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The Light of the I

Author : Christopher Bamford
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The Light of the Night Sky

Author : F. E. Roach
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Astronomy appears to us as a combination of art, science, and philosophy. Its study puts the universe into perspective, giving a sense of pleasure in its beauty, awe at its immensity, and humility at our trivial place in it. From earliest human history, man has scrutinized the night sky - and wondered and marveled. With unaided eye but perceptive mind, he recognized order in the regular appearance and movements of individual objects, such as the planets and star groups (constellations), in their rhythmic and majestic progressions across the bowl of night. Even in the present era of scientific exactitude, there remains a profound awareness of mysteries beyond our present interpretations. It is only in comparatively recent years, however, that man has recognized that it takes more than conventional astronomy to account for the beauties ofthe night sky. Radiations in the Earth's upper atmosphere provide a foreground light, the study of which has come under a new name, aeronomy. The science of aeronomy has rapidly burgeoned, and the student of the light of the night sky finds that he is involved in an interdisciplinary domain.

The Light of the World Or The Great Consummation

Author : Sir Edwin Arnold
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Psyche s Palace How the Brain Generates the Light of the Soul

Author : David Aaron Holmes
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This pioneering theoretical model of consciousness deftly bridges the chasm between science and spirituality--with a bridge of literal and figurative Light. Conventional wisdom in neurobiology holds that the brain is nothing more than a complex biocomputer, whose neurons' sole purpose is to process and transmit information. Psyche's Palace proposes a new theory--that the brain creates this brilliant sound and light show directly upon the convoluted surfaces of the cerebral cortex. A filigree of sparkling pixels suspended in the crystal-clear fluid of the cerebral cortex forms the live and luminous theater in which the external world is continuously recreated. Everything you see and hear and feel must be sculpted directly from the bioluminescence of vast, oscillating networks of neurons. The brain is simply the material substrate that holds the exuberance in place. What if it actually is true--what the wise have always said--that YOU ARE the pure Light of consciousness that shines within?

In the Light of the Lamb

Author : Sophie Susan Laws
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Death by the Light of the Moon

Author : Joan Hess
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Things that go bump in the Bayou... For bookseller and amateur sleuth Claire Malloy getting a root canal beats going to a Malloy family reunion. But it is time her fifteen-year-old daughter Caron visits her deceased father's relatives. Now Claire and Caron have arrived at Malloy Manor, a run-down mansion in Louisiana's bayou country...where the mosquitoes are big enough to barbecue, the swamp is crawling with alligators, the butler looks like he stepped out of a teen slasher movie, and the wheelchair-bound matriarch, Miss Justicia, races around the grounds cackling like a loon. It's the perfect setting-for a murder. Before a night has passed, Miss Justicia is sleeping with the fishes. The police call it a "tragic accident." Caron is all for calling a cab. But Claire wants to have a closer look at her "loving" relatives since she has a hunch leaving Malloy Manor isn't going to be all that easy...and neither is staying alive.

The Light of the World

Author : Patrick K. Canon
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This was written in 2006 during a time of tremendous pain and suffering in the author's life. At that time, there was no intention of having it published. The author wrote it because he believed he was compelled by God to document the events he witnessed when he lost his marriage and was saved from his sins by Jesus Christ on June 4, 2005. In case of his unexpected death, he wanted people to know about his eyewitness testimony of the miracle God worked in his life, and in hope that people would believe that Jesus Christ really was and still is the Son of God. Jesus loves you so much that He gave His life to save you from your sins. He is risen, and He will live and reign forever and ever. God wants you to be in Heaven. Please believe in His Son, and you will receive the gift of salvation that only Jesus Christ can give you. May the peace of God be with you.

Isaiah 53 in the Light of Homecoming After Exile

Author : Fredrik Hägglund
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In this study, Fredrik Hagglund presents an interpretation based on a hypothesis that conflicts emerged between the people in the land of Israel and those who returned from exile. He analyzes these conflicts with the help of contemporary refugee studies, other texts of the Old Testament, and also relevant passages in Isa 40-55. At the end of the exile, there was hope that the deported people would return to Israel, that it would be rebuilt, and that Jerusalem would again flourish. This hope is most clearly expressed in Isa 40:1-52:10. However, as time went by, there was a realization that the envisaged glorious return was in reality a rather limited return, and the joy of receiving those who returned had turned into conflicts, not least regarding the possession of land and the availability of places to live. In this situation, someone probably reflected on the message of Isa 40:1-52:10 and sought to understand what had gone wrong. Isa 53 was then inserted as an explanation of how the people in the land of Israel, i.e. the we, should have received those who returned, i.e. the servant. If this embrace had taken place, Mother Zion would have rejoiced, as described in Isa 54. Instead of these pictures painted for us in Isa 53 and 54, we encounter the reality of the conflicts described in Isa 56-66.

I ve Got the Light of Freedom

Author : Charles M. Payne
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“With this history of the civil rights movement focusing on Everyman-turned-hero, the commoner as crusader for justice, Payne challenges the old idea that history is the biography of great men.”—Kirkus Reviews “Remarkably astute in its judgments and strikingly sophisticated in its analyses . . . it is one of the most significant studies of the Black freedom struggle yet published.”—David J. Garrow, author of the Pulitzer Prize–winning Bearing the Cross “This extremely important book clearly reveals the logic of how ordinary people propelled the civil rights movement. . . . [It] provides a basis for optimism as we approach the next century.”—Aldon Morris, author of The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement

The Light of Christ

Author : Andrew Tregubov
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The works of the great iconographer, Fr Gregory Kroug (1909-1969), speak directly to the hearts of those who look at them in prayer, revealing the way towards "theosis" -- deification through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, by which our human nature is glorified and perfected. Includes 18 full-color plates.

Italian Film in the Light of Neorealism

Author : Millicent Marcus
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The movement known as neorealism lasted seven years, generated only twenty-one films, failed at the box office, and fell short of its didactic and aesthetic aspirations. Yet it exerted such a profound influence on Italian cinema that all the best postwar directors had to come to terms with it, whether in seeming imitation (the early Olmi), in commercial exploitation (the middle Comencini) or in ostensible rejection (the recent Tavianis). Despite the reactionary pressures of the marketplace and the highly personalized visions of Fellini, Antonioni. And Visconti, Italian cinema has maintained its moral commitment to use the medium in socially responsible ways--if not to change the world, as the first neorealists hoped, then at least to move filmgoers to face the pressing economic, political, and human problems in their midst. From Rossellini's Open City (1945) to the Taviani brothers' Night of the Shooting Stars (1982). The author does close readings of seventeen films that tell the story of neorealism's evolving influence on Italian postwar cinematic expression. Other films discussed are De Sica's Bicycle Thief and Umberto D. De Santis's Bitter Rice, Comencini's Bread, Love, and Fantasy, Fellini's La strada, Visconti's Senso, Antonioni's Red Desert, Olmi's Il Posto, Germi's Seduced and Abandoned, Pasolini's Teorema, Petri's Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion, Bertolucci's The Conformist, Rosi's Christ Stopped at Eboli, and Wertmuller's Love and Anarchy, Scola's We All Loved Each Other So Much provides the occasion for the author's own retrospective consideration of how Italian cinema has fulfilled, or disappointed, the promise of neorealism.

Literature in the Light of the Emblem

Author : Peter Maurice Daly
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The literature of the 16th and 17th centuries was informed by the symbolic thought embodied in the mixed art form of emblems. This study explores the relationship between the emblem and the literature of England and Germany during the period.

Carriers of the Light

Author :
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The universall free grace of the gospell asserted or The light of the gospell shining forth universally

Author : George Keith
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The Gospel of John in the Light of Indian Mysticism

Author : Ravi Ravindra
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Exploring Christian text from a Hindu perspective, Ravi Ravindra takes readers into the heart of St. John's words, eloquently and convincingly revealing the interconnectedness of all faiths and the growing need in today's world for interfaith dialogue.

To the Light of Tomorrow

Author : M. D. Rothfuss
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Joslyn Dann never imagined these things would be happening to her. She always thought that it was someone else's problem or something she couldn't control. Now she was in the midst of it and there really was nothing she could do about it. Would she ever escape this modern day slavery? How could some person enforce so much torture on another human being? All she could do was cry out to God in hope that He would answer. Captured into prostitution, Joslyn Dann has a choice to make. Will she give into the wishes of her captors or will she continue to fight their torture methods? Before her captivity she firmly believed and trusted in the love and power of Jesus Christ, but the trials of her new life threaten to destroy her faith. Will she be able to stand against the repeated attacks of the Devil? Can someone rescue her before the fight is gone?

The Light of the Soul

Author : Alice Bailey
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This volume is an original paraphrase, with commentary, of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The Yoga Sutras are of ancient origin, first reduced to writing by Patanjali, who is considered the founder of the Raja Yoga School. Control of the mind and its illumination by the soul are brought about through the practice of Raja Yoga.

The Light of the Lovers Moon

Author : Marcia Lynn McClure
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Violet Fynne was haunted-haunted by memory. It had been nearly ten years since her father had moved the family from the tiny town of Rattler Rock to the city of Albany, New York. Yet the pain and guilt in Violet's heart were as fresh and as haunting as ever they had been. It was true Violet had been only a child when her family moved. Still-though she had been unwillingly pulled away from Rattler Rock-pulled away from him she held most dear-her heart had never left-and her mind had never forgotten the promise she had made-a promise to a boy-to a boy she had loved-a boy she had vowed to return to. Yet the world changes-and people move beyond pain and regret. Thus, when Violet Fynne returned to Rattler Rock, it was to find that death had touched those she had known before-that the world had indeed changed-that unfamiliar faces now intruded on beloved memories. Had she returned too late? Had Violet Fynne lost her chance for peace-and happiness? Would she be forever haunted by the memory of the boy she had loved nearly ten years before?

The Light of the Nations

Author : J. Edwin Orr
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The nineteenth century, observes Dr. Orr, was the century of Christian action and accomplishment. The social and political upheavals of the late eighteenth century were followed by a decline in Christian witness so serious that it seems as though Christianity was near death. In despair, Christian leaders prayed for Divine intervention; and answer came--a series of six great waves of evangelical renewal and advance which made the nineteenth century the Great Century of evangelism. From this study of Evangelical Revivals it is possible to trace a pattern of action and discover a progression of achievement which demonstrates that the same Spirit of God who moved the apostles continues to operate in the world. Dr. Orr suggests that the evangelical awakenings may be shown to be the foremost method of an Almighty God to promote the betterment of all mankind, and His primary instrument to win men to transforming faith in Himself.

The Light of the Moon

Author : Randy Styner
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One night in early 1976, the world of trauma medicine changed forever in a frozen Nebraska field where Dr. James Styner crashed his small airplane with his wife and four children aboard. The experience of the eight hours he spent isolated and awaiting rescue that never came, his journey to the local hospital where he found inadequate care, and his family's evacuation and arrival at the sanctity of Lincoln General Hospital compelled him to develop a revolutionary new concept of emergency medical care. That night Advanced Trauma Life Support was born, and grew to become the standard of emergency trauma care throughout the world. Today it continues to save countless lives and it continues to grow. This is the story of ATLS and that tragic night for the Styner family, but it is also the story of the author's personal journey to find the truth about the accident that not only took the life of his mother, but nearly took his - and how doing so was one of the most important things he ever did.