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The Languages of China

Author : S. Robert Ramsey
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The description for this book, The Languages of China, will be forthcoming.

Chinese Language s

Author : Maria Kurpaska
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Trends in linguistics is a series of books that publishes state-of-the-art work on core areas of linguistics across theoretical frameworks as well as studies that provide new insights by building bridges to neighbouring fields such as neuroscience and cognitive science. The series considers itself a forum for cutting-edge research based on solid empirical data on language in its various manifestations, including sign languages. It regards linguistic variation in its synchronic and diachronic dimensions as well as in its social contexts as important sources of insight for a better understanding of the design of linguistic systems and the ecology and evolution of language. The book uncovers the role. The Great Dictionary of Modern Chinese Dialects plays in analyzing the spectrum of linguistic differentiation in China. The author starts by sketching the development and current state of Chinese dialectology and dialectal research. She then provides an analysis of the Dictionary and of the kind of information it contains. Looking at Chinese dialectology from a Western point of view, the author aims to understand and present the Chinese perspective.

The Languages of China Before the Chinese

Author : Albert Étienne Terrien De Lacouperie
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This Elibron Classics title is a reprint of the original edition published by David Nutt in London, 1887.

Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics 5 Volumes

Author : Rint Sybesma
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The Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics is the new reference work on all aspects of the languages of China and China s linguistic traditions, written and edited by the foremost scholars in the field."

Interrogative Strategies

Author : Tianhua Luo
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This book deals with how to ask questions in the languages of China. The syntactic, morphological, and lexical forms for distinguishing interrogatives take centre stage; intonation is also dealt with, but more peripherally than question particles, disjunctive and negative constructions, and word order. 140 languages spoken in China are covered coming from four major families: Sino-Tibetan, Altaic, Austronesian and Austro-Asiatic, accompanied by a few mixed languages. The approach is areal-typological, i.e. these focal languages are compared to the languages of the world as represented in typological samples, and within China areal patterns of the structural variables are examined. The book will be an indispensable reference for future work on interrogatives in a typological context and for areal studies of the language situation in China and more generally East Asia.

A Billion Voices

Author : William S.-Y. Wang
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This book gives an overview and discussion of the languages and peoples of China. The emphasis of this book is on Putonghua (i.e., Common Speech) which is the most wide spread varieties of the Chinese languages. It also provides discussions on other major dialects related to Putonghua, as well as some of the minority languages that belong to other language families, such as Altaic and Austric. Typically a Chinese community is characterized by several forms of speech: a local vernacular, a regional standard, and also variants with these two overlaid by a variety of national standards. The book offers some insightful remarks on the endangered languages of China, which are the inevitable victims of globalization. This observation is given an in-depth coverage on both the spoken languages, distinguished by their lexical tones, and written languages, well-known for their morphosyllabic orthography. This orthography has the unique distinction of being the oldest one currently in use in the world.

Rendering the Regional

Author : Edward M. Gunn
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For centuries the sub-national languages of China have been a fundamental feature in daily life and popular culture, while a standardized form of Mandarin has been adopted as the language of the state (including education). Suppressed during powerful movements to establish a modern, national culture, these local languages or dialects have nevertheless survived, and their resurgence in the media and literature has caused tensions to surface. Concerns for education, law, and commerce have all promoted a standard national language, yet, at the same time, as local societies have undergone massive transformations, the need to re-imagine communities has repeatedly challenged the adequacy of a single language to represent them. Moreover, local languages have been presented in dramatically different and conflicted roles--as symbols of the failure to assimilate to a cultural mainstream (which in turn may be parodied as contingent and inadequate) or asserting the identity of a community as a site of its own cultural production and not merely as a venue for transmitting a national culture. Acknowledging local language as authentic may also reveal cultural hegemonies within regions and contested versions of communities. This ground-breaking study surveys in detail the sweep of local languages in television, radio, film, and print culture of late twentieth-century mainland China, especially Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Chengdu, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Focusing on these regions, the analysis contrasts and compares these distinct communities to each other and to the ways in which they mediate culture as a national institution. It draws on a wide range of critical, cultural, and media studies and explores how varied genres

Language Contact and Change in Chinese

Author : Guangshun Cao
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The book sheds light on the fascinating evolution of contact-induced grammatical features in Chinese syntax. For more than two thousand years, Chinese has been in large scale language contact with languages such as Sanskrit, Mongolian, and Manchurian. Originally published in Chinese in renowned academic journals, the contributions are made available for the first time to the English speaking world.

The Chinese Language

Author : Daniel Kane
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The Chinese Language is a brief introduction to the main characteristics of Chinese, written to be accessible to beginning students as well as anyone with a general interest in Chinese language and culture. Not a language-learning title as such, The Chinese Language provides a demystifying overview of Chinese from a linguistic, historical and social perspective. Providing basic information such as where Chinese is spoken, the history and earliest written records, regional variations, and a description of the writing system, The Chinese Language provides an excellent starting point for anyone intrigued by the history and basics of Chinese language.

Ethnic Minority Languages in China

Author : Qingsheng Zhou
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This book describes and analyzes the situation of minority languages in China.

Space and Quantification in Languages of China

Author : Dan Xu
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This volume provides general linguists with new data and analysis on languages spoken in China regarding various aspects of space and quantification, using different approaches. Contributions by researchers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, the United States and Australia offer insights on aspects of language ranging from phonology and morphology to syntax and semantics, while the approaches vary from formal, historical, areal, typological, and cognitive linguistics to second language acquisition. After separate volumes on space and quantification in languages of China, the studies in this volume combine space and quantification to allow readers a view of the intersection of the two topics. Each article contributes to general linguistic knowledge while discussing a particular aspect of space or quantification in a particular language/dialect, offering new data and analysis from languages that are spoken in the same geographical area, and that belong to various language families that exist and evolve in close contact with one another.

Space in Languages of China

Author : Dan Xu
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Space has long been a popular topic in linguistic research. Numerous books on the subject have been published over the past decade. However, none of these books were based on linguistic data from Chinese and expressions of space in Chinese have been largely neglected in past research. In this volume, not only Mandarin Chinese (the standard language) is investigated; several other dialects, as well as a minority language of China and Chinese Sign Language are studied. Cross-linguistic, synchronic and diachronic approaches are used to investigate phenomena related to space. The authors of this book present different points of view on the expression of space in language and related theoretical issues. As the contributing scholars argue, Chinese shares many common features with other languages, but also presents some particular properties. Space is a topic that is both classical and modern, of enduring interest. These studies of space give insight into not only general linguistics but also other domains such as anthropology and psychology.

Plurality and Classifiers across Languages in China

Author : Dan Xu
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Plural marking, numeral classifiers and reduplication constitute the main means of quantification marking in the domain of grammar. The contributions in this book focus on the typological correlation between the three different strategies for quantification, as well as on some general issues. A better understanding of the quantification strategies in the languages of China will enrich our comprehension of human language and thought. The book is expected to have an impact on the study of linguistic typology, language contact, and patterns of the evolution.

Chinese Under Globalization

Author : Jin Liu
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The nine papers collected in this volume examine recent trends in language use in mainland China, and the associated social, economic, political, and cultural manifestations.


Author : Jerry Norman
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A study of the Chinese language, tracing its history from its beginings in the second millennium BC to the present day.

English as a Global Language in China

Author : Lin Pan
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This book offers insight into the spread and impact of English language education in China within China’s broader educational, social, economic and political changes. The author's critical perspective informs readers on the connections between language education and political ideologies in the context of globalizing China. The discussion of the implications concerning language education is of interest for current and future language policy makers, language educators and learners. Including both diachronic and synchronic accounts or China’s language education policy, this volume highlights how China as a modern nation-state has been seeking a more central position globally, and the role that English education and the promotion of such education played in that effort in recent decades.

Language Education in China Policy and Experience from 1949

Author : Agnes S.L. Lam
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Language Education in China: Policy and Experience from 1949 is unprecedented as a comprehensive study of the multilingual circumstances in China. It tracks policy changes in the learning of Chinese, foreign languages and minority ethnic languages in China since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. On the basis of survey and interview data, the experiences of different age cohorts of learners are presented as "windows" to the realities of language education policy implementation over the last half century. The effects of political changes, language backgrounds and various motivations for learning, at both the national and individual levels, are vividly presented in this composite story of China and learners in China.

The Ancestry of the Languages and Peoples of China

Author : Jiangping Kong
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The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Linguistics

Author : William S.-Y. Wang
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The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Linguistics offers a broad and comprehensive coverage of the entire field from a multi-disciplinary perspective. All chapters are contributed by leading scholars in their respective areas. This Handbook contains eight sections: history, languages and dialects, language contact, morphology, syntax, phonetics and phonology, socio-cultural aspects and neuro-psychological aspects. It provides not only a diachronic view of how languages evolve, but also a synchronic view of how languages in contact enrich each other by borrowing new words, calquing loan translation and even developing new syntactic structures. It also accompanies traditional linguistic studies of grammar and phonology with empirical evidence from psychology and neurocognitive sciences. In addition to research on the Chinese language and its major dialect groups, this handbook covers studies on sign languages and non-Chinese languages, such as the Austronesian languages spoken in Taiwan.

The historical evolution of Chinese languages and scripts

Author : Youguang Zhou
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