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Knowledge of the Gods

Author : A. M. Muhammad
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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. We bear witness that Muhammad of 1400 years ago (PBUH) is Allah's last Prophet. Peace! Peace! I am Field Supreme Minister, Ali Mahdi Muhammad. Spiritual Leader of the New World Nation of Islam. The Field Supreme Staff was commissioned Saviour's Day, February 26, 1960. That was the same day that our Father, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad told tens of thousands of His followers and announced to the world that He, Elijah was Allah, God. He, Elijah said, "I have been made equal in knowledge with Allah. I control the winds and the seas. I have power over the sun, moon and stars. I have waited 379 years for this day." The Commissioning of the Field Supreme Staff was witnessed by twenty of the Nation of Islam's Ministers at the Minister's Meeting that day-Saviour's Day, 1960. When Elijah (My God, Your Messenger) said He is equal to Allah many people walked out of the auditorium. But we, the Field Staff believed every word he said. He began to teach us the secrets of God being among us and what we must do the build the House of Our Father's Desires. (1 Chronicles 28:5-15) We, the New World Nation of Islam, are the original followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We are that infant nation, a nation within a nation, born to build a New World. The History in this book is the True and Untold Story of the Nation of Islam by the people who actually lived it.

LIVING in the Knowledge of God s Word

Author : Anthony Harrison
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We as Christians can live victorious lives through God's Word. Victorious in the sense of positive living: accomplish goals in our lives, whether natural goals or spiritual goals. This can all be accomplished if we embrace God's Word. For the Christian, the Word of God is our life's blood. As Christians, our goal is to dwell (stay) with God forever. A holy conversation does not mean one says Jesus every other word. Holy conversations are uplifting. Our conversation should be reflective of what we believe. In other words, live what you preach or teach. It is the pleasure of the spirit of God (the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit) to lead and guide us into all truths (John 16:13). We as Christians can live victorious lives through God's Word. We can defeat the enemy. It comes from the Spirit and the knowledge of the Word of God.

Vol 1 Repentance The Doctrine of God and the Knowledge of Salvation in the Old Testament

Author : Ed Marr
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This work is written with a law enforcement officer?s investigative mindset and from the perspective of a prisoner.I discovered through a survey of Christian bookstores that no books were exclusively on or about repentance, but most only touched on the topic. The only author who had anything to say about repentance beyond a mere mention was Charles G. Finney in Finney?s Systematic Theology. This 600-page work transformed my thinking and influenced my investigation.This book discusses spiritual leadership without bashing any spiritual leader. It points out carnality without castigating any particular ministry or denomination. Hundreds of illustrations will familiarize the reader with revelations about repentance and carnality. These illustrations, like parables, contain revolutionary truths that are true to Scripture, reason, and life, so that Repentance: The Doctrine of God may become one harmonious revelation!Warning: As you read this book, you will encounter deep-seated carnality residing within the blackened depths of your soul, and it will not want to be exposed! But take heart?Almighty God will accompany you on this journey for the complete regeneration of your soul.

God and the Future

Author : Christiaan Mostert
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An introduction to the theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg.Pannenberg's extensive works, especially his recently published Systematic Theology, are increasingly regarded as of major importance. Professor Mostert here provides not only a general introduction to Pannenberg's theology, and many keys to enable the serious reader of theology to access Pannenberg's individual works, but also sets Pannenberg's complex thought in the broadest context of contemporary philosophical and theological thought.

Summa Theologiae Volume 4 Knowledge in God

Author : Thomas Aquinas
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Paperback reissue of one volume of the English Dominicans' Latin/English edition of Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologiae.

Divine Indwelling Key to the Wisdom Knowledge and Power of God from Within Man

Author : Bro. Josefino T. Rona
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If I have to write all the experiences and miracles in my life it would be volumes. All these miracles come from One Source: the power of DIVINE INDWELLING. These stories are not fictions. They are real experiences of miracles that made me write the book in order to share with people who with their FAITH can get into the Threshold of God's Presence within the soul and let the LIGHT of God's Power shine forth to drive evil away. The Truth is in the book. The Process, that even a little child can do, is in the book. But for one story among hundreds of stories, let me share this one. "A male teenager came to my office at midnight, trembling pale drunk high with drugs, carrying a knife urged by his hallucinations to kill someone, and that was me. I knew at that moment the Lord sent this poor guy to me to be healed by the power of God's Divine Indwelling. Gently yet carefully I led him to God's Presence within him, and with the power of the prayer of faith, Iby the power of God simply commanded the evil of drug addiction to leave. Right at that moment the guy was healed. The power of God in the soul of believers is truly REAL." As I said, I can share several stories of my experiences of miracles because of God's Divine Indwelling, the very "key that opens all the treasures of God's wisdom and knowledge" (Col 2:2-3) One who is serious in following what is written in this book can also see the experience of the power of God. Hence I wrote the book to help as many as are looking for hope and peace within them. Praise our awesome God.

God and Knowledge

Author : Nathaniel Gray Sutanto
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Nathaniel Gray Sutanto offers a fresh reading of Herman Bavinck's theological epistemology, and argues that his Trinitarian and organic worldview utilizes an extensive range of sources. Sutanto unfolds Bavinck's understanding of what he considered to be the two most important aspects of epistemology: the character of the sciences and the correspondence between subjects and objects. Writing at the heels of the European debates in the 19th and 20th century concerning theology's place in the academy, and rooted in historic Christian teachings, Sutanto demonstrates how Bavinck's argument remains fresh and provocative. This volume explores archival material and peripheral works translated for the first time in English. The author re-reads several key concepts, ranging from Organicism to the Absolute, and relates Bavinck's work to Thomas Aquinas, Eduard von Hartmann, and other thinkers. Sutanto applies this reading to current debates on the relationship between theology and philosophy, nature and grace, and the nature of knowing; and in doing so provides students and scholars with fresh methods of considering Orthodox and modern forms of thought, and their connection with each other.

Divine Science and the Science of God

Author : Victor Preller
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In this book, Victor Preller examines the logical status of religious language in the light of recent developments in American analytic philosophy. The problem inherent in religious language is presented in terms of the referential status of the word God. The author argues that the significance of any referential term is dependent upon the ability of that term to play a significant role 'within' a unified conceptual system. The problem is shown to transcend the epistemological dogmas of Positivism and Conceptual Empiricism and to be inherent in any intelligible epistemology, including that of Thomas Aquinas, whose theological treatises serve as a model of religious language for the thesis of this book. According to Professor Preller, Divine Science (Aquinas' term for what we now call Natural Theology) results from a reflection upon the limitations encountered by the intellect in its attempt to render intelligible the objects of human experience. In the Science of God (Aquinas' term for that mode of knowing engendered by faith), the unknown meta-empirical referent of Divine Science becomes the object of the human intellect. While this study develops out of the discussions inaugurated by Flew and McIntyre in 'New Essays in Philosophical Theology', it rejects the excessively empirical approach of most other studies in that tradition. It applies post-positivistic analysis to specifically Catholic theological language, but it obviously applies to the theological language involved in any form of theism.

The Mature Church

Author : Emmanuel D. Mbennah
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In this book, Emmanuel Mbennah argues that Christian spiritual maturity is the bridge between the new identity of the Christian, articulated in Ephesians 1-3, and the moral code of the Christian life commensurate with the new identity, presented in Ephesians 4:17--6:20. From an interpretation of Ephesians 4:13, Mbennah brings to the fore what Christian spiritual maturity is and why it is imperative. He argues that Ephesians 4:1-16 is about spiritual maturity, and not about Christian unity, except unity as a by-product of maturity. A case study in which the meaning of spiritual maturity is used as a critical standard to evaluate the spiritual maturity of a church in a particular context further clarifies the meaning of spiritual maturity and demonstrates what a sad state of immaturity a church could be in. Mbennah calls for the Church's return to the pursuit of maturity and a return to the subject in New Testament scholarship.

Theological Perspectives on God and Beauty

Author : Graham Ward
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Eminent theologians John Milbank, Graham Ward, and Edith Wyschogrod discuss aesthetics, placing radical orthodoxy in dialogue with postmodern theology.