book highlights the role of forages and grazing in horse nutrition and also gathers information about related topics, such as the contribution of local breeds for the sustainability and development of rural areas, their impact on landscape and relationships with environmental preservation. This book is the 6th volume in a scientific series conceived through the European Workshop on Equine Nutrition (EWEN) which falls under the umbrella of the Horse Commission of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP). All these materials provide an interesting basis for further discussion, not only in specialized forums, but also for those involved in horse production.

Factors Associated with Irish Draught Horse and Irish Sport Horse Studbook Inspections

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Irish Sport Horse Studbook Marebook Volume 2

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The Athletic Horse E Book

Author : David R. Hodgson
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Showing how to maximize performance in horses, The Athletic Horse: Principles and Practice of Equine Sports Medicine, 2nd Edition describes sports training regimens and how to reduce musculoskeletal injuries. Practical coverage addresses the anatomical and physiological basis of equine exercise and performance, centering on evaluation, imaging, pharmacology, and training recommendations for sports such as racing and show jumping. Now in full color, this edition includes new rehabilitation techniques, the latest imaging techniques, and the best methods for equine transportation. Written by expert educators Dr. David Hodgson, Dr. Catherine McGowan, and Dr. Kenneth McKeever, with a panel of highly qualified contributing authors. Expert international contributors provide cutting-edge equine information from the top countries in performance-horse research: the U.S., Australia, U.K., South Africa, and Canada. The latest nutritional guidelines maximize the performance of the equine athlete. Extensive reference lists at the end of each chapter provide up-to-date resources for further research and study. NEW full-color photographs depict external clinical signs, allowing more accurate clinical recognition. NEW and improved imaging techniques maximize your ability to assess equine performance. UPDATED drug information is presented as it applies to treatment and to new regulations for drug use in the equine athlete. NEW advances in methods of transporting equine athletes ensure that the amount of stress on the athlete is kept to a minimum. NEW rehabilitation techniques help to prepare the equine athlete for a return to the job. Two NEW authors, Dr. Catherine McGowan and Dr. Kenneth McKeever, are highly recognized experts in the field.

The Horse

Author : Debbie Busby
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The Horse: A Natural History looks not only at the horse in the human context, but also at its own story, and at the way horses live and have lived both alongside people and independently. An initial chapter on Evolution & Development takes the reader from the tiny prehistoric Eohippus to modern-day Equus. Subsequent chapters on Anatomy & Biology and Society & Behavior offer a succinct explanation of equine anatomy, and outline the current thinking on horse behavior, incorporating information taken from the most recent research. Chapter 4, Horses & People, studies the part the horse has played in human history. Finally, a visually stunning gallery of breeds offers wonderful photographs alongside individual breed profiles. This is an essential addition to every horse enthusiasts library.

The Sporting Horse

Author : Nicola Jane Swinney
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Exhibiting grace and poise as they master the intricate movements of dressage; galloping like the wind at more than thirty miles per hour; soaring over huge competition fences; running tirelessly across every type of terrain – horses are simply stunning athletes. Naturally fleet of foot, they have strength, stamina and intelligence to match. We ask a great deal of these amazing creatures when we ride them in competition, and our horses always deliver. The Sporting Horse is a glorious celebration of the athletic abilities of these beautiful animals, and the unique relationship that has evolved between horse and rider. Working side-by-side for centuries, horse and man have achieved a lasting synergy – and nowhere is that more evident than in the sporting arena. Taking each of the four key sporting characteristics – athleticism, speed, agility and endurance – veteran journalist Nicola Swinney explores how hundreds of years of selective breeding and careful training have developed and refined the horse’s natural ability to perform a diverse range of sporting pursuits. From dressage to polo, snow sports to carriage driving, steeplechasing to barrel racing, the book reveals how horse and rider work as one to achieve sporting excellence.

Beautiful Horses

Author : Liz Wright
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From the humble working horse to the fanciful show horse, you'll not be left disappointed by this gorgeous display of 40 of the world's finest equine beauties. Whether you're a horse expert or just a casual admirer, these magnificent mares and stunning stallions will capture your attention and leave you awestruck. With each glossy, professional photograph of the breed comes information about their individual histories, where they originated from, details about temperament, and notes about size and color. This way, you can get to know each glamorous individual from the experts. Featuring an illuminating introduction exploring the colorful history of the horse, and reportage photography offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the stars as they prepare for the show, Beautiful Horses is the perfect gift for any horse-lover.

Management of lameness causes in sport horses

Author : Arno Lindner
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Key aspects on the diagnosis and management of lameness caused by muscle, tendon, joint and bone related disorders in sport horses will be presented in this book. Topics included are among others: - Deep digital flexor tendon lesions in the fetlock region: Diagnosis. - Results of the treatment of the causes of distension of the deep digital flexor tendon. - Superficial digital flexor tendonitis: Diagnosis. - Management of superficial digital flexor tendonitis. - Proximal suspensory desmitis in fore- and hindlimbs: Diagnosis. - Management of proximal suspensory desmitis in fore and hindlimbs. - How are tendon injuries tackled in human athletes? - Osteoarthritis & traumatic joint disease: Diagnosis. - Management of osteoarthritis & traumatic joint disease. - How is osteoarthritis & traumatic joint disease managed in human athletes? - Monitoring training and disease of Thoroughbreds in the UK. - Physiotherapeutic options for the prevention and management of skeletal disorder.