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The Italian Catholic Divorce

Author : Annette C. Schiro
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This book is a collection of short stories of travel, adventure, and growing up as an Italian Catholic. The author tells stories of her great grandparents that came to America, and how it was literally murder getting out of Sicily. Coming from being poor peasants in Italy, America promised to provide the family with the opportunities to become wealthy aristocrats, even if one had to bootleg whiskey to do it. Shocked by the faith-shaking realization that nuns were actually human beings underneath all that garb, she was still hopeful that the pope would be coming to dinner after she purchased the best china available. With some Italian traditions that just wouldn’t die and too many relatives that did, Annette relates stories of their lives and deaths with wit and humor.

Divorce Vatican Style

Author : Oliver Stewart
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Debating Divorce in Italy

Author : M. Seymour
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The popular referendum of 1974 which affirmed Italy's recently-won divorce law is widely regarded as a turning point in modern Italian history, but the long story behind that struggle has remained largely unfamiliar. Using the debates over divorce as a lens, this book is a study of the quest to modernize Italy, Italians, and Italian marriage.

Intergenerational Effects of Divorce in a Mediterranean and Catholic Society

Author : Marco Albertini
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Untying the Knot

Author : Roderick Phillips
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A fascinating study of the rapid spread of divorce and its affect on family life in Western society.

Contemporary Italy

Author : Donald Sassoon
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This popular text provides a detailed study of the social and economic structures that underpin the Italian political system. Thoroughly updated, the second edition covers the 1994 election results and the rise of Berlusconi's Forza Italia, the impact of European integration and the anti-corruption campaign of the early 90s.

The Italian Way

Author : Douglas Harper
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Outside of Italy, the country’s culture and its food appear to be essentially synonymous. And indeed, as The Italian Way makes clear, preparing, cooking, and eating food play a central role in the daily activities of Italians from all walks of life. In this beautifully illustrated book, Douglas Harper and Patrizia Faccioli present a fascinating and colorful look at the Italian table. The Italian Way focuses on two dozen families in the city of Bologna, elegantly weaving together Harper’s outsider perspective with Faccioli’s intimate knowledge of the local customs. The authors interview and observe these families as they go shopping for ingredients, cook together, and argue over who has to wash the dishes. Throughout, the authors elucidate the guiding principle of the Italian table—a delicate balance between the structure of tradition and the joy of improvisation. With its bite-sized history of food in Italy, including the five-hundred-year-old story of the country’s cookbooks, and Harper’s mouth-watering photographs, The Italian Way is a rich repast—insightful, informative, and inviting.

Patriarchal Structures and Ethnicity in the Italian Community in Britain

Author : Azadeh Medaglia
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First published in 2001, this book retraces the chronological history of the Italian Diaspora community in Britain from its inception in the eighteenth century to the present. The author describes the immigrants’ way of life, patterns of occupation, gender relations and modes of integration in the host country. In addition, the book focuses on the role of religion, an institution which has traditionally reinforced both Italian cultural identity and unequal gender relations. Until now, most ethnic studies have been carried out on racialized minorities - those with physical differences - and they have generally failed to emphasize the gender relations within minority communities.

Culture and Customs of Italy

Author : Charles L. Killinger
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Presents a detailed overview of Italy's current social customs and culture, covering its people, family life, religion, literature, the arts, festivals, sports, food, and leisure activites.

Democracy Italian Style

Author : Joseph LaPalombara
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Analyzes Italian politics, argues that crises that threaten to destroy the government actually make democracy there stronger, and discusses the Italian political parties