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Lives behind the Laws

Author : Serena Connolly
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In this exploration of the administration of law and its role in the lives of ordinary people in the northern provinces of the Roman Empire, Serena Connolly draws upon a rich but little-known legal collection from the late 3rd century known as the Codex Hermogenianus. The codex is composed of imperial responses to petitions sent to Rome, written by a team of the emperor's legal experts. These petitions and responses provide a wealth of information about provincial legal administration and the lives of the non-elite petitioners. The man who prostituted his wife, the mother whose malicious son undersold her farm, and the slaves who posed as free men to get a loan are just a few of the lives to encounter. Lives behind the Laws makes a valuable contribution to Roman social, political, and legal history.

The Law Book

Author : DK
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Why do we need laws? What rights are protected by law? When was forensic evidence first used in court? This ebook explores big questions like these, explaining the laws and legal precedents, and religious, political, and moral codes that have shaped the world we live in. Written in plain English, The Law Book cuts through the legal jargon and is packed with pithy explanations of the most important milestones in legal history, with step-by-step diagrams and witty illustrations that untangle knotty concepts. From the earliest laws, such as the Code of Hammurabi, through groundbreaking legislation including Magna Carta and the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, The Law Book offers an engaging overview of legal history across the world all the way into the 21st century with copyright in the digital age, same-sex marriage, and the "right to be forgotten". Covering the fight for universal suffrage and workers' rights, and the establishment of international legal bodies like INTERPOL and the European Court of Justice, The Law Book explains the stories behind each milestone development. Continuing the "Big Ideas" series' trademark combination of authoritative, informative text, and bold graphics, The Law Book uses an innovative visual approach to make the subject accessible to everyone, whether you're a law student, a legal professional, or an armchair expert.

The Law Behind the Laws

Author : Jacob Neusner
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Laws of Evidence

Author : Thomas Buckles
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This book offers a general, yet substantive view of evidence law. Its chapters combine content with relevant cases, allowing readers to learn and analyze the legal reasoning and court decision-making process behind the laws. Written in a reader-friendly format, the chapters feature elements that enhance instruction and help readers develop essential skills. Exhibits and illustrations provide a visual connection to the material. Legal Research Using the Internet applications and Internet Icons alert readers to Web references and promote the use of web-based legal resources to strengthen technology skills. The appendix presents additional information on the court system and its procedures, giving an expanded overview of evidence law and its use in the legal process. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Legal Aspects of Special Education

Author : Kurt Hulett
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For every course in Special Education Law and Education Law, or as a perfect supplement to any Educational Administration course, Legal Aspects of Special Education was written by a practitioner to help teachers, administrators, and advocates understand special education law in everyday language– without excessive legalese or extraneous case law. Different in many ways from other special education law texts on the market, all of the elements of this text are intended to help its students obtain the most critical information about special education law and how it is applied in the real world. Some unique features include: a fascinating opening interview and then epilogue with Joe Ballard, a pioneer of the IDEA movement; a discussion of Response-to-Intervention (RTI) and the implication of IDEA 2004 for school districts; and a discussion of the history of special education and its link to the Civil Rights Movement. Additionally, the book provides case studies and application questions, critical thinking questions, the most current information on the laws including No Child Left Behind and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, and a discussion of major trends changing the laws, including that of autism.

The Laws Behind Advertising

Author : Aspatore Books Staff
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Looks at the issues companies face when preparing and launching an advertising campaign and provides an overview of the laws and regulations governing advertising communications, promotions, trademarks, and comparative ads.

Children Social Science and the Law

Author : Bette L. Bottoms
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This important book broadens our conceptualization of the topic of children and law, addressing a wide-ranging set of issues in need of attention. The authors confront many difficult questions such as: Are the rights that our nation s laws ascribe to children commensurate with their capabilities and needs? How should laws governing the punishment of crime acknowledge developmental differences between adult and juvenile offenders? Throughout the book, the authors consider (a) current laws and policies relating to children; (b) how social science research can test assumptions behind child-relevant laws and policies; (c) ways that courts can become more receptive to social science recommendations; and (d) challenges faced in the 21st century as our society continues its struggle to accommodate children s concerns within our legal system. With its unique integration of psychological research, social policy, and legal analysis, the volume is an important resource for any professional concerned with children and the law.

Private Law in China and Taiwan

Author : Yun-chien Chang
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"This book explores the evolution of property, contract, tort, and business organization laws in China and Taiwan. Given the drastic changes in the two jurisdictions in recent decades, the book covers not only the current law, but also how these laws evolved into their current forms. Moreover, this book not restates black-letter laws, but also offers economic analysis of the driving force behind the legal evolution and examines whether the legal changes are economically efficient. Given China's dazzling economic development in the past three decades, few would question the importance of studying China, particularly the four basic legal fields that will shape the future of the Chinese regime and greatly affect the interest of foreign investors. Why Taiwan? To put China's legal changes in context, one has to find a proper benchmark. Hong Kong and Singapore are ruled by Chinese people, but their laws are fundamentally shaped by English common law, and they are both much smaller than Taiwan. Macao is in a similar situation, except that it has imported Portuguese law, which has hardly any influence on laws in China. By contrast, in the property, contract, and tort laws of China and Taiwan, the doctrinal structures are both civil-law, whereas in business organization law, the U.S. law is the main inspiration. Moreover, in many ways, private laws in China and Taiwan are heavily influenced by German jurisprudence, making the comparison even more meaningful. There is also strong evidence that Chinese scholars and legislature, in formulating these four areas of laws, widely consult laws and legal scholarship in Taiwan"--

Behind the Veil

Author : Neville Cox
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Since the early 2010s, an increasing number of European countries have passed laws that prohibit the wearing of various kinds of Islamic veil in particular circumstances. This insightful book considers the arguments used to justify such laws and analyses the legitimacy of these arguments both generally and in regards to whether such laws can be seen as justified interferences with the rights of women who wish to wear such garments.This timely book considers the most recently passed European laws that target Islamic veiling. The author situates the justifications for anti-veiling laws in the context of a careful analysis of the reasons why women wear veils, and considers these justifications by reference to emerging debates surrounding the relative value of liberalism and human rights, multiculturalism, and the need to protect 'traditional values'. The book concludes that these laws are best viewed as symbolic strikes at a recognizable symbol of an ideological opponent, theorising that their principal purpose is to enable particular countries to reaffirm traditional values in a context of increased domestic opposition to multiculturalism. This engaging work will be valuable reading for students and scholars of human rights law, Islamic law and those interested specifically in the laws and regulations surrounding Islamic veiling around the world.

The Law of Creation

Author : Steve Webster
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For the first time ever this book explains the physics and the science of why and how the laws of creation work. When you know how these laws work, you have (or gain) the ability to create everything you desire. As we go about our daily lives, we seek out knowledge; we try to improve our lives, and obtain more joy, happiness and purpose. That knowledge resides within us, but we remain 'unconnected' to it. The Law of Creation explains the 18 Laws, and the link and balance between them. You will be reconnected to your absolute ability to create your life. This book will teach you how to:- create your life- change your circumstances- manifest abundance- emit and absorb joy- develop harmonious bonds with family and friends- establish meaningful relationships with your significant others- emanate love - establish purposeWe all have this ability to create, you are doing it right now. Mostly you create what you don't want. Now you can create what you do want! This knowledge is in every one of us, it is part of who we are.You cannot know the contents of this book and fail to be an abundance machine.

The Science Behind The Secret

Author : Travis Taylor
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We Create Our Own Relaity and Science Says It’s True! The Laws of Attraction Do Exist and are Explained in Layman’s Terms by a NASA Scientist. With an Introduction by John Edward. For over forty years, writers have described and pondered the aspects of The Law of Attraction in works such as The Power of Positive Thinking, Creative Visualization and the phenomenal best seller, The Secret. Millions of copies of books on this subject have been sold in just the past two years. Now, Dr. Travis S. Taylor connects these visionary concepts to modern physics, and in The Science Behind The Secret shows that with every thought we have we are creating our own reality; and that we can control our own realities if we learn how through The Science Behind The Secret! Dr. Taylor, a scientist, engineer and science fiction writer who has studied the esoteric nature of quantum physics and the universe, takes the reader on an eye-opening journey of understanding this theory. Through modern quantum physics, Dr. Taylor shows that The Secret is actually a restatement of the accepted physical models of quantum coherence and entanglement. The Science Behind The Secret explains these advanced scientific concepts through popular culture references, science fiction examples, philosophy discussions, self-help stories, and literary anecdotes in an amusing way that only a skeptical Southern scientist could.

Medieval Women and the Law

Author : Noël James Menuge
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Determined and largely successful effort to read behind and alongside legal discourses to discover women's voices and women's feelings. It adds usefully to the wider debate on women's role in medieval society. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW What is really new here is the ways in which the authors approach the history of the law: they use some decidedly non-legal texts to examine legal history; they bring together historical and literary sources; and they debunk the view that medieval laws had little to say about women or that medieval women had little legal agency. ALBION The legal position of the late medieval woman has been much neglected, and it is this gap which the essays collected here seek to fill. They explore the ways in which women of all ages and stations during the late middle ages (c.1300-c.1500) could legally shift for themselves, and how and where they did so. Particular topics discussed include the making of wills, the age of consent, rights concerning marriage, care, custody and guardianship (with particular emphasis on the rights of a mother attempting to gain custody of her own children within the court system), women as traders, women as criminals, prostitution, the rights of battered women within the courts, the procedures women had to go through to gain legal redress and access, rape, and women within guilds. NOEL JAMES MENUGE gained her Ph.D. from the Centre of Medieval Studies at the University of York. Contributors: P.J.P. GOLDBERG, VICTORIA THOMPSON, JENNIFER SMITH, CORDELIA BEATTIE, KATHERINE J. LEWIS, NOEL JAMES MENUGE, CORINNE SAUNDERS, KIM M. PHILLIPS, EMMA HAWKES

Comparative Legal Traditions

Author : Mary Ann Glendon
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The Concept of Scientific Law in the Philosophy of Science and Epistemology

Author : Igor Hanzel
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The author argues that a reconstruction of scientific laws should give an account of laws relating phenomena to underlying mechanisms generating them, as well as of laws relating this mechanism to its inherent capacities. While contemporary philosophy of science deals only with the former, the author provides the concept for the reconstruction of scientific laws, where the knowledge of the phenomena enables one to grasp the quantity of their cause. He then provides the concepts for scientific laws dealing with the relation of the quantity and quality of the cause underlying phenomena to the quality and quantity of its capacities. Finally, he provides concepts for scientific laws expressing how a certain cause, due to the quantity and quality of its capacities, generates the quantitative and qualitative determinations of its manifestations. The book is intended for philosophers of science and philosophers of social science, as well as for natural and social scientists.

The Standardization of Law and Its Effect on Developing Economies

Author : Katharina Pistor
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A widely used tool in law and development programmes is the supply of well-designed laws from the outside. This method of law development has now been embraced by international organizations as a way to improve the legal framework for global markets. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has endorsed attempts by various organizations to develop legal standards with special emphasis on corporate and financial institution laws. The common idea behind these attempts is that the supplied laws once incorporated into domestic legal systems will improve the existing legal framework, and thus further economic development. This paper takes issue with this concept of law development. It argues that for developing effective legal systems, the contents of the supplied laws is of only secondary importance to the process of law development and the compatibility of the new laws with pre-existing conditions, including existing legislation and legal institutions. Three factors account for this: (i) only a few rules are freestanding, i.e. can be fully understood and enforced without reference to other legal terms and concepts; (ii) law is a cognitive institution, and the application and enforcement of rules is determined by the perception of new rules by users and enforcers in the receiving country; and (iii) effective law enforcement is a function of the extent of voluntary compliance and available resources in a given country. A closer analysis of the rules whose standardization is currently proposed for building an international financial architecture shows that the implementation of these standards and their effectuation will require more efforts by the law receiving countries than underwriting them, if the goals of standardizing the law are to be achieved. The paper discusses the implications for countries wishing to attract foreign investments by adopting the new standards, and makes some proposals for creating more effective legal systems in the area of financial law.

Examples Explanations for Conflict of Laws

Author : Michael H. Hoffheimer
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A favorite among successful students, and often recommended by professors, the unique Examples & Explanations series gives you extremely clear introductions to concepts followed by realistic examples that mirror those presented in the classroom throughout the semester. Use at the beginning and midway through the semester to deepen your understanding through clear explanations, corresponding hypothetical fact patterns, and analysis. Then use to study for finals by reviewing the hypotheticals as well as the structure and reasoning behind the accompanying analysis. Designed to complement your casebook, the trusted Examples & Explanations titles get right to the point in a conversational, often humorous style that helps you learn the material each step of the way and prepare for the exam at the end of the course. Clear, informal, and even humorous, Examples & Explanations: Conflicts of Law, 3E, explores all of the topics covered in Conflicts courses, including personal jurisdiction and the Erie doctrine. It provides full treatment of traditional and modern approaches to choice of law and proof of law, with up-to-date coverage of constitutional limits. Big-picture overviews and accurate statement rules are reinforced with concrete examples and test-taking tips. The powerful Examples & Explanations pedagogy works especially well for Conflict of Laws where students gain understanding of rules and policies by applying them to new fact patterns. Summaries of leading cases found in most casebooks and a modular organization allows easy adaptation to any course. The Third Edition adds new Supreme Court decisions, provides a new chapter on transfers and forum non conveniens, and adds coverage of the new European Union rules on inheritance and wills. Features: Updated coverage of marriage and constitutional rights after Obergefell decision legalizing same-sex marriage. Eliminates consideration of authorities and policy debates that are dated or inaccurate after Obergefell. Revises personal jurisdiction chapters adding Supreme Court cases clarifying general jurisdiction based on significant contacts. Adds chapter on transfer and forum non conveniens discussing Supreme Court cases. Revises explanations to incorporate latest law from appellate courts.

Law and Economics

Author : Werner Zvi Hirsch
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Since the publication of the second edition of Law and Economics in 1988, there have been major developments in economics, jurisprudence, and in the field of law and economics. These changes are reflected in the updated and improved Third Edition. About 30% of the material in the new edition is different. The reader will find that the book incorporates recent scholarly contributions and court rulings on, for example, the Takings Clause of the constitution, the high-tech communication revolution in determining what constitutes a legal contract, no-fault insurance and its economic effects, and empirical cost-benefit analysis of environmental laws. Moreover, attention is paid to recent developments in anti-monopoly law as applied to high-tech information and communication firms. Students in management, policy, law, economics, and business programs, as well as law professionals, find the new edition of Law and Economics has kept up with the changing economic and legal climate. Key Features * Features new examinations of the takings clause of the Constitution, contract law, and tort law * Includes new cost-benefit analyses in chapters on criminal law and environmental law * Offers new insights into anti-monopoly laws, especially policies concerning high-tech industries

Autonomous Vehicles and the Law

Author : Hannah Y. F. Lim
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Autonomous vehicles have attracted a great deal of attention in the media, however there are some inconsistencies between the perception of autonomous vehicles' capabilities and their actual functions. This book provides an accessible explanation of how autonomous vehicles function, suggesting appropriate regulatory responses to the existing and emerging technology.Hannah YeeFen Lim explores the current capabilities of autonomous vehicles and importantly, highlights their inherent limitations. Lim provides a concise and easy to follow overview of the technology behind autonomous vehicles which encompasses hardware and software aspects, including machine learning algorithms. Having laid the technical foundation, the following chapters assess the current legal standards in negligence law that are applicable to autonomous vehicles taking the current technical limitations of the vehicles into account. Lim concludes by exploring the ethical issues associated with autonomous vehicles and proposes appropriate regulatory approaches. This book will be of great value to policy makers seeking a deeper understanding of the technology behind autonomous vehicles in order to inform and guide the development of laws and regulations. Legal practitioners will benefit from the discussion of recent use cases and applicable negligence law. Legal scholars researching artificial intelligence will also find the author's easy to understand technical explanations and discourse on ethical considerations invaluable.

The Transformation of Family Law

Author : Mary Ann Glendon
File Size : 22.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mary Ann Glendon offers a comparative and historical analysis of rapid and profound changes in the legal system beginning in the 1960s in England, France, West Germany, Sweden, and the United States, while bringing new and insightful interpretation and critical thought to bear on the explosion of legislation in the last decade. "Glendon is generally acknowledged to be the premier comparative law scholar in the area of family law. This volume, which offers an analytical survey of the changes in family law over the past twenty-five years, will burnish that reputation. Essential reading for anyone interested in evaluating the major changes that occurred in the law of the family. . . . [And] of serious interest to those in the social sciences as well."—James B. Boskey, Law Books in Review "Poses important questions and supplies rich detail."—Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, Texas Law Review "An impressive scholarly documentation of the legal changes that comprise the development of a conjugally-centered family system."—Debra Friedman, Contemporary Sociology "She has painted a portrait of the family in which we recognize not only ourselves but also unremembered ideological forefathers. . . . It sends our thoughts out into unexpected adventures."—Inga Markovits, Michigan Law Review

World War II Law and Lawyers

Author : Thomas J. Shaw
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The Second World War saw the rise not only of new technologies, new freedoms, new terrors, and a new world order, but of new legal issues. This book takes a global perspective in looking at the legal situations in seven major countries affected by the war. Fifty legal issues are identified from the war, ranging from subverting the judiciary and creating a divine military to economic and social issues to genocide and nuclear weapons. And more than 300 lawyers and judges, from more than 20 countries around the world, are brought to life. Whether you want to read this book to gain a global perspective to WWII legal issues or gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal issues involved this book has something for everyone, lawyer, history buff, or general reader.