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The Karluk s Last Voyage

Author : Capt. Robert A. Bartlett
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“We did not all come back.” Thus begins the rare firsthand account of the extraordinary ordeal of the Karluk, the flagship of explorer Vilhjalmar Stefansson’s Arctic expedition of 1913-1916. When ice trapped the Karluk, Stefansson abandoned Captain Robert A. Bartlett and the crew—eleven of whom perished—to their fate. When the ice crushed the Karluk and sank her, Bartlett led the shipwrecked survivors safely to Wrangell Island. From there, with one Inuit companion, he journeyed across 700 miles of frozen seas and Siberian wilderness to return with rescuers. It is a feat that rivals Shackleton’s own celebrated efforts to seek for the crew of the Endurance.

The Karluk s Last Voyage

Author : Capt Robert Bartlett
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A riveting account of an early 20th century polar expedition by one of the greatest ice captains who ever lived.

The Karluk s Last Voyage

Author : Bob Bartlett
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Robert Bartlett, captain of the Karluk, tells how his ship became trapped in ice and how he and others journeyed to Siberia to find help.

Exploring Polar Frontiers

Author : William James Mills
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Presents a reference to the efforts of humans to conquer the North and South Poles, with more than 500 biographical, geographical, and subject entries; a chronology of expeditions; and maps, illustrations, and photographs.

Desperate Journeys Abandoned Souls

Author : Edward E. Leslie
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Explores the lives of survivors who were shipwrecked, banished, or abandoned during the past several centuries.

The Incredible Life of Hubert Wilkins

Author : Peter FitzSimons
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Sir Hubert Wilkins is one of the most remarkable Australians who ever lived. The son of pioneer pastoralists in South Australia, Hubert studied engineering before moving on to photography. In 1908 he sailed for England and a job producing films with the Gaumont Film Co. Brave and bold, he became a polar expeditioner, a brilliant war photographer, a spy in the Soviet Union, a pioneering aviator-navigator, a death-defying submariner - all while being an explorer and chronicler of the planet and its life forms that would do Vasco da Gama and Sir David Attenborough proud. As a WW1 photographer he was twice awarded the Military Cross for bravery under fire, the only Australian photographer in any war to be decorated. He explored the Antarctic with Sir Ernest Shackleton, led a groundbreaking ornithological study in Australia and was knighted in 1928 for his aviation exploits, but many more astounding achievements would follow. Wilkins' quest for knowledge and polar explorations were lifelong passions and his missions to polar regions aboard the submarine Nautilus the stuff of legend. With masterful storytelling skill, Peter FitzSimons illuminates the life of Hubert Wilkins and his incredible achievements. Thrills and spills, derring-do, new worlds discovered - this is the most unforgettable tale of the most extraordinary life lived by any Australian.

The Last Voyage of the Karluk

Author : William Laird McKinlay
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An astonishing narrative of disaster and perseverance, The Last Voyage of the Karluk will thrill readers of adventure classics like Into Thin Air and The Climb. In 1913, explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson hired William McKinlay to join the crew of the Karluk, the leading ship of his new Arctic expedition. Stefansson's mission was to chart the waters north of Alaska; yet the Karluk's crew was untrained, the ship was ill-suited to the icy conditions, and almost at once the Karluk was crushed-at which point Stefansson abandoned his crew to continue his journey on another ship. This is the only firsthand account of what followed: a nightmare struggle in which half the crew perished, one was mysteriously shot, and the rest were near death by the time of their rescue twelve months later. Written some sixty years after the fact, and drawing extensively on his own daily log, McKinlay's narrative of this doomed expedition is rendered with remarkable clarity of recollection, and with a combination of horror and a level of self-possession that, to modern eyes, may seem incredible. Like most of his companions, McKinlay was inexperienced, without a day's training in the skills essential to survival in the Arctic. Yet he and many of his fellow crewmen, with the help of an Eskimo family accustomed to such conditions, survived a year under the harshest of conditions, enduring 80-mile-per-hour gales and temperatures well below zero with only the barest of provisions and almost no hope of contact with civilization. Nearly a century later, this remains one of the most compelling survival stories ever written-an extraordinary testament to man's overpowering will to live.

Arctic Bibliography

Author : Arctic Institute of North America
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The Readers Advisory Guide to Nonfiction

Author : Neal Wyatt
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With a focus on eight catagories including memoir, sports, and true crime, a readers' advisory guide includes coverage of the major authors and works, popularity, and style.

Fighting to Survive the Polar Regions

Author : Michael Burgan
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