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The judgment of the anglican church posterior to the reformation

Author : John F. Russell
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The judgment of the Anglican Church on the sufficiency of holy Scripture and the authority of the holy Catholic Church in matters of faith With an intr notes and appendix by J F Russell

Author : John Fuller Russell
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The Judgment of the Anglican Church posterior to the Reformation on the Sufficiency of Holy Scripture and the Authority of the Holy Catholic Church in Matters of Faith as Contained in Her Formularies and Illustrated by the Writings of the Elder Masters and Doctors With an Introduction Notes and Appendix

Author : John Fuller Russell
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The Bennett Judgment Our Duty what is It

Author : Capel MOLYNEUX
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The Judgment of the Bishops Upon Tractarian Theology

Author : William Simcox Bricknell
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Passion for Truth

Author : Rev. Fr. Juan R. Velez
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In "Passion for Truth", author and scholar Fr. Juan R. Vélez painstakingly uncovers the life and work of Blessed John Henry Newman. In the story of his early years, his family upbringing and university education, and through his vast correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues, Vélez acquaints us with Newman, the loyal friend, profound thinker, prolific writer, and holy priest. A true Catholic gentleman, who can be admired and loved by all who love the Truth.Newman was a talented but timid young man, who often doubted his own competence, but was to become one of the most influential teachers and writers of the 19th Century.Starting life as a devout and promising Anglican scholar, he finished the race a faithful and unwavering Catholic priest and Cardinal, to the disappointment of some of his closest friends and the great joy of many others.His prominent position as an Anglican clergyman and Oxford don made his long anticipated conversion the subject of great interest to many of his contemporaries and once he crossed over to Rome, many Anglicans followed his lead.His clarity of thought as a scholar was such as is hardly seen in contemporary society and was even growing rare in his own day.A relentless pursuit of wisdom did not allow him to simply store away his knowledge but urged him to conform his life to what was true wherever and whenever he discovered it. This passion for Truth did not always gain him friends, but it ultimately gained him what he valued above all else: a home in the True Church of Christ.

The South African church question The Grahamstown judgment Decision of the judicial committee of the Privy council in the appeal of Merriman v Williams Ed with an intr by C J Cooper

Author : Privy council judicial comm
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The Oxford History of Anglicanism Volume IV

Author : Jeremy Morris
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The Oxford History of Anglicanism is a major new and unprecedented international study of the identity and historical influence of one of the world's largest versions of Christianity. This global study of Anglicanism from the sixteenth century looks at how was Anglican identity constructed and contested at various periods since the sixteenth century; and what was its historical influence during the past six centuries. It explores not just the ecclesiastical and theological aspects of global Anglicanism, but also the political, social, economic, and cultural influences of this form of Christianity that has been historically significant in western culture, and a burgeoning force in non-western societies today. The chapters are written by international exports in their various historical fields which includes the most recent research in their areas, as well as original research. The series forms an invaluable reference for both scholars and interested non-specialists. Volume four of The Oxford History of Anglicanism explores Anglicanism examines the twentieth-century history of Anglicanism in North America, Britain and Ireland, and Australasia. A historiographical introduction provides insight into changing historical interpretation. The volume explores perspectives on secularization, decolonization, mission, and the theological identity of Anglicanism. It highlights the global communion's movement away from an Anglo-centric leadership and a British imperial legacy towards greater diversity and greater influence for the global south. Ten themed chapters open up complementary aspects of the history of Western Anglicanism, including theological development, social justice, women, human sexuality, ecumenical relations, mission and decolonization, war and peace, liturgical revision, sociological analysis, and the relationship of the church, state, and nationalism. A further section on institutional development looks at the history of communion-wide institutions in the twentieth century, and at changing ideas of Anglican identity. Later chapters survey the regional history of Western Anglicanism in three substantial chapters examining excessively Australia and New Zealand, North America, and the British Isles.

Tracts of the Anglican fathers

Author : Anglican fathers
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Tracts of the Anglican Fathers With Prefaces Signed C

Author :
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