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The Life Of An Heroin Addict

Author : Tina Redell
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Many people don't understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs. They may mistakenly think that those who use drugs lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop their drug use simply by choosing to. This book is for anyone who has ever been, known or lost someone to drugs; you will relate to this memoir. Your heart will ache for young Kayla and her battle through addiction will consume you. At 17, the main character became a heroin addict. This is the true story of her life and how heroin became her boyfriend, her best friend, and her life.

Addictions Counseling Today

Author : Kevin G. Alderson
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Winner of the 2020 Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) Counselling Book Award Enlightening and practical, Addictions Counseling Today invites students into the heart of addictive thinking, offering first-person accounts of what it is like to experience different addictions. The text covers the range of addictions from alcohol, drug abuse, and nicotine to various process addictions, including sex, internet, gaming, social media, and gambling. Also included are the various theories and models of addiction, with a unique chapter on the neuroscience of addiction. Focusing on the new DSM-V classifications for addiction with an emphasis on CACREP and treatment, this provocative, contemporary text is an essential reference for both students and practitioners wanting to gain a deeper understanding of those with addiction. Learn why teaching addictions is changing and how to adapt your course by watching Kevin G. Alderson′s Ph.D. webinar entitled The Pandemic Addiction Volcano here. Online Resources Free PowerPoint® slides with video for instructors are available with this text. Test bank questions will be available in August 2020. Contact the author to learn more.

We Are the Family of a Heroin Addict

Author : T. I. Ridic
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This is the story of a family in a small community whose journey of life took a severe turn when the eldest child discloses her nine-year heroin addiction. This disclosure sets into place a whirlwind change in all family dynamics as each member tries to acknowledge their emotions and new roles to support staying strong and connected to one another. It is also a book that illustrates the difficulty of staying together as a family in the face of the lack of being in sync with one anothers emotional and intellectual reactions. We have tried to be as real as possible with our anger, frustration, disappointment, happiness, pride, and amazement on how this part of our lives has turned out. It is not something we asked for, but it is something we have conquered. This is a story of losing and winning the pathway of recovery from both a family and individual perspective. Each chapter talks from an individual family members reality of what is going on, and it ends with the daughter who has/had the heroin addiction and her perspective of the family. We have added updates at the end to try to create an ending of sorts, knowing we will still be here over the next years fighting the good battle of sobriety as a family who has made it and stayed together through the addiction storm.


Author : Julie O'Toole
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Julie grew up in the heart of Dublin’s north inner city, in Sheriff Street. Living in this tough area, she was exposed to crime and drugs. She started using heroin when she was 16. By the time she was 18 she was a chronic addict. This story details how she spent the next four years living on the streets of Dublin; dealing drugs and stealing to feed her habit. It is a snapshot of how a young girl became a victim of circumstances. It happened in Dublin, but it could have happened anywhere in the world. Her life was saved by a chance encounter with a drugs counsellor who brought her to first to London, and then to America where she de-toxed and slowly began to rebuild her life.

Women and Heroin Addiction in China s Changing Society

Author : Huan Gao
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Accompanying China’s economic reform and open-door policy in 1978, illicit drug use emerged in the late 1980s, and gradually developed into a serious social problem. Heroin was the dominant illicit drug consumed in the new drug epidemic, and the number of female heroin users has increased rapidly in the country. While heroin use in China is soaring, little is known about women’s heroin use in the context of China’s rapidly changing society. Using intensive interviews with 131 female heroin users, this book explores the careers of female heroin users in China under changing social contexts in the reform era. It investigates the impacts of sociological and individual factors on women’s heroin use in each developing stage of their drug use careers. It also examines the social consequences of women’s heroin use by looking at connections between women’s heroin use and criminality, and the change in women’s social relations after heroin use. Lastly, the book analyzes and ascertains the impact of current narcotics control policies on women’s drug use careers. This groundbreaking book has important policy implications for both China and the international society in the context of increasing global concern about women’s substance abuse.

Effective Medical Treatment of Heroin Addiction

Author :
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Growing Up in America a Background to Contemporary Drug Abuse

Author : Anne MacLeod
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Author : Avram Goldstein
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Drug addiction as a brain disease is this book's theme. Among the many volumes on drugs written for lay readers, it is unique in the breadth and depth of its coverage. In clear scientific terms--with many striking examples from the author's experience as a scientist and clinician--it describes the nature of chemical addiction and addictive behavior, the seven families of addictive drugs, and the muddied effort to develop effective drug control policies and laws.

Research Issues

Author : National Institute on Drug Abuse
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Ben Diary of A Heroin Addict

Author : Anne Rogers
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As a young man from a loving, middle class family living in a small English village, Ben Rogers appeared to have it all....but then he found drugs. As his life descended into chaos and despair, Ben began to chronicle his daily struggles with the aid of a video camera. He was hopeful that one day his experiences could be used to educate others. Ben lost his battle against addiction and died when he was 34 as a result of medical withdrawal. His family decided to release the tapes in the hope that other families could benefit. The result was the highly acclaimed, award winning SKY documentary, 'Ben, Diary of a Heroin Addict' which was shown on national television 27 times and ultimately across the world. Ben's mother, Anne, received hundreds of letters and messages, not only from addicts but also from families saying that the documentary had helped them realise that they weren't alone. The film took Ben's mum to the Home Office, with interviews on national television, radio and the press. She has spoken with many young offenders desperate to educate other youngsters about addiction and to honour her son's wishes. The book includes writings and drawings by Ben which give a unique insight into the chaos surrounding drug addiction. His brother and sisters contribute too to the story of a family living on the edge. 'Ben, Diary of a Heroin Addict – A Mother's Fight' is both an attack against the government's tolerance of addiction and a powerful and moving depiction of one family's love.