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The Iron Age in Lowland Britain

Author : D.W. Harding
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This book was written at a time when the older conventional diffusionist view of prehistory, largely associated with the work of V. Gordon Childe, was under rigorous scrutiny from British prehistorians, who still nevertheless regarded the ‘Arras’ culture of eastern Yorkshire and the ‘Belgic’ cemeteries of south-eastern Britain as the product of immigrants from continental Europe. Sympathetic to the idea of population mobility as one mechanism for cultural innovation, as widely recognized historically, it nevertheless attempted a critical re-appraisal of the southern British Iron Age in its continental context. Subsequent fashion in later prehistoric studies has favoured economic, social and cognitive approaches, and the cultural-historical framework has largely been superseded. Routine use of radiocarbon dating and other science-based applications, and new field data resulting from developer-led archaeology have revolutionized understanding of the British Iron Age, and once again raised issues of its relationship to continental Europe.

Lowland Iron Age Communities in Europe

Author : Barry W. Cunliffe
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Iron Age Communities in Britain

Author : Barry Cunliffe
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Since its first publication in 1971, Barry Cunliffe's monumental survey has established itself as a classic of British archaeology. This fully revised fourth edition maintains the qualities of the earlier editions, whilst taking into account the significant developments that have moulded the discipline in recent years. Barry Cunliffe here incorporates new theoretical approaches, technological advances and a range of new sites and finds, ensuring that Iron Age Communities in Britain remains the definitive guide to the subject.

Iron Age Communities in Britain

Author : Barry W. Cunliffe
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Middle Iron Age Warfare of the Hillfort Dominated Zone C 400 BC to C 150 BC

Author : Jon Bryant Finney
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Oxbow says: This study re-evaluates many of the misconceptions about the war-crazed Iron Age warrior hero, and questions anew the role of hillforts as truly, or primarily, defensive structures. Taking a regional approach to Middle Iron Age warfare, Finney examines hillforts and weaponry from lowland Britain.

The Iron Age Round House

Author : D. W. Harding
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A fully illustrated study of Iron Age round-houses, which explores not just their architectural aspects but more importantly their role in the social, economic and ritual structure of their communities, and their significance as symbols of Iron Age society in the face of Romanization.

Developing Landscapes of Lowland Britain

Author : Michael Gordon Fulford
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Subtitled `The Archaeology of British Gravels', this book reviews recent work and sets out the state of research for different periods of history and prehistory. Rescue work in advance of gravel extraction has produced a large volume of sometimes inaccessible information and the authors of this volume are well placed to produce an overview, all being expert practitioners. They include George Lambrick, Richard Bradley, Mark Robinson, Francis Pryor and Mike Fulford.

Fisherwick the Reconstruction of an Iron Age Landscape

Author : Christopher Smith
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Fruhes Eisen in Europa

Author : International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences. Comité pour la sidérurgie ancienne. Symposium
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Sutton Common

Author : Robert Van de Noort
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Sutton Common in South Yorkshire is one of the best-known Iron Age multivallate sites in lowland Britain. This volume describes the results of the large-scale excavations undertaken there between 1998 and 2003, which have provided unparalleled insights into the function and meaning of this 4th-century BC 'marsh-fort'. Sutton Common is described as a place where the social identity of the local community was reinforced through the construction of the physical representation of the idea of community, using a bank-and-ditch arrangement that resembles the defences used elsewhere, particularly at hillforts. No houses were found within the enclosure, but some 150 four-post structures were excavated, many containing deposits of charred grain in one or two of their postholes. This well-dated site makes significant contributions to the debates on prehistoric enclosure, cosmology, food storage, and mortuary practices in prehistoric Britain and Europe.

The Agrarian History of England and Wales Volume 1 Part 1 Prehistory

Author : Stuart Piggott
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The Agrarian History of England and Wales Volume 1 Prehistory to AD 1042

Author : Stuart Piggott
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This volume surveys the evolution of the man-made landscape in Britain over the period of some three millennia before the Roman conquest.

The Later Iron Age in Britain and Beyond

Author : Colin Haselgrove
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The nature and causes of the transformation in settlement, social structure, and material culture that occurred in Britain during the Later Iron Age (c. 400-300 BC to the Roman conquest) have long been a focus of research. In the past, however, there was a tendency for attention to be directed mostly to southern England and the increased manifestations of Gaulish and Roman influence apparent there towards the end of this period. For the most part, developments in other regions were assumed to be secondary in character and of relatively little significance. Thanks to new work, this viewpoint can no longer be sustained. Throughout Britain, the extent and vitality of the social changes taking place during the later first millennium BC is becoming more apparent, as is the long-term character of many of the processes involved. The time is ripe therefore for new narratives of the Later Iron Age to be created, drawing on the burgeoning material from developer-funded archaeology and the Portable Antiquities Scheme, as well as on new methodological and theoretical approaches. The thirty-one papers collected here seek to re-conceptualise our visions of Later Iron Age societies in Britain by examining regions and topics that have received less attention in the past and by breaking down the artificial barriers often erected between artefact analysis and landscape studies. Themes considered include the expansion and enclosure of settlement, production and exchange, agricultural and social complexity, treatment of the dead, material culture and identity, at scales ranging from the household to the supra-regional. At the same time, the inclusion of papers on Ireland, northern France, the Low Countries, Denmark, and Germany allows insular Later Iron Age developments to be placed in a wider geographical context, ensuring that Britain is no longer studied in isolation.

The Earlier Iron Age in Britain and the Near Continent

Author : Colin Haselgrove
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Seeks to establish what we now know (and do not know) about Earlier Iron Age communities in Britain and their neighbours on the Continent. The authors look at how communities of the Late Bronze Age transform into those of the Earlier Iron Age, and how we understand the social changes of the later first millennium BC.

Re searching the Iron Age

Author : Jodie Humphrey
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These ten papers, selected from the proceedings of the Iron Age Research Student Seminars, 1999 and 2000, reflect recent research in British archaeology focusing on the Iron Age and transition to the Roman period. Whilst some contributors examine material cultural evidence, including ceramics, flint, faunal remains and coinage, others look at the nature of settlement and landscape change. As a group the papers place emphasis on the need for new methodologies when approaching material culture for data, for more integrated approaches to data study and appreciate the complexity of Iron Age archaeology and the importance of regionalism in future Iron Age research.

Iron Age Bridle bits from Britain

Author : Natalie A. Palk
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The Making of the British Landscape

Author : Francis Pryor
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This is the changing story of Britain as it has been preserved in our fields, roads, buildings, towns and villages, mountains, forests and islands. From our suburban streets that still trace out the boundaries of long vanished farms to the Norfolk Broads, formed when medieval peat pits flooded, from the ceremonial landscapes of Stonehenge to the spread of the railways - evidence of how man's effect on Britain is everywhere. In The Making of the British Landscape, eminent historian, archaeologist and farmer, Francis Pryor explains how to read these clues to understand the fascinating history of our land and of how people have lived on it throughout time. Covering both the urban and rural and packed with pictures, maps and drawings showing everything from how we can still pick out Bronze Age fields on Bodmin Moor to how the Industrial Revolution really changed our landscape, this book makes us look afresh at our surroundings and really see them for the first time.

Animals in Celtic Life and Myth

Author : Miranda Green
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Animals played a crucial role in many aspects of Celtic life: in the economy, hunting, warfare, art, literature and religion. Such was their importance to this society, that an intimate relationship between humans and animals developed, in which the Celts believed many animals to have divine powers. In Animals in Celtic Life and Myth, Miranda Green draws on evidence from early Celtic documents, archaeology and iconography to consider the manner in which animals formed the basis of elaborate rituals and beliefs. She reveals that animals were endowed with an extremely high status, considered by the Celts as worthy of respect and admiration.

Reconstructing Iron Age Societies

Author : Adam Gwilt
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Eisenzeit - Bevölkerungsgeschichte - Wirtschaftsgeschichte.

Ritual and Rubbish in the Iron Age of Wessex

Author : J. D. Hill
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The author has been a familiar speaker at Theoretical Archaeology Group meetings in Britain for a number of years and his general approach must now be familiar to many people. His specific argument that pit deposits usually interpreted as `rubbish' are in fact structured in a meaningful way is sure to be of interest to all archaeologists involved with the investigation of middens or faunal `rubbish' deposits, though taphonomists may remain sceptical. The wider implications for the study of the Iron Age in Britain (especially his historiographical critique of past `culture-historical' approaches) are also stimulating.