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Pageants Parlors Pretty Women

Author : Blain Roberts
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Pageants, Parlors, and Pretty Women: Race and Beauty in the Twentieth-Century South

London Pageants

Author : John Gough Nichols
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The Moving Pageant

Author : Rick Allen
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The Moving Pageant is the first annotated anthology of writings on London street life. It comprises nearly one hundred extracts from over two centuries of literary life, including pieces by: * Alexander Pope * Jonathan Swift * Daniel Defoe * Samuel Johnson * Eliza Haywood * Horace Walpole * William Hazlitt * William Wordsworth * Charles Dickens * Flora Tristan * Edgar Allen Poe * Charlotte Bronte * Fyodor Dostoyevsky * Octavia Hill * Beatrice Potter * Henry James * Oscar Wilde * Arnold Bennett * Joseph Conrad * H.G. Wells The volume assembles a rich and varied selection of this abundance of writing, showing London as truly unique in its immensity, and, ultimately, supremely representative of our modern urban world in the making. The Moving Pageant comes complete with a superb editor's introduction, illustrations, and biographical and critical commentaries on each of the writers' entries. It also displays many genres and styles of writing, and includes street-ballads, music-hall songs, excerpts from novels, epic poems, and documentary accounts of riots and executions, as well as descriptions of state pageants and processions.

The Ladies Home Journal

Author :
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London pageants i Accounts of fifty five royal processions and entertainments in the city of London chiefly extracted from contemporary writers ii A bibliographical list of lord mayors pageants

Author : London pageants
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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

The Ladies Pageant

Author : Edward Verrall Lucas
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A collection of extracts concerning women.

The Beauty Pageant

Author : Danae Whyte
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Meet 13 year old Lillian (Lilly) Hill. She's adventurous, fun, and she's following God. With faith, courage, and friends, she is ready to ride the amazing roller coaster of life. In The Beauty Pageant, Lilly thought she was going to have a boring first month of summer vacation, but boring was quite the opposite of her fun-filled three weeks at The Dionne, as she along with forty-nine other girls her age prepare to take part in the Dream Girlz Beauty Pageant. In the first book of the Adventures of Lilly Series, Lilly's inner beauty shines brightly as she allows Jesus to shine through her to make a difference in the lives of her room-mates and Lilly will make a difference in your life too.

Restaging the Past

Author : Angela Bartie
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Restaging the Past is the first edited collection devoted to the study of historical pageants in Britain, ranging from their Edwardian origins to the present day. Across Britain in the twentieth century, people succumbed to ‘pageant fever’. Thousands dressed up in historical costumes and performed scenes from the history of the places where they lived, and hundreds of thousands more watched them. These pageants were one of the most significant aspects of popular engagement with the past between the 1900s and the 1970s: they took place in large cities, small towns and tiny villages, and engaged a whole range of different organised groups, including Women’s Institutes, political parties, schools, churches and youth organisations. Pageants were community events, bringing large numbers of people together in a shared celebration and performance of the past; they also involved many prominent novelists, professional historians and other writers, as well as featuring repeatedly in popular and highbrow literature. Although the pageant tradition has largely died out, it deserves to be acknowledged as a key aspect of community history during a period of great social and political change. Indeed, as this book shows, some traces of ‘pageant fever’ remain in evidence today.

Waterborne Pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance

Author : Margaret Shewring
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As the first book-length study of waterborne festivities in Renaissance and early modern Europe, this collection of essays draws on a rich array of sources, many previously un-researched, to explore aspects of scenography, choreography, music, fashion, painting, sculpture, architecture, stage-and personnel-management and urban planning as evinced in spectacles staged on water. Bodies of water in all their variety are explored here: seas, rivers, fountains, lakes and canals and flooded improvised locations within or adjacent to great buildings all provided stages for elaborate and costly performances, utilising the particular qualities of water to reflect light and distort sound. The volume encompasses festivals marking a wide range of occasions from the election of civic officials, the welcome of a monarch, an investiture or coronation, to ambassadorial visits or the arrival of a royal or ducal bride or bridegroom. Often taking the form of re-enactments of naval battles or legendary seaborne quests, these festivals seek to buttress civic and national pride, make claims to mastery over the sea and landscape, and explore the imaginative as well as practical life of performance space which has been a hallmark of the research and publication of this volume's honorand, J.R. (Ronnie) Mulryne.