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The Man in the Yellow Hat

Author : Dorothy W. Martyn
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Psychotherapist Dorothy W. Martyn reverses the way in which psychoanalytic psychology and Christian theology have usually been related to one another. With few exceptions, priority has been granted to psychology: infantile needs and wishes spawn religious ideas; from one's life experience onecan proceed to an understanding of God. Tracing the therapeutic journeys of three children, Martyn finds crucial illumination in the insights of Freud, Jung, Winnicott, Klein, and others. But she sees the power that evokes emotional growth in the therapeutic relationship as deriving from motifs ofChristian theology that deepen our understanding of authentic parental love.

Curious about George

Author : Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre
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In 1940, Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey built two bikes, packed what they could, and fled wartime Paris. Among the possessions they escaped with was a manuscript that would later become one of the most celebrated books in children’s literature—Curious George. Since his debut in 1941, the mischievous icon has only grown in popularity. After being captured in Africa by the Man in the Yellow Hat and taken to live in the big city’s zoo, Curious George became a symbol of curiosity, adventure, and exploration. In Curious about George: Curious George, Cultural Icons, Colonialism, and US Exceptionalism, author Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre argues that the beloved character also performs within a narrative of racism, colonialism, and heroism. Using theories of colonial and rhetorical studies to explain why cultural icons like Curious George are able to avoid criticism, Schwartz-DuPre investigates the ways these characters operate as capacious figures, embodying and circulating the narratives that construct them, and effectively argues that discourses about George provide a rich training ground for children to learn US citizenship and become innocent supporters of colonial American exceptionalism. By drawing on postcolonial theory, children’s criticisms, science and technology studies, and nostalgia, Schwartz-DuPre’s critical reading explains the dismissal of the monkey’s 1941 abduction from Africa and enslavement in the US, described in the first book, by illuminating two powerful roles he currently holds: essential STEM ambassador at a time when science and technology is central to global competitiveness and as a World War II refugee who offers a “deficient” version of the Holocaust while performing model US immigrant. Curious George’s twin heroic roles highlight racist science and an Americanized Holocaust narrative. By situating George as a representation of enslaved Africans and Holocaust refugees, Curious about George illuminates the danger of contemporary zero-sum identity politics, the colonization of marginalized identities, and racist knowledge production. Importantly, it demonstrates the ways in which popular culture can be harnessed both to promote colonial benevolence and to present possibilities for resistance.

Parenting Through Pop Culture

Author : JL Schatz
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With the ever-increasing amount of media children are consuming, it has become important for parents to learn how to help them navigate this consumption productively. All too often, the only approach to screen time by parents is a question of limiting how much and what kind. Instead, if parents and educators can adopt a more nuanced relationship to media and education, adults and children can come together in order to engage with and deconstruct the messages that are embedded in popular culture. This enables children to become more informed citizens. This collection seeks to do just that by providing a series of essays on strategies to engage children with varying topics and programming to ensure that media consumption is an active process that promotes social and political awareness instead of apathetic entertainment.

Journeys in Social Education A Primer

Author : C. White
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Social education is quite a journey. Given the ongoing debate and struggle with “defining” social education, the following is at present a “working definition” - "While we resist ‘defining’ social education, we believe that social education emphasizes three areas of study: critical pedagogy, cultural/media studies, and social studies education. We also stress that education, interpreted broadly, has the potential to advance social justice." Thus emerged social education... a lifelong journey for all of us – to question, to challenge, to do, and to create. Connecting present and past, merging current issues with traditional curriculum, integrating alternative texts and perspectives, empowering and emancipating kids and educators, and transforming schools and society – the transgressions of social education scream out. Dewey, Freire, Kincheloe, Zinn, Greene, Giroux, Apple, hooks, McLaren, Kozol, Loewen, Said, Chomsky, even Bob Dylan and many others have provided the impetus. May we make them proud! The essays within this text demonstrate various journeys in social education. They are meant as stories, not maps or scripts. They are intended to serve as a primer of sorts, for those interested in a similar journey. Hopefully, this can be a meaningful experience for many – students, educators, parents, and society as a whole, of course. Well... the journey and struggle continues...

Try the Veal

Author : Phil Wells
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There's only so much abuse a young genius can take before he starts writing about the world around him. That genius is Phil Wells. In this collection of essays, plays, and poems, we see the product of an imagination warped by cartoons, fuelled by caffeine, and destroyed by mindless labor. What's Paris Hilton's worst nightmare? How can you prevent an infestation of Catholic monks in your home? What's so great about North Bergen, NJ? The answers are in this book.

How Picturebooks Work

Author : Maria Nikolajeva
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"How Picturebooks Work is an innovative and engaging look at the interplay between text and image in a host of children's fiction. Drawing from an international range of major children's books, Maria Nikolajeva and Carole Scott discuss such favorites as Curious George and Frog and Toad Are Friends, along with the works of Maurice Sendak and Tove Jansson, to name a few. Picturebooks appeal to all readers - young and old. They provide common ground between generations and - perhaps more than any other literary or artistic medium - shape the representation and socialization of children. With 116 illustrations, How Picturebooks Work offers the reader a new methodology, groundbreaking theories, terminology, and working tools for understanding the dynamic picturebook form."--Jacket.

Laugh with the Moon

Author : Shana Burg
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Laugh with the Moon is on the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List. Thirteen-year-old Clare Silver is stuck. Stuck in denial about her mother’s recent death. Stuck in the African jungle for sixty-four days without phone reception. Stuck with her father, a doctor who seems able to heal everyone but Clare. Clare feels like a fish out of water at Mzanga Full Primary School, where she must learn a new language. Soon, though, she becomes immersed in her new surroundings and impressed with her fellow students, who are crowded into a tiny space, working on the floor among roosters and centipedes. When Clare’s new friends take her on an outing to see the country, the trip goes horribly wrong, and Clare must face another heartbreak head-on. Only an orphan named Memory, who knows about love and loss, can teach Clare how to laugh with the moon. Told from an American girl’s perspective, this story about how death teaches us to live and how love endures through our memories will capture the hearts of readers everywhere.

Emerging Issues in Tort Law

Author : Jason W. Neyers
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In this book, articles by leading tort scholars from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States deal with important theoretical and practical issues that are emerging in the law of torts. The articles analyse recent leading developments in areas such as economic negligence, causation, vicarious liability, non-delegable duty, breach of statutory duty, intentional torts, damages, and tort law in the family. They provide a foretaste of the issues that will face tort law in the near future and offer critical viewpoints that should not go unheeded. With its rich breadth of contributors and topics, Emerging Issues in Tort Law will be highly useful to lawyers, judges and academics across the common law world. Contributors: Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey, Kumaralingam Amirthalingam, Peter Benson, Vaughan Black, Peter Cane, Erika Chamberlain, Israel Gilead, Paula Giliker, Rick Glofcheski, Lewis N Klar QC, Michael A Jones, Richard Lewis, John Murphy, Jason W Neyers, Ken Oliphant, David F Partlett, Stephen GA Pitel, Denise Reaume, Robert H Stevens, Andrew Tettenborn, Stephen Todd, Shauna van Praagh, Stephen Waddams, David R Wingfield, Richard W Wright.

The American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style

Author : Houghton Mifflin Company
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Presents instruction on word usage in current writing, suggests stylistic improvements, and answers common grammar questions.

The Middle Finger

Author : Saikat Majumdar
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Never afraid of taking risks, Saikat Majumdar has taken his place as one the most striking novelists writing today. – SHASHI DESHPANDE In prose of spare elegance and understated precision, Saikat Majumdar explores an ethical conflict around mentorship, as well as a welter of questions around creative compromise, cultural privilege and entitlement, including the insidious pressures on poets to be ‘snarky and snappy’. Here is a storyteller whose language is writerly yet beautifully unmannered, supple enough to combine irony with gentleness, finely-modulated observation with axiomatic ease. – ARUNDHATHI SUBRAMANIUM A novel of love and friendship, pleasure, pain and jealousy. – R. RAJ RAO What are the ethical boundaries of friendship and intimacy between a student and a teacher? Megha, a young writing lecturer in New Jersey struggles to finish her thesis and find full-time employment even as she begins to find underground fame as a poet. Restless and disenchanted, she lets her professor and friends persuade her to take up a position at a new university in Delhi. Moving continents, resettling in the city she knew as a teenager, she discovers that the university is an island of wealth and privilege, and that her mandate is to teach and train some of the key members of India’s ruling class. But her life as a teacher is disrupted as she makes a new friend who unsettles her and asks for unexpected support. In sharp and lyrical prose, The Middle Finger tells the story of a poet grappling with questions about mentorship and belonging, disrupting boundaries set by society and the hierarchies hidden in the world of education.