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The Light Side of the Moon

Author : Ditta M. Oliker
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Learn about the unconscious survival systems developed in childhood to protect ourselves. Ditta M. Oliker shows us how to recognize and dismantle these systems now that they have outlived their usefulness and how to achieve personal fulfillment in the present. Ditta M. Oliker, PhD, is a founding member of Los Angeles' Mark Taper Forum. Her PhD in Clinical Psychology is from CSPP, Los Angeles, and she has been in private practice for more than thirty years. She is a frequent lecturer at universities and mental health facilities.

On The Light Side of Darkness

Author : Nora Mahon Olivares
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“Nora’s poetry is a glimpse into life . She provides us with insights into realities we sometimes miss. Her poetry reflects the beautiful, terrible, and transcendent moments. She invites us to look deeply and enjoy.” Teresa Logan, Ph.D, Executive Coach, Cincinnati, Ohio “Whether she is describing a bridge in her native Ireland, coffee berries in Ethiopia, or a dusty hamlet in West Texas, Nora Mahon Olivares brings to the scene a keen eye and a flowing pen. Her energetic and often exuberant images invite the reader on an interior journey that encompasses millennial life in all its twists and tangles: homelessness in the midst of wealth, the solace of family life and friendship, antifeminism in the church, the pure pleasure of an early morning walk, catastrophes of wind and weather, the quiet pathos of ageing. On the Light Side of Darkness is a work to be read and savored. Carol Coffee Reposa, Poet, San Antonio, Texas

The Light Side of Damnation

Author : William F. Lee
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War is serious business. However, within all the torment of war, the strongest of bonds are created and nurtured. Through these ties and perhaps because of them, instances of wit along with humorous episodes breathe light into the darkness and damnation of war.The thread that binds this story together is the mentoring affiliation the Commanding General has with Captain Barney Quinn, Company Commander and later, Aide. Barney's, at times roguish behavior, his sense of humor, and playfully prankish mind both clash and support this steely-eyed Old Corps Marine, Lieutenant General Walter Barto.Through Barney's eyes and voice, you will live among a cast of loveable Marines. All names are fictitious. Experiences, real. REVIEWS The Light Side of DamnationByWilliam F. Lee What are readers saying? Here is a sampling: “Just to let you know...I’ve been reading your book before I go to sleep...and I’m losing sleep as it’s hard to put down.” - BB, Princeton, TX “I’m overwhelmed...just finished your book and I am speechless. Your characters are so well developed and believable...and the humor, terrific. I bawled trying to tell a friend about it. It was a real page-turner for me.” - NS, Abington, PA “Sir, I doubt if you remember me but I certainly do you, and with much respect.

The Light and Dark Sides of God or a plain and brief Discourse of the light side God Heaven and Earth the dark side Devill Sin and Hell as also of the Resurrection and Scripture etc

Author : Jacob Bauthumley
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The Light and Dark Sides of Star Wars

Author : S. Serhat Serter
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This book brings together various different analyses of the Star Wars movies, each of which approaches the films from a different point of view, such as history, music, advertisement, new media, ideology, economics, politics, and narration. The book will appeal to various audiences, from high school students to academicians, and from university students to fans of the Star Wars franchise.

ABCs of Beautiful Light

Author : Rosanne Olson
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Everything we see is lit by one source or another. The questions are: what and how? That is what this book is designed to teach you. Through Rosanne Olson’s tried-and-true course on lighting principles for photography, video, and art in general, you will discover how the angles and heights of your light sources affect your pictures. You will learn how to work with light modifiers to change the quality of your light, and how to control light to create a feeling of depth and dimension—whether you’re shooting with natural light, continuous artificial light, studio strobes, dedicated flash, or a combination of sources. Assignments are included to help you put each concept into practice as you perfect your skills and train your eyes to see the subtleties of light. You will never look at a photograph or painting in the same way after you read this book!

Shining the Light V

Author : Robert Shapiro
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The light of truth shines on: Revelations about Area 51 by a rocket scientist A 75-year-long Zeta restructuring of the past Cloning: the new ethics forum Recent UFO activity in the skies The angel of Roswell The first Earth humans and the original dark side, our shadow Angels: guides in training (30% of humans are angels) Using manifestation powers to avert man-made disasters Symbiotic spacecraft engines and faster-than-light travel The true purpose of the Mayans The SSG downs military planes Grid lines rising above the planet The SSG realizes they need customers, not slaves Homework for changing your past Zoosh and others blast the cover off past events and hidden forces at work on this planet and reveal opportunities for immense growth and power. This is a pivotal time as the secrets and mysteries that have long bewildered humanity are at last illuminated by the light of truth. Zoosh, the End-Time Historian and one of the eight friends of the Creator, was with our Creator before this creation and has been with us ever since. He says our greatest gift in this creator-training school is our gift of ignorance. In forgetting what we know, we go beyond our limitations. He is witty, wise and compassionate. He says about himself, "It has been my job and my purpose in life to follow the birth of your souls on your journey to re-create the universe. I have to nurture that sense of mystery -- it's not as if you're going to have it forever."

Classic Outdoor Color Portraits

Author : Nancy Hopkins Reily
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“It’s your turn to make a photograph,” states the author on the cover of this detailed handbook destined to become a classic instruction manual on portrait photography. And she shows the reader how by going through the basics of this photographic artform step by step in easy-to-follow instructions that will appeal to all levels of experience. For beginners, a working knowledge of the camera is not even necessary; and for professionals there is more than enough to challenge them to exceed their own present excellence. It has taken the author years of working in the portrait profession to focus and collect her approach to color portraiture and she presents her ideas in a way that will inspire even those who are not photographers. The book is designed for any artist working in any medium. All they have to have is an interest in the human subject. The book covers such wide-ranging subjects as a perspective on the history of the medium, composition, lighting, posing techniques, the portraitist’s “eye,” hints at how to enrich one’s self as a result of exploring the art of portraiture, and much more. “Classic Outdoor Color Portraits” is a vital text for photography schools and workshops, continuing education classes, artist schools and workshops, colleges, amateurs, and professionals in all regions and settings. NANCY REILY is also the author of “My Wisdom That No One Wants,” “Georgia O’Keeffe, A Private Friendship, Part I, Walking the Sun Prairie Land”; Georgia O’Keeffe, A Private Friendship, Part II, Walking the Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch Land”; and “Joseph Imhof, Artist of the Pueblos” with Lucille Enix, all from Sunstone Press.

CliffsNotes ACT

Author : BTPS Testing
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Subject review materials for every subject discipline tested on the ACT Extensive math review aimed at what test-takers will encounter when taking the ACT Three full-length ACT practice tests, with answers and detailed answer explanations

Art of Divine Contentment

Author : Thomas Watson
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"Man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward;" therefore we all need to learn the same lesson as Paul. "I have learned," he said "in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content," Philippians 4. 11. Believers, especially, wish to attain to a holy equanimity in their tribulations and under the stresses caused by our increasingly secular society. In this volume we have a full exposition, by the Puritan, Thomas Watson, of the above verse of Scripture, originally preached during his ministry as rector of St Stephen's, Wallbrook, London Puritan preachers, having an eye to the practice of their hearers, built their heart-searching application of the truth upon sound biblical doctrine. This characteristic is evident in The Art of Divine Contentment; as is also the fact that Watson was the "master of a terse, vigorous style and of a beauty of expression