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The Life You Were Born to Live

Author : Dan Millman
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This extensively updated edition of a crucial New Age classic will appeal to previous and new readers alike

Choosing the Life You Were Born to Live

Author : Christine M. Sopa
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“Once you become aware of a thought that is limiting you in one way or another, you then have the power to change it.” The thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us create our reality. That reality is the matrix in which we make choices that affect our life and our level of joy every day. Through her compelling personal stories, humor, and the vulnerable nature in which she shares pieces of her own life, Christine Sopa guides you on a journey of selfdiscovery where you will learn to use the power of your thoughts to achieve joy in an ever-changing world. Many of us have come to a point in our lives where we know we can look back but never go back. At this point, it is imperative to be able to see the bigger picture of your life, to understand that you deserve and have the power to create the world around you as you want it to be and that guidance is available to all of us every step of the way. All we have to do is learn how to listen. On this journey of self-exploration, you will learn to understand what barriers keep you from overcoming your deepest fears, how to use your emotions as a guide in making choices, and finally understand why you make the choices you do in your life. Choosing the Life You Were Born to Live gives away the secret to believing in yourself, how to make choices that will honor your highest path in life and why life shows up the way it does. If you are ready to transform your life once and for all, then this is the journey for you!

The Life You Were Born to Give

Author : David H. McKinley
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Everything we have we've been given. Even our very lives are a gift from God, given so we can live to give, not live to get. Yet it is our tendency in life to absorb, to take in without distribution resulting in a "souring" of all that is good and a separation from all that is intended. In The Life You Were Born to Give, David McKinley helps readers shift their focus from getting all they can out of life to giving their lives away, for Christ. Guiding them through the book of Romans, the transformational message includes: A Life Delivered (Romans 1-11) A Life Devoted (Romans 12: 1-2) A Life Distributed (Romans 12-16) "Recommended for readers looking for a basic approach to spiritual growth." -Don Morgan, Aspiring Retail

No Ordinary Moments

Author : Millman Dan
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After the publication of Dan Millman's first two books, which have since become classics in the realm of spiritual literature, many readers responded with thanks and questions, saying: "I was inspired by your first two stories — but how do you apply all these lessons in daily life?" Millman's answer came in the form of his third book, aptly titled, No Ordinary Moments. Containing perspectives, principles and specific practices that formed the core of "the peaceful warrior's way" — too much information to convey in a narrative story format as he had done in his first books — so he wrote his first comprehensive "guide to daily life." Structured in five parts — The Peaceful Warrior's Way – Up the Mountain Path – Tools for Transformation – The Battle Within – and The Expanded Life — and containing chapters with titles like Heart of the Warrior's Way… In the Arena of Daily Life … When the Going Gets Tough … Getting Real … Universal Addictions … The Will to Change and many more, the book has guided hundreds of thousands of people. As Millman puts it: Our lives are like a journey up a mountain path. As we climb, we face challenges in relationships and sexuality, money, work and health. We can find abundant information and advice on these subjects. So many of us know what to do, but it remains for us to turn knowing into doing." Dan Millman presents a peaceful warrior's approach to turning intentions into action, challenges into strength, and life experience into wisdom. Based on the premise that by changing ourselves we can change our world, No Ordinary Moments offers simple, practical ways to balance the body, liberate the mind, accept our emotions and open our hearts.


Author : John Eldredge
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Every woman was once a little girl and every lilttle girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. The message of captivating is that your heart matters more than anything else in creation. The desires you had as a little girl and the longings you still feel as a woman are telling you of the life God created you to live.He offers to come now as the hero of your story, to rescue your heart and release you to live a fully alive and feminine woman.

The Seven Levels of Truth

Author : Bill Heinrich
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How would it feel to live 100% of the time with passion, purpose, fulfillment and abundance. At some level, everyone desires to live this way, but the truth of the matter is we continually have disruptions and disturbances in our lives that only create more upsets, pain and suffering. Throughout life, we have been given guidance on how to live from parents, teachers and other authoritative people. The truth is that a majority of this guidance was given to assist at that moment in time, and now it no longer serves you. We are spiritual beings whose Divine Gifts are pure energy that flow through us, fueling our thoughts, words, and actions. Our energy is the vibration that connects us to everything in our lives. When we increase our vibration, we attract more possibilities, potential, and abundance. Our distinctive talent springs from the unique combination of our Divine Gifts that we are here to share with the world. This book is for anyone seeking answers, solutions, and success in life. Our birthright is abundance, love, peace and joy, and The Seven Levels of Truth provides a direct blueprint to your life purpose. For nearly thirty years, Bill Heinrich has been dedicated to identifying the resources which are available to everyone and will allow them to live an authentic life and fulfill their destiny. Living your True Life Purpose is what creates your authentic self-expression and this is your most powerful representation in life. For nearly thirty years, Bill Heinrich has been dedicated to identifying the resources which are available to everyone and will allow them to live an authentic life and fulfill their destiny. Living your True Life Purpose is what creates your authentic self-expression and this is your most powerful representation in life.

The Natural Life

Author : Matthew Minarik
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So what is natural? Are you natural? Whose laws do you live by: man's laws, your neighbor's laws, or God's laws? How do you know if you're living by God's natural laws or by man's fear-based laws? Read the conversations at midnight of a husband and wife as they unravel the world of compromise and political correctness that we live in. Matthew and Margaret Minarik's enlightening guide,The Natural Lifewill challenge your core thoughts to their deepest roots, encouraging you to embrace the ultimate goal of life: changing the world one soul at a time. With subjects ranging from birth control, organic food, breastfeeding, education, and learning to turn off the TV,The Natural Lifewill teach you everything you need to know to live life as God intended.

The Awakening

Author : Alicia Ashley
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This book aims to show readers the actions they must take to start attracting the life they want. Ashley explains the three powerful steps necessary for success, how many people sabotage their success and why, and finally how to change those negative behaviors.

Love Your Life

Author : Victoria Osteen
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In an age when the pressures of the modern family are often complicated with the pressures of the modern world, many women are struggling to strike a balance between a wide variety of issues. From their own careers to their kids' schooling to matters of faith and health, women are juggling many roles that do not always go hand in hand. In Love Your Life, Victoria Osteen speaks directly to women and gives them a pathway to understanding the great responsibility, and how to learn to embrace its beautiful choices. She believes that you must teach yourself the principles of self-love in order to be able to pass them on. Osteen speaks nearly every week about the role of women to the large congregation that makes up the Lakewood Church in Texas. The book will be a powerful tool for all women to help them to better savour their lives and enjoy their family, their friends and themselves.

The Blueprint of Your Soul

Author : Joseph Ghabi
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Numerology is an easy-to-use system that shows your life from a different perspective, analyzes your experiences, and helps you to do something about it. Are you ready for the next generation of self help, personal growth and soul growth? The author's Blueprint Numerology is a way of looking at your life and experiences to align your-self with your soul and live the destiny you are meant to live. Your soul drew you a blueprint the moment you were born, and its guidelines are mapped for you to walk through your life. Your blueprint is your guided instruction manual you brought with you into the world. Did your parents read your instruction manual when you were born? Most probably not! But you now have it in your hands, so learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and karma, and your personal blueprint destiny. You owe it to yourself, so stop blaming everybody else and take responsibility. It's all in your name and numbers.