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The Kaiser s Holocaust

Author : Casper Erichsen
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On 12 May 1883, the German flag was raised on the coast of South-West Africa, modern Namibia - the beginnings of Germany's African Empire. As colonial forces moved in , their ruthless punitive raids became an open war of extermination. Thousands of the indigenous people were killed or driven out into the desert to die. By 1905, the survivors were interned in concentration camps, and systematically starved and worked to death. Years later, the people and ideas that drove the ethnic cleansing of German South West Africa would influence the formation of the Nazi party. The Kaiser's Holocaust uncovers extraordinary links between the two regimes: their ideologies, personnel, even symbols and uniform. The Herero and Nama genocide was deliberately concealed for almost a century. Today, as the graves of the victims are uncovered, its re-emergence challenges the belief that Nazism was an aberration in European history. The Kaiser's Holocaust passionately narrates this harrowing story and explores one of the defining episodes of the twentieth century from a new angle. Moving, powerful and unforgettable, it is a story that needs to be told.

The Holocaust s Jewish Calendars

Author : Alan Rosen
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Calendars map time, shaping and delineating our experience of it. While the challenges to tracking Jewish conceptions of time during the Holocaust were substantial, Alan Rosen reveals that many took great risks to mark time within that vast upheaval. Rosen inventories and organizes Jewish calendars according to the wartime settings in which they were produced—from Jewish communities to ghettos and concentration camps. The calendars he considers reorient views of Jewish circumstances during the war and show how Jews were committed to fashioning traditional guides to daily life, even in the most extreme conditions. In a separate chapter, moreover, he elucidates how Holocaust-era diaries sometimes served as surrogate Jewish calendars. All in all, Rosen presents a revised idea of time, continuity, the sacred and the mundane, the ordinary and the extraordinary even when death and destruction were the order of the day. Rosen’s focus on the Jewish calendar—the ultimate symbol of continuity, as weekday follows weekday and Sabbath follows Sabbath—sheds new light on how Jews maintained connections to their way of conceiving time even within the cauldron of the Holocaust.

Wilhelm Hohenzollern the Last of the Kaisers

Author : Emil Ludwig
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Historical Dictionary of the Holocaust

Author : Jack R. Fischel
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Beginning with the roots of anti-Semitism in early Christian Europe, this book traces the evolution of the Jewish stereotype as the evil “other,” which culminated in Adolf Hitler’s war against the Jews, wherein he sought to eliminate through mass murder every Jewish man, woman and child. It includes most recent scholarship on the Holocaust which reflects the recent rise of Neo-Nazism, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia throughout the West, including the United States. This third edition of Historical Dictionary of the Holocaust contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 600 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, issues, and events that led to the murder of six-million Jews, and millions of other groups by Nazi Germany. This book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about the Holocaust.

Washington Conference on Holocaust era Assets November 30 December 3 1998

Author : Conference on Holocaust Era Assets
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Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust

Author :
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Germany s Genocide of the Herero

Author : Jeremy Sarkin-Hughes
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This study recounts the reasons why the order for the Herero genocide was very likely issued by the Kaiser himself, and why proof of this has not emerged before now.

The Holocaust Hitler and Nazi Germany

Author : Linda Jacobs Altman
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Describes the history of the Nazi era in Germany, including Adolf Hitler's rise to power and the many atrocities committed during the Holocaust.

People of the Holocaust

Author : Linda Schmittroth
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Profiles sixty women and men who were caught up in the Holocaust, including Nazi perpetrators and their victims, world leaders and policy makers, and those who showed their humanity and courage by resiting Hitler's reign of genocidal terror.

Remembering for the Future The impact of the Holocaust on the contemporary world

Author : Yehuda Bauer
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A collection of working papers and addresses discussed at the international interfaith conference Remembering for the Future: The Impact of the Holocaust and Genocide on Jews and Christians . This three-volume work representing the current state of Holocaust research, is an invaluable source for those involved in researching and teaching this and related subjects.The papers focus on two main themes: Jews and Christians during and after the Holocaust and The impact of the Holocaust on the contemporary world and represent the views of scholars from all over the world. It is intended that these volumes will be productive of new perspectives, new research, expanded sensitivity to fears and dangers experienced by many people and greater awareness in our cultures, religious faiths, scientific thinking and technological-managerial decision-making of actions that may have genocidal consequences.

The Holocaust

Author : William Hermanns
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The German Church Struggle and the Holocaust

Author : Franklin Hamlin Littell
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This is a volume of basic studies in Nazism. Contributors include Eberhard Bethge, Wilhelm Niemoller, Henry Friedlander, Elie Wiesel, and Theodore Gill.

The Holocaust Film Sourcebook Fiction

Author : Caroline Joan Picart
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A comprehensive filmography, listing fictional narrative films in the first volume and documentary and propaganda films in the second. The films - listed alphabetically - were produced in many different countries. The work lists films made during World War II and after (including Nazi films). Each entry provides bibliographic information, a summary of the story, and a list of primary and secondary sources. Each volume contains a few "spotlight essays". Partial contents:

The Holocaust and the German Elite

Author : Rainer C. Baum
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Reflects on the factors that determined both Germany's suicidal drive toward "empire building", i.e. toward the world war, and the Nazi policy of genocide. Argues that antisemitism by itself, or the psychopathologies of the perpetrators, as well as Hitler's dubious charisma and the German elites' doubtful ideological fervor, cannot explain the Holocaust. It was the moral indifference of the German elites that made the genocide possible. Reflects on the cultural and social sources of this national amorality. Its roots lie in the specific character of Germany's unification and industrialization in the late 19th century. The Wilhelmine Empire brought together dissimilar value communities, differing both from region to region and along class and status lines. The institutionalization of value dissensus, as well as the emergence of elite groups characterized by status insecurity (a result of rapid industrialization), brought about competition between elite groups, uncritical acceptance of work ethics, and the dehumanization of human beings in the perception of German bureaucracies.

Carbon Democracy

Author : Timothy Mitchell
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Carbon Democracy provides a unique examination of the relationship between oil and democracy. Interweaving the history of energy, political analysis, and economic theory, Mitchell targets conventional wisdom regarding energy and governance. Emphasizing how oil and democracy have intermixed, he argues that while coal provided the impetus for mass democracy, the shift to oil drastically limited democratic possibility; above all, the ability to confront contemporary ecological crises.

Seeds of the Holocaust

Author : Stanton Brody
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Genocide Before the Holocaust

Author : Cathie Carmichael
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This innovative and ambitious work is a systematic examination of the many instances of genocide that took place in the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century centuries that were precursors to the Holocaust. There is an appalling symmetry to the many instances of genocide that the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century world witnessed. In the wake of the break-up of the old Hapsburg, Ottoman and Romanov empires, minority populations throughout those lands were persecuted, expelled and eliminated. The reason for the deplorable decimations of communities - Jews in Imperial Russia and Ukraine, Ottoman Assyrians, Armenians and Muslims from the Caucasus and Balkans - was, Cathie Carmichael contends, located in the very roots of the new nation states arising from the imperial rubble. The question of who should be included in the nation, and which groups were now to be deemed 'suspect' or 'alien', was one that preoccupied and divided Europe long before the Holocaust. Examining all the major eliminations of communities in Europe up until 1941, Carmichael shows how hotbeds of nationalism, racism and developmentalism resulted in devastating manifestations of genocidal ideology. Dramatic, perceptive and poignant, this is the story of disappearing civilizations - precursors to one of humanity's worst atrocities, and part of the legacy of genocide in the modern world.

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust

Author : Israel Gutman
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Holocaust Commemorative

Author : 1939 Club
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The Holocaust and Anti semitism

Author : Frank Wesley
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In response to Daniel Goldhagen's "Hitler's Willing Executioners, " contends that the Nazi genocide and the wartime brutalities perpetrated against Jews cannot be attributed to an innate German antisemitism. In pre-Nazi Germany, antisemitism was not greater than in other countries. Although Hitler was a paranoiac antisemite, it was not his antisemitism which brought him electoral success. It was not only Jews who were victims of the Nazis and it was not only Germans who tortured Jews. The brutal camp guards were specially trained; they were not common Germans. Hitler failed to infect all Germans with his hatred of Jews. Dwells on the Nazis' terror and deception system, which facilitated their control over the Germans; it was this system, not innate German antisemitism, which stifled popular resistance to the Nazi genocidal program.