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The Legacy of Sandor Ferenczi

Author : Adrienne Harris
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Winner of the 2016 Gradiva Award for Edited Book The Legacy of Sándor Ferenczi, first published in 1993 & edited by Lewis Aron & Adrienne Harris, was one of the first books to examine Ferenczi’s invaluable contributions to psychoanalysis and his continuing influence on contemporary clinicians and scholars. Building on that pioneering work, The Legacy of Sándor Ferenczi: From Ghost to Ancestor brings together leading international Ferenczi scholars to report on previously unavailable data about Ferenczi and his professional descendants. Many—including Sigmund Freud himself—considered Sándor Ferenczi to be Freud’s most gifted patient and protégé. For a large part of his career, Ferenczi was almost as well known, influential, and sought after as a psychoanalyst, teacher and lecturer as Freud himself. Later, irreconcilable differences between Freud, his followers and Ferenzi meant that many of his writings were withheld from translation or otherwise stifled, and he was accused of being mentally ill and shunned. In this book, Harris and Kuchuck explore how newly discovered historical and theoretical material has returned Ferenczi to a place of theoretical legitimacy and prominence. His work continues to influence both psychoanalytic theory and practice, and covers many major contemporary psychoanalytic topics such as process, metapsychology, character structure, trauma, sexuality, and social and progressive aspects of psychoanalytic work. Among other historical and scholarly contributions, this book demonstrates the direct link between Ferenczi’s pioneering work and subsequent psychoanalytic innovations. With rich clinical vignettes, newly unearthed historical data, and contemporary theoretical explorations, it will be of great interest and use to clinicians of all theoretical stripes, as well as scholars and historians.

The Sandor Ferenczi Georg Groddeck Correspondence 1921 1933

Author : Sándor Ferenczi
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This is the correspondence between two physicians and psychoanalysts from the circle of Sigmund Freud, a correspondence ended only by the death of Ferenzci in 1933. The letters, largely those of Ferenczi (as few of Groddeck's have been preserved), bear witness to the friendship of two men who made so many original contributions to psychoanalysis, and at the same time reflect the history of psychoanalysis. They met in the summer of 1921, when Ferenczi was taking a cure at the Sanatorium in Baden Baden and Groddeck was his doctor, and they soon became friends. Their correspondence is personal and intimate, and shows us two highly individual personalities.

S ndor Ferenczi

Author : Arnold W. Rachman
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Interpersonal, object relations, and self psychology owe a debt to Sandor Ferenczi, the father of active and humanistic approach to therapy. Before Freud suppressed his radical ideas, Ferenczi made great progress in formulating new techniques to treat difficult-to-reach patients, such as people with character disorders, borderline conditions, and incest survivors. With this book, Rachman gives contemporary therapists what has been denied them: access to Ferenczi as a role model for working flexibly, creatively, and innovatively with diverse patients.

The Modernity of S ndor Ferenczi

Author : Thierry Bokanowski
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The Modernity of Sándor Ferenczi provides a concise yet thorough overview of the life and work of Sandor Ferenczi. It seeks to help make his thought and work better known, as a controversial pioneering psychoanalyst whose importance to psychoanalysis has sometimes been wrongfully neglected and relegated to backstage. Including excerpts from his most important papers, this book gives the reader a clear guide to the major tenets of Ferenczi’s work, the psychoanalytic context in which his significant achievements occurred, and the continued importance of his work for contemporary psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice. Thierry Bokanowski examines Ferenczi’s work in three main stages: 1. A first period of contribution to Freud’s work (1908-1914) 2. A second period of the deployment of Ferenczi’s own thought and work (1914-1925) 3. A third period of calling concepts into question and advancing new concepts (1926-1933) Bokanowski offers a detailed analysis of these three periods, illustrating them vividly by analysing Ferenczi’s numerous and very famous articles or books during these periods in a way that allows his very original way of thinking to unfold. He then examines at the theoretical level the heritage of Ferenczi’s hypotheses developed across these three time spans. Covering Ferenczi’s relationship with Freud and with other early psychoanalysts, and his role in formulating well-established concepts such as introjection, countertransference and narcissistic splitting, The Modernity of Sándor Ferenczi provides an essential and accessible read for any student or clinician of psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy seeking to apply Ferenczi’s work in the present and understand the historical development of psychoanalytic ideas.

The Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and S ndor Ferenczi 1920 1933

Author : Sigmund Freud
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This third and final volume of the correspondence between the founder of psychoanalysis and one of his most colorful disciples brings to a close Sandor Ferenczi's life and the story of one of the most important friendships in the history of psychoanalysis. This volume spans a turbulent period, beginning with the unification of the psychoanalytic branch societies under the umbrella of the International Psychoanalytic Association. In 1923 the controversy over Otto Rank's The Trauma of Birth erupted. Ferenczi had worked closely with Rank, and the exchange of letters in which Freud and Ferenczi come to grips with their understanding of Rank is emotionally intense. In 1926 Ferenczi gave a series of lectures on psychoanalysis in New York and became embroiled in a bitter controversy with American analysts over the practice of lay analysis, which eventually threatened to disrupt the unity of the International Association. Like Freud, Ferenczi supported lay analysis, but on his return from America his relationship with Freud deteriorated as Freud became increasingly critical of his theoretical and clinical innovations. Their troubled friendship was complicated still further by ill health -- Freud's cancer of the jaw and the pernicious anemia that finally killed Ferenczi in 1933. The controversies between Freud and Ferenczi continue to this day, as psychoanalysts reassess Ferenczi's innovations and increasingly challenge the allegations of mental illness leveled against him after his death by Freud and Ernest Jones. The correspondence, now published in its entirety, will deepen understanding of these issues and of the history of psychoanalysis as a whole.

Selected Writings

Author : Sándor Ferenczi
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A selection from the adventurous, fascinating and sometimes disconcerting writings of Sandor Ferenczi. Although over half a century has passed since his death, there is not much in the way of recent ideas about psychotherapy technique that he did not anticipate. For years Ferenczi remained one of Freud's most intimate collaborators, despite their difficulties toward the end of both their lives.


Author : Shoshana Ringel
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Contemporary Directions in Trauma is a new text for courses on trauma and working with vulnerable populations. Trauma has evolved as a field over the past few decades. What began as focusing on childhood trauma, sexual abuse and PTSD, has now broadened much further to include other definitions such as terrorism, natural disasters, school shootings and more. This book unifies the various approaches for assessing trauma in one volume.

Creative Dissent

Author : Alan Roland
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Presents new viewpoints that challenge aspects of the status quo in the psychoanalytic field.


Author :
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Individuation in Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Author : Thomas Jordan (Ph.D.)
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Jordan, a practicing psychoanalyst, explores the question: where is the individual in psychoanalytic theory and methodology? He argues that psychological individuation is the primary therapeutic experience of psychoanalysis, and in the process provides historical, anecdotal, and theoretical evidence to support his thesis. He examines themes such as psychological representation; individuality on a number of levels, including the unconscious and in interpersonal relationships; the individuation of psychoanalysis; and the ways that psychoanalysis can foster individuation.

Free Associations

Author :
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Isis Cumulative Bibliography

Author : Magda Whitrow
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Isis Cumulative Bibliography 1986 1995

Author : John Neu
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Understanding Dissidence and Controversy in the History of Psychoanalysis

Author : Martin S. Bergmann
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Dissidence and controversy have been an integral part of the history of psychoanalysis, at times causing pain, disappointment, and shame to its adherents. The seemingly endless dissent has evoked derision and thrown doubt on the validity of the findings of psychoanalysis. Now, for the first time, a number of distinguished psychoanalysts have met to try and understand this phenomenon. This volume, the collected proceedings of a single landmark conference, is a major contribution to the understanding not only of the history and nature of psychoanalysis, but also to the history of the ideas that shaped the twentieth century. essay by Martin S. Bergmann, which brings together the significant ideas of major dissidents in the psychoanalytic movement. Bergmann's discussion of dissidence in a historical sequence results in a panoramic view of the interactions between mainstream psychoanalysis and its discontents that provides a comprehensive look at the movement across several decades. The second part of the book is comprised of written responses to Dr. Bergmann's essay by Andre Green, Otto Kernberg, Anton Kris, Harold Blum, Jill Savage Scharff, Robert Wallerstein, and Elisabeth Young-Bruehl. analysts named above as well as William Grossman, Peter Neubauer, Henry Nunberg, and Mortimer Ostow that touches on such wide-ranging topics as: the reasons for vehement disagreement among psychoanalytic schools, how dissidence should be taught in psychoanalytic training, the question of what is at the heart of psychoanalysis, the libido as pleasure-seeking and object-seeking, the limitations of psychoanalysis, the relationship between psychoanalysis and drug therapy, and psychoanalysis as science and as ideology. This singular volume illuminates issues that are some of the most troublesome and urgent among leading psychoanalysts today.

American Journal of Psychotherapy

Author :
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Includes reviews and abstracts.

The Memory Wars

Author : Frederick C. Crews
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This volume contains two essays by Frederick Crews attacking Freudian psychoanalysis and its aftermath in the so-called recovered memory movement. The first essay reviews a growing body of evidence indicating that Freud doctored his data and manipulated his colleagues in an effort to consolidate a cult-life following that would neither defy nor upstage him. The second essay challenges the scientific and therapeutic claims of the rapidly growing recovered-memory movement, maintaining that its social effects have been devestating.

Budapest Review of Books

Author :
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Relational Psychoanalysis Innovation and expansion

Author : Stephen A. Mitchell
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"Over the course of the past 15 years, there has been a vast sea change in American psychoanalysis. It takes the form of a broad movement away from classical psychoanalytic theorizing grounded in Freud's drive theory toward models of mind and development grounded in object relations concepts. In clinical practice as well there has been a corresponding movement away from the classical principles of neutrality, abstinence, and anonymity toward an interactive vision of the analytic situation that places the analytic relationship, with its powerful, reciprocal affective currents, in the foreground." "The wellspring of these innovations is the work of a group of psychoanalysts who have struggled to integrate aspects of interpersonal psychoanalysis, various British object relations theories, and psychoanalytic feminism." "Relational Psychoanalysis: The Emergence of a Tradition brings together for the first time the seminal papers of the major authors within this tradition. Each paper is accompanied by an introduction in which the editors place it in its historical context and by a new afterword in which the author suggests subsequent developments in his or her thinking. This book is an invaluable resource for any clinical practitioner, teacher, or student of psychoanalysis interested in exploring the exciting developments of recent years."--Jacket.

On the Freud Watch

Author : Paul Roazen
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This book opens and closes with autobiographical pieces, but as a whole it reflects an intensely personal account of how Paul Roazen became known as a "controversial" figure within psychoanalysis. The Introduction deals with Roazen's experiences attending clinical case conferences at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center in 1964-65, and what he learned about psychoanalytic psychology there. One chapter deals with a particular psychological explanation that his friend Charles Rycroft offered for why psychoanalysts are characteristically anti-historical. Another chapter discusses Roazen's take on the problem of Freud's analysis of his daughter Anna, a matter Roazen first brought to light in 1969. The book concludes with a discussion of how Roazen thinks Freud's concept of neurosis was intended to convey his understanding of a specifically human privilege. The short epilogue closes with a personal account of the significance of a small beach in Roazen's childhood.

To Redeem One Person is to Redeem the World

Author : Gail A. Hornstein
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The first full account of the great therapist's life explores her controversial career and lifestyle, including her complicated marriage to Eric Fromm and her daring escape from Nazi Germany. 17,500 first printing.