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Author : Pierre Berton
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A comprehensive history of the Klondike gold rush, including the hardships faced by the many who hoped to strike it rich, stories of colourful characters, and the contrast between the lawless frontier life on the American side of the border and the more peaceful Dawson City.

Gold Fever

Author : Rich Mole
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In 1897, tens of thousands of would-be prospectors flooded into the Yukon in search of instant wealth during the Klondike Gold Rush. In this historical tale of mayhem and obsession, characters like prospectors George Carmack and Skookum Jim, Skagway gangster Soapy Smith and Mountie Sam Steele come to life. Enduring savage weather, unforgiving terrain, violence and starvation, a lucky few made their fortune, and some just as quickly lost it. The lure of the North is still irresistible in this exciting account of a fabled era of Canadian history.

Call of the Klondike

Author : David Meissner
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As thousands head north in search of gold, Marshall Bond and Stanley Pearce join them, booking passage on a steamship bound for the Klondike goldfields. The journey is life threatening, but the two friends make it to Dawson City, in Canada, build a cabin, and meet Jack London—all the while searching for the ultimate reward: gold! A riveting, true, action-packed adventure, with their telegrams, diaries, and letters, as well as newspaper articles and photographs. An author's note, timeline, bibliography, and further resources encourage readers to dig deeper into the Gold Rush era. Call of the Klondike has been awarded the 2014 Golden Kite Award for Nonfiction.

The Klondike Gold Rush Steamers

Author : Robert D. Turner
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Now available from Harbour Publishing! A lavishly illustrated volume of Klondike frontier history.

Gold Rush Fever

Author : Barbara Greenwood
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The Klondike Gold Rush

Author : Jamie Aramini
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The Nature of Gold

Author : Kathryn Morse
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In 1896, a small group of prospectors discovered a stunningly rich pocket of gold at the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon rivers, and in the following two years thousands of individuals traveled to the area, hoping to find wealth in a rugged and challenging setting. Ever since that time, the Klondike Gold Rush - especially as portrayed in photographs of long lines of gold seekers marching up Chilkoot Pass - has had a hold on the popular imagination. In this first environmental history of the gold rush, Kathryn Morse describes how the miners got to the Klondike, the mining technologies they employed, and the complex networks by which they obtained food, clothing, and tools. She looks at the political and economic debates surrounding the valuation of gold and the emerging industrial economy that exploited its extraction in Alaska, and explores the ways in which a web of connections among America�s transportation, supply, and marketing industries linked miners to other industrial and agricultural laborers across the country. The profound economic and cultural transformations that supported the Alaska-Yukon gold rush ultimately reverberate to modern times. The story Morse tells is often narrated through the diaries and letters of the miners themselves. The daunting challenges of traveling, working, and surviving in the raw wilderness are illustrated not only by the miners� compelling accounts but by newspaper reports and advertisements. Seattle played a key role as �gateway to the Klondike.� A public relations campaign lured potential miners to the West and local businesses seized the opportunity to make large profits while thousands of gold seekers streamed through Seattle. The drama of the miners� journeys north, their trials along the gold creeks, and their encounters with an extreme climate will appeal not only to scholars of the western environment and of late-19th-century industrialism, but to readers interested in reliving the vivid adventure of the West�s last great gold rush.

Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush

Author : Peter Lourie
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Here is a compelling middle grade nonfiction tale of how one classic writer drew upon a rugged life of adventure to create works of literature, punctuated by stunning black-and-white art by Wendell Minor and illustrative photographic material. Swept up in the Gold Rush of 1897, young Jack London headed north to strike it rich in the Klondike and discovered something more precious than gold—the seeds of the stories that would flower into his classic novels The Call of the Wild and White Fang, and timeless short stories such as "To Build A Fire." This gripping tale follows London as he treks up the ruthless Chilkoot Trail, braves the lethal Whitehorse Rapids, survives a bad case of scurvy, and conquers many more dangers of the Yukon during his quest for gold. A Christy Ottaviano Book

Faith of Fools

Author : William Shape
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Discovered in a California flea market nearly a hundred years after the Klondike gold rush, William Shape's original journal and photographs give a very human dimension to the journey undertaken by vast hordes of prospectors who headed north in the late 1890s. Venturing into one of the most remote and inhospitable areas of North America, Shape recorded daily the hardships and dangers, along with the beauty and satisfaction of his 1897-98 trip. His journal and candid snapshots vividly recreated the frenzy that drew thousands of would-be prospectors to the frozen north. Faith of Fools provides a rare opportunity to live history in the first person, traveling to the gold fields with those ordinary prospectors who made that long, laborious trip.

Magnificence and Misery

Author : E. Hazard Wells
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Compiled from articles filed to The Cincinnati Post, personal letters and diaries of E. Hazard Wells, a young reporter sent out from Ohio in 1897 to cover the Klondike Gold Rush.

The Klondike Gold Rush

Author : Marc Tyler Nobleman
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Learn about the famous gold rush and its consequences.

Klondike Gold Rush Centennial Anthology

Author :
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Yukon Gold

Author : Charlotte Foltz Jones
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Recounts the quest for gold that took place in the late 1890s in the Klondike region of the Yukon Territory of northwestern Canada.


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A gripping and wholly original account of the epic human tragedy that was the great Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-98. One hundred thousand men and women rushed heedlessly north to make their fortunes; very few did, but many thousands of them died in the attempt. The electrifying announcement in 1897 that gold was to be found in wildly enriching quantities in the Klondike River region in remote Alaska was demonically well timed to attract an exodus of economically desperate Americans. Within weeks tens of thousands of them were embarking from western ports to throw themselves at some of the harshest terrain on the planet--in winter yet--woefully unprepared, with no experience at all in mining or mountaineering. It was a mass delusion that quickly proved deadly. Brian Castner tells the unvarnished yet always striking and often amazing truth of this greed fueled migration.

The Gold Rush Kid

Author : Mary Waldorf
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When 12-year-old Billy McGee’s mother dies suddenly of typhoid fever, he and his older sister, Edna, are faced with the unhappy prospect of getting sent to live with distant relatives. Instead, Edna disguises herself as a boy, and the two set out from their home in Skagway, Alaska, for the Yukon Territory. They know that plenty of adults, with all the right equipment and supplies, have attempted the grueling trek over the mountains to Canada and haven’t made it. But Billy and Ed are determined to find their pa, who left for the gold fields two weeks earlier. With the help of a young man named Jack and a dog named Persey, the McGees persevere and adjust to life on the gold rush trail. Prospecting for gold isn’t quite the grand adventure Billy imagined it would be, though. Survival in such an unforgiving environment demands sacrifices. And sometimes, those sacrifices can seem horribly unfair—like having to say goodbye to a beloved pet. This deftly drawn tale of grit, luck, and survival is full of seamlessly integrated details of the Klondike gold rush of the 1890s. Told with humor and suspense, here is a fast-paced, action-packed story that will captivate the imaginations of adventure and historical fiction fans alike.

We Were There in the Klondike Gold Rush

Author : Benjamin Appel
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A father and son go north with the Klondike gold rush of 1897 and, despite great hardships, manage to pan their fortune.

Aurore of the Yukon

Author : Keith Halliday
File Size : 84.98 MB
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"She's just a girl!" shouted Windy Bill. When Aurore hears these words, she knows notorious Alaskan bandit Soapy Smith is about to find out everything. How will she get her mother's money back now? How will she expose Soapy and his gang? How will she escape? Aurore, her mother and little brother have set off for Uncle Thibault's lodge in the Yukon after the death of Aurore's father, little knowing they are headed for the Klondike Gold Rush and the adventure of a lifetime. The hardships of the Chilkoot Trail. The roaring rapids of the Yukon River. The grasping greed of Soapy's gang. Aurore must dig deeper, think harder and be braver than she ever thought possible to show Soapy and his gang what a girl-and her new Tlingit friend Louise and a Yukon river boy named Kip-can do. "Well, she outsmarted you!" replied Soapy Smith with a snarl, opening the door to Aurore's hiding place Set in the historic Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, and inspired by a real girl's story, Aurore of the Yukon is an exciting adventure written to both entertain and educate young readers. Part of the MacBride Yukon Kids Series. "Real fun real history!"-Patricia Cunning, MacBride Museum

Gold in the Hills

Author : Candice F. Ransom
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When the magic spyglass transports Mattie, Alex, and Sophie Chapman to the Yukon Territory during the gold rush, they enlist the help of author Jack London to track down a boy's stolen sled dog.

The Klondike Gold Rush

Author : Charles River Charles River Editors
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*Includes pictures *Includes accounts of the gold rush written by participants *Includes a bibliography for further reading *Includes a table of contents "Alaska is the land of the Nineteenth Century Argonauts; and the Golden Fleece hidden away among its snowcapped and glacier-clad mountains is not the pretty creation of mythological fame, but yellow nuggets which may be transformed into the coin of the realm. The vast territory into which these hardy soldiers of fortune penetrate is no less replete with wonders than the fabled land into which Jason is said to have led his band of adventurers. There is this difference, however, between the frozen land of the North and the fabled land of mythology. There is nothing conjectural about Alaska or its golden treasure. Jason led his band into an unknown country without the certain knowledge that the treasure he was seeking was there." - A.C. Harris, author of Alaska and the Klondike Gold Mines (1897) One of the most important and memorable events of the United States' westward push across the frontier came with the discovery of gold in the lands that became California in January 1848. Located thousands of miles away from the country's power centers on the East Coast at the time, the announcement came a month before the Mexican-American War had ended, but it brought an influx of an estimated 90,000 "Forty-Niners" to the region in 1849, hailing from other parts of America and even as far away as Asia. All told, an estimated 300,000 people would come to California over the next few years, as men dangerously trekked thousands of miles in hopes of making a fortune, and in a span of months, San Francisco's population exploded, making it one of the first mining boomtowns to truly spring up in the West. This was a pattern that would repeat itself across the West anytime a mineral discovery was made, from the Southwest and Tombstone to the Dakotas and Deadwood. Of course, it was all made possible by the collective memory of the original California gold rush; when gold was discovered in the Yukon and Alaska almost 50 years after the rush in California, it drew tens of thousands of prospectors despite the unforgiving climate. Mineral resources had gone a long way in the United States acquiring Alaska a generation earlier, but the lack of transportation kept all but the most dedicated from venturing into the Yukon and Alaska until the announcement of the gold rush. For a few years, the attention turned to the Northwest, and thanks to vivid descriptions by writers like Jack London, the nation became intrigued with the idea of miners toughing out the winter conditions to find hidden gold. Of course, despite the mythology and the romantic portrayals that helped make the Klondike Gold Rush, most of the individuals who came to make a fortune struck out instead. The gold rush was a boon to business interests, which ensured important infrastructure developments like the railroad and the construction of westward paths, but ultimately, it also meant that big business reaped most of the profits associated with mining the gold. While the miners are often remembered for panning gold out of mountain streams, it required advanced mining technology for most to make a fortune. Nevertheless, the Klondike Gold Rush and other gold rushes were emblematic of the American Dream and the notion that Americans could obtain untold fortunes regardless of their previous social status. As historian H.W. Brands put it, "The old American Dream ... was the dream of the Puritans, of Benjamin Franklin's 'Poor Richard'... of men and women content to accumulate their modest fortunes a little at a time, year by year by year. The new dream was the dream of instant wealth, won in a twinkling by audacity and good luck...." While the gold rush may not have made every miner rich, the events still continue to influence the country's collective mentality.

Music of the Alaska Klondike Gold Rush

Author : Jean A. Murray
File Size : 30.74 MB
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"The heart of this book is the music talked about in diaries of the gold seekers"--p. xi.