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The Life and Actions of Alexander the Great

Author : John Williams
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The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

Author : Library of Congress
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Dictionary Catalog of the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library 1911 1971

Author : New York Public Library. Research Libraries
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Widener Library Shelflist Ancient history

Author : Harvard University. Library
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Sources for Alexander the Great

Author : N. G. L. Hammond
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This 1993 book attempts to analyse and evaluate in detail the sources of information that the ancient writers Plutarch and Arrian drew on.

The Works of Christina Queen of Sweden

Author : Christine (reine de Suède)
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Alexander the Great

Author : John Warry
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Alexander of Macedonia was undoubtedly one of the greatest generals of all time. This book by John Warry, an expert on the warfare of the Classical world, examines the principle battles of Alexander's campaigns in detail. The battles of the Granicus, Issus, Gaugamela, Hydaspes and the difficult siege of Tyre are all fully investigated. Alexander's winning strategies are also explored in detail along with the men and equipment of both his army and that of his Persian enemies, providing a comprehensive insight into Alexander's life and military actions.

Alexander the Great

Author : Nick Sekunda
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Two eminent scholars of the Classical world describe in detail the make up of Alexander's army, and the course of his epic achievements during the greatest career of military conquest in world history.

Alexander the Great

Author : Pierre Briant
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In the spring of 334 B.C., the 22-year-old King Alexander of Macedon led an army of 50,000 men on the most ambitious conquest of ancient times. This is a straightforward account of Alexander's remarkable campaigns, clearly and thoughtfully presented. A more intimate side of Alexander is also presented. 147 illustrations, 99 in color. 5 maps.

Alexander the Great s Art of Strategy

Author : Partha Bose
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Demonstrates how the innovative military strategies and tactics of Alexander the Great can be applied in today's business environment to create a winning philosophy, motivate others, prepare for the unexpected, leave a legacy of lasting value, establish a visionary leadership, build a successful organization, and more. Reprint.

The Life of Rev Alexander Chapman

Author : Milton Bird
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Alexander the Great

Author : R. D. Milns
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The Conquests of Alexander the Great

Author : Waldemar Heckel
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Waldemar Heckel provides a revisionist overview of the conquests of Alexander the Great. Emphasising the aims and impact of his military expeditions, the political consequences of military action, and the use of propaganda, both for motivation and justification, his underlying premise is that the basic goals of conquest and the keys to military superiority have not changed dramatically over the millennia. Indeed, as Heckel makes clear, many aristocratic and conquest societies are remarkably similar to that of Alexander in their basic aims and organisation. Heckel rejects the view of Alexander as a reincarnation of Achilles - as an irrational youth on a heroic quest for fame and immortality. In an engaging and balanced account of key military events, Heckel shows how Alexander imposed his will on the willing and how the defeated were no longer capable of resisting his military might.

Alexander the Great

Author : Winthrop Lindsay Adams
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This biography follows the brilliant life of Alexander the Great, who established in Eurasia the largest empire ever seen and left a world legacy. The titles in the Library of World Biography series make ideal supplements for World History and Western Civilization survey courses as well as other courses in the history curriculum where figures in history are explored. Paperback, brief and inexpensive, each interpretative biography in this series focuses on a figure whose actions and ideas significantly influenced the course of World history. At the same time, each biography relates the life of its subject to the broader themes and developments of the times. This biography traces the life and legacy of Alexander the Great from its beginnings through his successful conquests to his legacy. The story of Alexander provides students a glimpse of the inner workings of society, politics, family, and life in ancient times as well as presenting a fascinating story Alexander himself, his conquests, the resulting interchange of culture between East and West, and the continuing fascination and world legacy which follows Alexander to this day, presenting some unique aspects for the study of World History.

A Comparison of Diodorus and Curtius Accounts of Alexander the Great

Author : William Napoleon Hendricks
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The Impact of Alexander the Great

Author : Eugene N. Borza
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Emulating Alexander

Author : Glenn Barnett
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This book gives an account of the Roman relationship with Persia and how it was shaped by the actions of Alexander the Great long before the events. Numerous Roman emperors led armies eastward against the Persians, seeking to emulate or exceed the glorious conquests of Alexander. Some achieved successes but more often the result was ignominious defeat or death. Even as the empire declined, court propagandists and courtiers looked for flattering ways to compare their now-throne-bound emperors with Alexander. All the while there was a small segment of the Roman intelligentsia who disparaged Alexander and his misdeeds.While the Romans dreamed of conquering the Persian realm, the Persians of the Parthian and Sasanian dynasties dreamed of regaining the lands of the eastern Mediterranean snatched from their Achaemenid ancestors by Alexander. Echoes of this revanchist policy can be seen in Iran's support of Shiites in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Glenn Barnett draws comparisons between the era-long struggle of Rome and Persia with the current wars in the Middle-East where they once fought.

Thoughts on preaching ed by S D Alexander

Author : James Waddell Alexander
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The National Preceptor Or Selections in Prose and Poetry

Author : Jesse Olney
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The Invasion of India by Alexander the Great as Described by Arrian Q Curtius Diodoros Plutarch and Justin

Author :
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