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The Man Who Saved FC Barcelona

Author : Sue O'Connell
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A novel about the remarkable life of the Irishman Patrick O'Connell, appointed as manager of FC Barcelona at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, and generally recognised as the man who saved the club from bankruptcy.

Wish You Were Here

Author : Terry Stevens
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This book will give tourists and travellers a description of each of 50 leading destinations from around Europe with a personal explanation offering an insight as to why, and how, these destinations consistently deliver high-quality visitor experiences.In addition to the 36 European destinations featured in Wish You Were Here, this European edition of the book also includes information on West Dorset (UK), Bergamo (Italy), Bordeaux (France), Brda (Slovenia), Vyoske Tatry (Slovakia), Cornwall (UK), San Sebastian (Spain), Podcetrek (Slovenia), Trieste (Italy), The Wadden Sea (Denmark), Cardiff (UK), Basel (Belgium), North Pembrokeshire (UK) and Valletta (Malta).

Wish You Were Here Professional Edition

Author : Terry Stevens
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Written by Terry Stevens.The Stories Behind 50 of the World's Great Destinations.This book will give tourists and travelers a description of each of the 50 destinations with a personal explanation giving an insight as to why, and how, these destinations consistently deliver high quality visitor experiences. It aims to show the visitor how good management and an understanding of the importance of hospitality underpins the success of each destination. Tourists are now very interested in knowing more about how the places they visit are organized and how they get things right.For the tourism professional and future destination managers and marketers, the Professional Edition will have the same core content as the Consumer Edition, exploring the destinations plus a detailed analysis of international best practice in destination management written with deep insight and research supported by extensive bibliography. It will be a major reference book on successful destination management based on my 40 years working in the industry in over 55 countries.- This is not a typical language-driven, promotional bucket-list guidebook. Stevens gives these destinations real world context. He tells us its personality, its mood and not just the reason for being but its reason for resilience, perseverance and ultimate success.' Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor/CBS News


Author : Paul Galvin
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Taking the clothes they wore as a starting point, Paul Galvin skilfully weaves together a collection of stories of Irishmen who defined the culture and mood of their time. In Push, he tells the story of the legendary Walker Brothers – cyclists and soldiers who pedalled through a storm for Ireland at the 1912 Stockholm Games and subsequently served as rebel bike couriers during the 1916 Rising. In Born Mad, discover another side to Samuel Beckett – sartor and prolific sportsman who had knockout power as a champion school’s boxer. In Boland, we learn about Harry Boland’s background as a trained tailor, and in Jack, we encounter Jack B. Yeats at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. These are just some of men who have inspired Paul’s own fashion collections and whom he writes about here in a fascinating collection that shines a light on how history is woven into the clothes Irishmen wear.

Gunshots Goalposts

Author : Benjamin Roberts
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FC Barcelona

Author : Brien Henderson
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FC Barcelona started in 1899, when twelve men met at a local gymnasium and formed a club that would bear the city's name and coat of arms. Today, the club is among the most decorated and respected in the world. This book charts the rise of a small club in constant financial trouble to become one of the greatest in soccer history, including its recent successes with the superstar Lionel Messi. Packed with interesting facts, historical context, and photographs of the club in action, this book provides fans with an in-depth look at the team's troubles and triumphs, and its work to ensure a lasting future.

The Man Who Saved Barcelona

Author : Mark Metcalf
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The remarkable story of Patrick O'Connell, the former Ireland and Manchester United captain who saved Barcelona from extinction died destitute in London, where he lies in an unmarked grave.

Football Fans Around the World

Author : Sean Brown
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This volume investigates the way in which football supporters around the world express themselves as followers of teams, whether they be professional, amateur or national. The diverse geographical and cultural array of contributions to this volume highlights not only the variety of how fans express themselves, but their commonalities as well. The collection brings together scholars of North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa to present a global picture of fan culture. The collection shows that while every group of fans around the world has its own characteristics, the role of a football fan is laced with commonalities, irrespective of geography or culture. This book was previously published as a special issue of Soccer and Society.

Politeness Strategies Used by Pep Guardiola in FC Barcelona s Press Conferences

Author : Bambang S.
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Discourse Analysis

Focus On 100 Most Popular Expatriate Footballers in Spain

Author : Wikipedia contributors
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