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The Magick of Faeries

Author : Cassandra Eason
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Discover how to work magick with faeries and elemental spirits From the world of the wee folk to the history and lore of faeries, you’ll explore all things fey in this easy-to-use, essential guide. The spirits of earth, water, fire, and air—as well as golems and goblins, boggarts and brownies, orcs and ogres—help us tune into the cycles of nature and work with the amazing magick around us. Through practical spells, rituals, and empowerments, The Magick of Faeries will teach you how to use natural energies and essences for wishes, prosperity, love, protection, personal transformation, and family health and happiness. Learn to identify and connect with over a hundred nature spirits, including the local spirits who share your home and guard sacred places. Explore the Treasury of Faerie Wisdom, a collection of useful information that will help you understand the structure of fey magick and create your own rituals. Cassandra Eason’s comprehensive book is your key to living in harmony with the incredible beings of nature.

A Witch s Guide to Faery Folk

Author : Edain McCoy
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Now, for the first time, a book reclaims the lost, rich heritage of working with faery folk that our pagan ancestors took as a matter of course. Learn to work with and worship with faeries in a mutually beneficial way. Practice rituals and spells in which faeries can participate, and discover tips to help facilitate faery contact. Photos and illustrations.

The Ancient Art of Faery Magick

Author : D.J. Conway
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Known as the little people, the ferrishyn, the wee folk, and the good neighbors, faeries have enchanted humans for centuries. But faeries are much more than playful sprites who frolic in gardens and dance on flowers by the morning light. There are helper faeries, trickster faeries, and powerful faeries who enhance magick and play a mighty role in the spirit world. In THE ANCIENT ART OF FAERY MAGICK, best-selling author and magick authority D.J. Conway explores the history of the faery folk, discusses faery laws and lives, and reveals the ancient secret faery oracle. She shares spells for invoking faeries for aid in health, love, peace, prosperity, and protection, and she even describes how to build faery houses and gardens to invite these wonderful creatures into your home. A comprehensive tome on a bewitching subject, THE ANCIENT ART OF FAERY MAGICK will initiate you into a life filled with faery sparkle and pixie dust.

Faery Magick

Author : Sirona Knight
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Travel down a pathway to the Faery realm, and bring enchantment into your life. With over 100 spells, rituals, and journeys, this practical book is designed to help you in matters of romance, love, and beauty, as well as home, health, protection, and wealth. Collectively known as the "Sidhe" or "the Bright People," Faery beings exist halfway between the material and spiritual, mortal and deity. Hands-on information and techniques in this book includes: origins, history, and lore; living Faery traditions, Faery Wicca, and Faery Shamanism; The Golden Rules of the Faery realm; the best days, times, and locations for Faery Magick; how to attract Faeries with foods, brews, herbs, flowers, crystals incense, and essentials oils; how to set up your Faery magick altar by gathering and consecrating your Faery Magick altar tools; how to open and close your Faery Magick Circle; and empowering, easy-to-do Faery magick spells, rituals, and journeys.

Urban Faery Magick

Author : Tara Sanchez
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The fae are increasingly adapting to the urban world. This book teaches you how to develop relationships with them for a lifelong journey of inspiration and magic. Urban Faery Magick introduces you to dozens of faeries and offers tips and techniques for interacting with the fae and receiving their blessings and help on your own spiritual path. Author Tara Sanchez explores modern-day case studies of fae encounters associated with each of the elements, as well as her own experiences in working with specific faeries. You will learn about the Zaragoza Goblin, the Santiago Park Pixie, John the Rust Spirit, the Washer at the Ford, Jennie Greenteeth, and many more. You will also explore dozens of exercises for finding and communicating with the fae, including breathwork, trance, chants, invocations, protection, scrying, and interpreting signs as you discover the important lessons the fae can teach us.

Enchantment of the Faerie Realm

Author : Ted Andrews
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Forests, lakes, mountains, caves-even your garden-are alive with nature''s spirits. "Enchantment of the Faerie Realm" can help you commune with elves, devas, nymphs, gnomes, and other faerie folk. With just a little patience and persistence you can learn to recognize the presence of these mysterious, magical creatures. New interior design

Through the Mists of Faerie

Author : The Silver Elves
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This is a book about High Elven Magic. Not the magic of chants and spells and ceremonies, of which we've already written quite a bit, but of the Quest to become like those kindred of ours who we, and others, call the Shining Ones, and which most folks think of when they fantasize about what elves are—even when they deny that we are elven or that elves exist at all. The Shinning Ones are the evolved beings who guide the elven people upon their spiritual Path. If you would enter Faerie, or Elfin as we often call it, this is a book about the Path that leads there.

The Faerie s Guide to Green Magick from the Garden

Author : Jamie Wood
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Green magick, or stewardship of the earth, begins right in our own backyards. When we cultivate an herb garden—even if it’s just a few potted plants on a sunny windowsill—we are tending living, sentient beings who respond to our intention, our energy, and our tender loving care. The “fae” (faerie) essence residing at the heart of each nurtured plant manifests in its foliage, flowers, fragrance, and flavor, and its unique healing, nourishing, and restorative properties. In The Faeries’ Guide to Green Magick from the Garden author and free-fae-spirit Jamie Wood offers fresh, faerie-centric profiles of thirty-three familiar medicinal and culinary herbs accompanied by recipes for natural healing remedies, earth-friendly beauty products, and tasty treats. Fantasy artist Lisa Steinke pairs each herb with a vibrant portrait of its personality—its unique faerie signature—in her lyrical poetry and luminous paintings. With blissful blessings, magickal meditations, and zesty spells sprinkled throughout, The Faeries Guide to Green Magick from the Garden will help you get in touch with your own fae spirit and explore the earthly—and earthy—delights of your own garden. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Faery Craft

Author : Emily Carding
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Presents a guide to following the fairie lifestyle, covering such topics as faery spirits, etiquette, the zodiac, magick, altars, costumes, shrines, offerings, and faery festivals held around the world.

The Magick of Folk Wisdom

Author : Patricia Telesco
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Tap into the rich legacy of over 650 folk beliefs. An ideal reference tool for magical practitioners or anyone interested in the superstitions and customs of our ancestors. Includes explanations of amulets, celestial objects, crystals, numerology, folk medicine, and more.

Druid Power

Author : Amber Wolfe
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Practical Celtic magic in the traditions of the Drulds.

Faery Journal

Author : Lucy Cavendish
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FEATURES 44 FULL-PAGE COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS!This deluxe illustrated book/journal is filled with wisdom and inspired musings and stories from renowned author & witch, Lucy Cavendish, to guide you on your own adventures into the most wondrous land of Faerie. Welcome to a faery ring, a magickal world between the worlds, your own enchanted journal. With every stroke of the pen, you will be opening the doors between the worlds. With every word you write, you will be welcomed deeper and deeper into the blessed realm of Faerie - a land of legend, of myth, of faraway stone circles, forests, and castles of ancient lands. Lucy has also collated many of her favourite poems and writings by creative beings past and present who have seen and believed in the magick of Faeries to enrich and enchant you. Features cream-coloured premium quality wood-free paper, with a combination of lined and unlined pages so you can write, doodle, paint or draw.

A Fairy Treasury

Author : Jacky Newcomb
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Previously published in 2007 as A Faerie Treasury (ISBN: 9781401915537)."--t.p. verso.

Elvenomicon or Secret Traditions of Elves and Faeries

Author : Joshua Free
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Format : PDF, Docs
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THE ORIGINAL GUIDE TO THE ELVEN WAY! Come and enter the Enchanted Forest, deep in the heart of the Green World, and discover the greatest secrets of the Ancient Mystery Tradition-the hidden legacy and magick of Elves and Faerie. A new edition of the revolutionary and controversial underground Druidic classic "Book of Elven-Faerie" by Joshua Free!

The Art of Faery

Author :
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Previous edition published by Paper Tiger, 2005.

The Book of Faeries

Author : Francis Melville
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There are dozens of faery types: nymphs, elves, dwarves, pixies, leprechauns and flower faeries, to name a few. Every culture on Earth shares a traditional belief in the 'Little People'. The Book of Faeries describes more than 50 types of faery from all over the world, explaining their folklore, characteristics and attributes. From mischievous pranksters such as Puck and Gremlins to the angelic faeries, who have much in common with guardian angels, The Book of Faeries reveals how the world of nature spirits and faery beings can bring wisdom, joy, and success. With special rituals, spells and recipes, along with the faeries favourite plants for healing, divination and spiritual growth, this book reveals a magical side of life that has almost been forgotten in the today's world. Beautifully illustrated this is an enchanting and fascinating guide to the history of faeries, how these beings participate at all levels of life and how they can be engaged to re-enchant modern lives.

The Healing Power of Faery

Author : Edain McCoy
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Faeries, gnomes, elves, and sprites have been a part of ancient Celtic lore for centuries. These nature spirits protect and offer guidance to those who truly believe in their power. This book explores the mystical world of the Fey (nature spirits and guardians) and provides training to become a Faery shaman. Readers learn how to use the energy of nature spirits to heal their bodies, minds, and hearts. This complete guide illustrates the journey to becoming a Faery shaman, offers tips to strengthen partnership with Faery, provides lessons for productive Faery healing sessions, and includes Faery magick for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Bestselling author and Faery shaman Edain McCoy lifts the veil between our world and the world of the Faery to show readers the benefits of a truly magical relationship.

Living the Personal Myth

Author : The Silver The Silver Elves
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Living the Personal Myth was written by Zardoa Silverstar of the Silver Elves. It is a unique narrative about a psychological study of the magic of living one's personal myth, in effect, making one's dream and vision of one's self come true by living it. It is a personal guide to becoming one's true s'elf as one inwardly knows one's s'elf to be. What makes this book particularly interesting is that the author considers himself to be an elf, yet he has an astute scientific mind that he uses to psychologically examine his identification with the otherkin world. He explores his personal myth and life as an elf and demonstrates how basing one's myth on real events in one's life empowers one's myth and one's magic. Whatever or whoever you are, this book is a potent guide to realizing one's genuine, and potentially powerful, magical and fantastic, nature. The author uses dream work techniques, oracle readings, and active imagination to take us through a depth psychology exploration of his own experience in the individuation process of becoming a whole person whose unconscious and conscious elements are integrated and who is a unique individual. Much of the material in this book is based on a depth process study he conducted at Sonoma State University in the Depth Psychology Department in 2005. This work suggests "Personal Myth" to be an understanding of the self that incorporates the symbolic, imaginal and fantasy elements of the unconscious and accepts them as real within their own realms of being. It is the author's belief that the Personal Myth is the unconscious' understanding of the individual spirit's Cosmic aspirations and potentialities. In that way, Personal Myth is seen as the personality of the unconscious and of the individual's spirit.

The Faerie Queene

Author : Edmund Spenser
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Format : PDF, Docs
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The Faerie Queene Cantos I II and the Prothalamion

Author : Edmund Spenser
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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