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The Late Republican Villa at Posto Francolise

Author : M. Aylwin Cotton
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Report on the 1962-5 excavations with full description of pottery and other finds.

Roman Italy

Author : Timothy W. Potter
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A survey of Italy during the time of ancient Rome that brings together evidence from literary sources, inscriptions, and findings from archaeological excavations.

Money in the Late Roman Republic

Author : David B. Hollander
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Like coinage, bullion, financial instruments and a variety of commodities played an important role in Rome's monetary system. This book examines how the availability of such assets affected the demand for coinage and the development of the late Republican economy.

From Vines to Wines in Classical Rome

Author : David L. Thurmond
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David L. Thurmond’s From Vines to Wines in Classical Rome is the first general handbook on winemaking in Rome in over 100 years.

A Companion to Roman Italy

Author : Alison E. Cooley
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A Companion to Roman Italy investigates the impactof Rome in all its forms—political, cultural, social, andeconomic—upon Italy’s various regions, as well as theextent to which unification occurred as Rome became the capital ofItaly. The collection presents new archaeological data relating to thesites of Roman Italy Contributions discuss new theories of how to understandcultural change in the Italian peninsula Combines detailed case-studies of particular sites withwider-ranging thematic chapters Leading contributors not only make accessible the most recentwork on Roman Italy, but also offer fresh insight on long standingdebates

Roman Villas in Central Italy

Author : Annalisa Marzano
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Drawing on documentary sources and archaeological evidence this book offers a socio-economic history of elite villas in Roman Central Italy and brings a new perspective to the debate on the slave-based villa system and the crisis of Italian villas in the imperial period.

A Companion to the Archaeology of the Roman Republic

Author : Jane DeRose Evans
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A Companion to the Archaeology of the Roman Republicoffers a diversity of perspectives to explore how differingapproaches and methodologies can contribute to a greaterunderstanding of the formation of the Roman Republic. Brings together the experiences and ideas of archaeologistsfrom around the world, with multiple backgrounds and areas ofinterest Offers a vibrant exploration of the ways in whicharchaeological methods can be used to explore different elements ofthe Roman Republican period Demonstrates that the Republic was not formed in a vacuum, butwas influenced by non-Latin-speaking cultures from throughout theMediterranean region Enables archaeological thinking in this area to be madeaccessible both to a more general audience and as a valuableaddition to existing discourse Investigates the archaeology of the Roman Republican periodwith reference to material culture, landscape, technology, identityand empire

Roman Art in the Private Sphere

Author : Elaine K. Gazda
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"This is a stimulating book and should be compulsory reading for all students of Roman art." ---Classical Review "For all the authors, attention to the ensemble, a sense of the relation between the formal and the iconographic, and the desire to historicize their material contribute to making this anthology unusual in its rigorous and creative attention to the way that art and architecture participate in the construction of the image of the Roman elite." ---Art Bulletin Roman Art in the Private Sphere presents an impressive case for the social and art historical importance of the paintings, mosaics, and sculptures that filled the private houses of the Roman elite. The six essays in this volume range from the first century B.C.E. to the fourth century C.E., and from the Italian peninsula to the Eastern Empire and North African provinces. The essays treat works of art that belonged to every major Roman housing type: the single-family atrium houses and the insula apartment blocks in Italian cities, the dramatically sited villas of the Campanian coast and countryside, and the palatial mansions of late antique provincial aristocrats. In a complementary fashion the essays consider domestic art in relation to questions of decorum, status, wealth, social privilege, and obligation. Patrons emerge as actively interested in the character of their surroundings; artists appear as responsive to the desire of their patrons. The evidence in private art of homosexual conduct in high society is also set forth. Originality of subject matter, sophisticated appreciation of stylistic and compositional nuance, and philosophical perceptions of the relationship of humanity and nature are among the themes that the essays explore. Together they demonstrate that Roman domestic art must be viewed on its own terms. Elaine K. Gazda is Professor of the History of Art and Curator of Hellenistic and Roman Antiquities at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan.

The Roman Villa

Author : Alfred Frazer
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This edited volume, based on the first Williams Symposium on Classical Architecture, held at the University of Pennsylvania in April 1990, focuses on the theme of the well-appointed Roman country house. Using archaeological and textual evidence, the chapters address issues of villa composition, economy, and society. The volume also explores the possible reasons that Greeks did not embrace the villa lifestyle as the Romans so eagerly did. Finally, this book provides a promising foundation for future studies of the nature of the villa phenomenon. Contributors: Lisa Fentress, Chrystina Häuber, Adolf Hoffmann, Ann Kuttner, Hans Lauter, Guy Metraux, Richard Neudecker, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill. Symposium Series 9 University Museum Monograph, 101

The Romans in the Age of Augustus

Author : Andrew Lintott
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Incorporating the most recent scholarship, this book offers afascinating history of Rome and the Roman peoples during the ruleof the first Roman emperor, Augustus. Written in an easily accessible style, making it the idealintroduction to Augustan Rome for those with little previousknowledge Offers compelling insight into the workings of Roman societyduring this pivotal period in its history Incorporates the most recent scholarship on aspects ofAugustus's reign including the armed forces, religion, andintellectual and cultural life Andrew Lintott is a widely respected expert on the RomanRepublic