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The Jesus Christ Code

Author : Caesar J. B. Squitti
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While doing research in 1987 Caesar Squitti noticed that many social programs dealing with the traditional family unit had been corrupted. Programs were based on deceptive half-truths; problem was that the definition of half-truth was incorrect. Observations, research and logic suggested that the world definitions of three important concepts, "truth", "half-truth" and "lie" were incorrect. There appeared to be a correlation between the new proposed definition of Truth and the scientific properties of Light. This relationship was labelled, The Jesus Christ Code: The LIGHT: The Rainbow of Truths. It is being proposed that this may indeed be the "original sin" from the Garden of Eden that has remained with us. The Light: The Rainbow of Truths, explores how we can be deceived by truth, and how this is a challenge to critical thinking in our society. Observations in a wide spectrum of related subjects include politics, social programs, health care and religion. This truth about Truth, that truth may lie, will hopefully set us free from this negative dimension to Truth and allow us to think in colors. The Truth can be stranger than fiction. The Jesus Christ Code builds "a bridge" between science and religion. This discovery may be "the key" to unlock the "gates" to the Garden of Eden. This book examines the quote posed by Pontius Pilate, "What is Truth?"

Jesus Christ the Number of His Name

Author : Bonnie Gaunt
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Sir Issac Newton searched more than half a lifetime for the secret code that he suspected was in the original texts the Old and New Testaments. He died without ever finding it. That sacred code now reveals the story of Jesus Christ - His part in the work of creation; His coming as the babe of Bethlehem; and His glorious second coming as the promised King on David's Throne. The exciting message that was encoded into the original text tells the time of His coming and the Earth's Great Millennium! Today we are living in the time that was prophesied. This book takes us on an exciting journey into the secrets of that code and its astounding message!

The Rapture Code

Author : Craig S. Luchin
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Can there only be one Rapture? The Rapture Code—Part One of an—Eight-Book Coded Series! This is the first book of an Eight-Book Coded Series, concerning Christian living. I’ve been a Christian for 34 yrs., and for over 30 of those years, I have tried to augment the Rapture of the Church; with additional biblical evidence. I started out all those years ago; to accomplish this one task. Well, God has greatly blessed me, in that I found not—one code—concerning the Rapture, but a coded series of eight codes total. Thus, each one relating to the Christians walking out their salvation, in one aspect or another. (Doctrinally, this first book pertains to the Rapture of the Church in a Pre-Millennial position, that promotes as true; The Seven-year Tribulation, the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ; here on earth, the “little season” of Satan, and then the New Heavens and Earth.) What I have uncovered is a deeper answer that gives good reasons for all three rapture positions, which are: Pre-, Mid-, and Post-Tribulation—being three different raptures all taking place during this 7 year time period. Thus, there being three separate raptures instead of just one. I see there are—three raptures of—three different groups of peoples in the Tribulation Period. Instead of the one group—of the one—Rapture of the Church—in only one—of the three rapture positions offered us. Namely, the rapture positions of: Pre-, or Mid-, or Post-Tribulation. Thus again, I see three different raptures taking place as follows: Rapture of the Church—Rapture of the Two Witnessess—Rapture of the Elect of Israel (Pre-Tribulation) (Mid-Tribulation) (Post-Tribulation) Israel is always the key to proper biblical prophecy. Without Israel in existence today as a nation; there would be no final: End Times. Israel and the Church are separate in the Scriptures, and so it only makes sense (especially after seeing the evidence that I have accumulated in this book) that Israel would have it’s “OWN” rapture. Further, Christians, are making the same error of judgment pertaining to Christ’s Rapture of the Church (seeing only one rapture); that Israel made concerning Christ’s First Coming. Israel, perceived wrongly that there was only one Coming of Christ, which they were sorely mistaken, and we now know that there are two Comings of the LORD, one 2,000 yrs. ago and one in the near future. But Christians are making the same error in thinking that there is only one rapture of one major group of people: The Rapture of the Church. When in fact, there are—two raptures of—two major groups of peoples, as noted above. (Note: The Two Witnesses are not a group, though, I feel, with some Scriptural evidence; that the 144,000 may go up with the Witnesses.) In which the “Left Behind” notion will be proved wrong. Also, I have found a “word pattern order” exclusive to the KJB, that shows forth this order in many OT verses as well as the NT. I have found the threefold pattern of these three raptures in the “Breastplate of the High Priest,” in the “Seven Feasts of Israel,” in the books of “Daniel and Revelation,” in the books of “Matthew, Mark, and Luke,” and in many other places! In addition, these truths will strengthen the “Eternal Security” of any Believer. Finally, I have discovered many new “study aids” for advance studies that only appear in the KJB, which will strengthen the Christian for the ongoing battle for the Bible—The King James Bible, in which these study aids can and will be demonstrated throughout this Eight-Book Coded Series, by which these eight codes are based in Acts 3. The codes are there in this chapter; four times—in a four times over—repeating order—perfectly. This co


Author : Kenn Thomas
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In 1970 a photocopied manuscript began circulating among conspiracy researchers entitled 'Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal' by William Torbitt (a pseudonym). The Torbitt Document was a damning expose of J Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson, John Connally and Werner von Braun, among many others, for their role in the assassination of President John F Kennedy. This first published edition of the Torbitt Document emphasizes what the manuscript says about the link between Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists working for NASA, the Defence Industrial Security Command (DISC), the assassination of JFK, and the secret Nevada air base known as Area 51. The Torbitt Document illuminates the darker side of NASA, the Military Industrial Complex, and the connections to Mercury, Nevada, and the Area 51 complex which headquarters the 'secret space programme'.

Eschatology The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Author : Oj Hernandez
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This book is about the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the end of times, the Antichrist and The Beast, prophecy and identity of God and our enemy Satan.

The World s Sixteen Crucified Saviors

Author : Kersey Graves
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The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors has been out of print but sought after for many years. A small part of it was reprinted in The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read in 1994. Many people are unaware that before Christianity there were 15 other religions that also had a savior who died for their sins, then arose from the dead.

The Practice of Pastoral Care

Author : Carrie Doehring
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Drawing on psychological, theological, and cultural studies on suffering, Carrie Doehring encourages counselors to view their ministry through trifocal lenses and include approaches that are premodern (apprehending God through religious rituals), modern (consulting rational and empirical sources), and postmodern (acknowledging the contextual nature of knowledge). Utilizing strategies from all three perspectives, Doehring describes the basic ingredients of a caregiving relationship, shows how to use the caregiver's life experience as a source of authority, and demonstrates how to develop the skill of listening and establish the actual relationship. She then explains the steps of psychological assessment, systemic assessment, and theological reflection, and finally she delineates the basic steps for plans of care: attending to the careseeker's safety, building trust, mourning losses, and reconnecting with the ordinariness of life.

The Mysterious Numerical Bible Code and Other Revelations

Author : Lawrence D. Shawbrooks
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The Hebrew-Christian religion remains the most potent verifiably truthful religion on the planet. It suffers horrendously from murderous oppression in the Middle East, its homeland; and was crushed-flat by the largest political State the world has ever known (Soviet Russia); and it endures heavy disheartenment by flawed innuendo and secularisation throughout Europe. Despite these massive attacks from mistaken religion, hard-line atheists, and dont know-cant be bothered groups yet it remains. And more than this: It remains, philosophically, socially, prophetically, and scientifically the largest, most credible and consistent belief-system on the planet. Its not by accident that non-violent Christianity (believing in the non-violent Ten Commandments and the beautiful spirit of them in the Beatitudes), can survive such intense mentalphysical violent persecution and still remain so vibrant. True Christians know: The only reason it is so, is because the holy Messiah God of Israel is the only true God. He rules over all the kingdoms of men, but its only the kingdom of Christianity which knows this. He loves all humans (but not their thoughtsactions). However only Christians recognise this and sincerely give thanks that He is their God, their prophet, priest and king. He prophesied that enormous ungodliness would come against His church, and followers but these gates of hell would not overcome it, and so it is now, as we head towards Armageddon and the end of the human age. This book explains His prophecies, and associated key milestone calculations. This is one of many ways, witnessing that He is the genuine-unique-article, just as the Hebrew-Christian Bible says. The purpose of our existence is to have a loving relationship with Him. When humans choose to reject Him it causes us to create corrupt and false gods. Without realising it, many religious people worship corrupt gods, and atheism worships its false no-God god. These cannot bring a person into the paradise of fruitful everlasting life their ways effectively bring people into a fruitless everlasting living-death. This grieves the Messiah God of Israel because He loves fruitful life. To encourage us and to verify who He is He leaves indicators throughout history, evidencing even now, in these days of the deeply sceptical cheating spirit that humans are without excuse, come the judgement. Lawrence D. Shawbrooks is now retired but continues to work as an Elder in the Church oversight.

The Code of the Righteous Warrior

Author : Alyn E. Waller
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T.D. Jakes’ He-Motions meets The Art of War in this accessible guidebook to help today’s man navigate and thrive in these unpredictable times. Rev. Dr. Alyn E. Waller, pastor of the mega-church Enon Tabernacle, shares wisdom from his ministry and longtime martial arts experience to inspire and offer moral guidance to navigate the complex challenges today’s men face in daily life. Where do I fit in the job market and will I ever feel financially secure? How can I lead my family without being a chauvinist or blocking my partner from living fully and expressing her gifts? How do I deal with the fact that my partner makes more money—or has a better job, or owns the home we live in, or is more educated—than I am? These are but a few of the questions that Waller has heard over and over again as he’s counseled thousands of men, many of whom seek a new set of skills to thrive in modern society. Dramatic shifts in our nation’s cultural, economic, social, and political landscape have upended their lives, leaving them feeling betrayed and lost. In this eye-opening and inspirational book, Waller draws from his Christian teachings and the lessons he’s learned from martial arts and extreme adventures to offer men innovative strategies to help them fight today’s challenges in ways that affirm their manhood. He offers ten crucial and accessible life tenets such as: prioritize the immediate threat then handle first things first; conserve your resources; and you can survive fear and pain. Code of the Righteous Warrior empowers us to live our best life and rise above any difficulties we may face.

Deciphering End time Prophetic Codes

Author : Perry Stone
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Perry Stone's most important prophetic book yet. If you look throughout the pages of history, you can see patterns and rhythms that have guided important events since biblical times. Sometimes these events flow in cyclical patterns and illumination for the future is encoded in them. Through divine wisdom we can imagine the future and see what is coming based on what has occurred. In this dynamic exposé Stone taps into many of these patterns, providing a clear, biblical explanation of how they work and what it means for America, the future, and for you. You will discover: Three way of counting time in God's cosmic calendar Visions and dreams concerning America's future events Amazing prophetic patterns of American presidents and world leaders America's fall, what you need to do to prepare, and much more!