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The Last Soviet Avant Garde

Author : Graham Roberts
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A comprehensive study of the OBERIU group of avant-garde Soviet writers.

Nikolai Zabolotsky

Author : Sarah Pratt
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What is the relation of Soviet culture to Russian culture? How does a Soviet poet differ from a Russian poet? Sarah Pratt traces these interwoven questions in the work of Nikolai Zabolotsky, a figure ranking just behind Pasternak, Mandelstam, and Akhmatova in modern Russian poetry and the first major poet to come to light in the Soviet period. The book identifies a "Soviet" impulse, marked by a veneer of Marxist ideology and political acceptability, and a "Russian" impulse that reflects prerevolutionary mores and the cultural bedrock of Russian Orthodoxy. Because of this apparent split, and because Zabolotsky's career was punctuated by a term in a prison camp that emphasized the differences between his early and late works, the poet has often come across as enigmatic and politically suspect. Pratt, however, demonstrates an underlying continuity in Zabolotsky's work, which embodies the mixture of brash iconoclasm and indelibly embedded tradition that shaped the culture of his homeland for most of the twentieth century.The book focuses on selected moments that both reflect basic impulses within Russian culture and define major aspects of Zabolotsky's individual poetic identity. While recognizing the apparent contradictions in Zabolotsky's life and works, Pratt delineates four cultural constants that inform his poetic vision: a sense of "half-peasant" identity; a worldview steeped in Russian Orthodoxy; a strong bond to Russian and western European literary tradition; and an unflinching recognition of Soviet reality. Presenting close readings of poems and numerous relevant documents, the book examines Zabolotsky's contribution to the avant-garde Oberiu group; his responses to Symbolism,Acmeism, and contemporary painting; his complex relationship to Russian Orthodoxy; and his awareness of the inescapable political dimensions of his time. In the end, Pratt argues it was precisely the contradictions that made

The Russian Memoir

Author : Beth Holmgren
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The essays in this volume seek to appreciate the literary construction of the memoir, with its dual agendas of individualized expression and reliable reportage, and explore its functions as interpretive history, social modelling, and political expression in Russian culture. The memoirs under scrutiny range widely, including those of the private person (Princess Natalia Dolgorukaia), sophisticated high culture writers (Nikolai Zabolotskii, Vladimir Nabokov, Joseph Brodsky), cultural critics and facilitators (Lidiia Ginzburg, Avdot'ia Panaeva), political dissidents (Evgeniia Ginzburg, Elena Bonner), and popular artists (filmmaker Elidar Riazanov). It examines each memoir for its aesthetic and rhetorical features as well as its cultural circumstances. In mapping the memoir's social and historical significance, the essays consider a wide range of influences and issues, including the specific impact of the author's class, gender, ideology, and life experience on his/her witnessing of Russian culture and society.

Reference Guide to Russian Literature

Author : Neil Cornwell
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Vasily Grossman and the Soviet Century

Author : Alexandra Popoff
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The definitive biography of Soviet Jewish dissident writer Vasily Grossman If Vasily Grossman’s 1961 masterpiece, Life and Fate, had been published during his lifetime, it would have reached the world together with Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago and before Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag. But Life and Fate was seized by the KGB. When it emerged posthumously, decades later, it was recognized as the War and Peace of the twentieth century. Always at the epicenter of events, Grossman (1905–1964) was among the first to describe the Holocaust and the Ukrainian famine. His 1944 article “The Hell of Treblinka” became evidence at Nuremberg. Grossman’s powerful anti‑totalitarian works liken the Nazis’ crimes against humanity with those of Stalin. His compassionate prose has the everlasting quality of great art. Because Grossman’s major works appeared after much delay we are only now able to examine them properly. Alexandra Popoff’s authoritative biography illuminates Grossman’s life and legacy.

Nikolai Zabolotsky

Author : Darra Goldstein
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This book, first published in 1994, was the first critical study to appear in English on Nikolai Zabolotsky, one of the great poets of twentieth-century Russia.

The Poetry and Poetics of Olga Sedakova

Author : Stephanie Sandler
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Olga Sedakova stands out among contemporary Russian poets for the integrity, erudition, intellectual force, and moral courage of her writing. After years of flourishing quietly in the late Soviet underground, she has increasingly brought her considered voice into public debates to speak out for freedom of belief and for those who have been treated unjustly. This volume, the first collection of scholarly essays to treat her work in English, assesses her contributions as a poet and as a thinker, presenting far-reaching accounts of broad themes and patterns of thought across her writings as well as close readings of individual texts. Essayists from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, and the United States show how Sedakova has contributed to ongoing aesthetic and cultural debates. Like Sedakova's own work, the volume affirms the capacity of words to convey meaning and to change our understanding of life itself. The volume also includes dozens of elegant new translations of Sedakova's poems.

The Penguin Book of Russian Poetry

Author : Robert Chandler
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An enchanting collection of the very best of Russian poetry, edited by acclaimed translator Robert Chandler together with poets Boris Dralyuk and Irina Mashinski. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, poetry's pre-eminence in Russia was unchallenged, with Pushkin and his contemporaries ushering in the 'Golden Age' of Russian literature. Prose briefly gained the high ground in the second half of the nineteenth century, but poetry again became dominant in the 'Silver Age' (the early twentieth century), when belief in reason and progress yielded once more to a more magical view of the world. During the Soviet era, poetry became a dangerous, subversive activity; nevertheless, poets such as Osip Mandelstam and Anna Akhmatova continued to defy the censors. This anthology traces Russian poetry from its Golden Age to the modern era, including work by several great poets - Georgy Ivanov and Varlam Shalamov among them - in captivating modern translations by Robert Chandler and others. The volume also includes a general introduction, chronology and individual introductions to each poet. Robert Chandler is an acclaimed poet and translator. His many translations from Russian include works by Aleksandr Pushkin, Nikolay Leskov, Vasily Grossman and Andrey Platonov, while his anthologies of Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida and Russian Magic Tales are both published in Penguin Classics. Irina Mashinski is a bilingual poet and co-founder of the StoSvet literary project. Her most recent collection is 2013's Ophelia i masterok [Ophelia and the Trowel]. Boris Dralyuk is a Lecturer in Russian at the University of St Andrews and translator of many books from Russian, including, most recently, Isaac Babel's Red Cavalry (2014).

Cars for Comrades

Author : Lewis H. Siegelbaum
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Deeply researched and engagingly told, this masterful and entertaining biography of the Soviet automobile provides a new perspective on one of the twentieth century's most iconic--and important--technologies and a novel approach to understanding the USSR.

Modern Poetry in Translation

Author :
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