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The Masseuse

Author : Sierra Kincade
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First in the sexy and suspenseful Body Work Trilogy Anna Rossi lives by one simple rule: don’t get attached, don’t get hurt. But Alec Flynn doesn’t play by the rules… Anna never takes on a massage client without screening him first, but the paycheck offered by billionaire Maxim Stein is too good to turn down. Stein is the richest man she’s ever laid her hands on, and despite the risks, she trusts that she can take care of herself. After all, she’s handled difficult clients in the past. What she isn’t prepared for is getting caught in a compromising situation by Maxim’s tall, dark, and gorgeous bodyguard—or the desperate desires he awakens in her… Alec is dangerous. The mysterious, hard-bodied man is completely irresistible and won’t be refused, no matter what walls Anna puts up to protect herself. But as Anna falls fast for his careful ministrations and mind-blowing skills, she begins to realize that giving herself over to a man with so many secrets isn’t just putting her heart at risk—it’s endangering her life…

Taxpertise The Complete Book of Dirty Little Secrets and Tax Deductions for Small Businesses the IRS Doesn t Want You to Know

Author : Bonnie Lee
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Outlines out-of-the-box strategies and practical solutions for addressing tax issues, challenging popular misconceptions while covering such topics as minimizing a small business's taxable income, reducing liabilities, and maximizing deductions. Original.

Women Workers in Seven Professions

Author : Edith J. Morley
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The authors who contributed essays on areas of employment open to women including education, medicine, and civil service, all share the assumption that economic discrimination is critical to women's oppression.

Mirror of Japan Yamato No Kagami

Author : Dorsey Reaser
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Mirror of Japan, Yamato No Kagami, is a light accounting of Japanese history, tales, and customs of Shinto spirits. It was a land of rules and absolute behavior, where every move was strictly proscribed, where was more important than substance, and every person was ON STAGE at all times. The sliding open of a door brought to the level of a one-act play. A land where persons killing themselves were required to do so with style and grace. Treachery and betrayal were commonplace and honorable, but wearing an incorrect outfit to court was unforgivable. Forty-seven samurai were sentenced to suicide for proving that point of honor by killing a guilty trickster. Their crime: Not filing proper notice of their intentions. The Forty Seven Samurai are all buried under their headstones. There are in fact forty-eight headstones, but that's another story. In honor of Lafcadio Hearn, who spent his life teaching English to Japanese children. His insight and written observation of Japanese customs and social behavior were helpful in writing this book. Oh, he was from Ohio, which is the Japanese word for Good Morning.

Encyclopedia of Journalists on Film

Author : Richard R. Ness
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From All the President’s Men to Zodiac, some of the most compelling films of the last century have featured depictions of journalists in action. While print journalism struggles to survive, the emergence of news from social media outlets continues to expand, allowing the world to be kept informed on a second-bysecond basis. Despite attacks on journalists—both verbal and physical—a free press remains a crucial bastion for civilized society. And just as the daily news reflects the current state of affairs, films about journalism represent how reporting has evolved over the last few centuries. In Encyclopedia of Journalists on Film, Richard R. Ness provides a comprehensive examination of the fourth estate in cinema—from newspaper reporters to today’s cyber journalists. In this volume, Ness provides in-depth descriptions and analyses of more than five hundred significant films, from the silent era to the present, including international productions and made-for-television movies. The entries focus on the image of the press on screen and ethical issues or concerns raised about the practices of the profession. Collectively, the entries demonstrate that there is a recognizable genre of journalism films with definable plot patterns and iconography. Each entry features: Major credits including directors, writers, and producers List of characters and the actors who portray them Running time Plot synopsis Analysis of the role of journalism Many of the entries feature critical reviews as well as cogent selections of dialogue. Films discussed here include comedies such as His Girl Friday (1940), nail-biting thrillers like Foreign Correspondent (1940) and The Parallax View (1974), social commentaries like Network (1976) and The China Syndrome (1979), dramas like Citizen Kane (1941) and The Post (2017), and of course, Academy Award winners All the President’s Men (1976) and Spotlight (2015). A definitive study of a film genre, Encyclopedia of Journalists on Film will be of interest to film scholars, researchers, journalists, and students of popular culture.

The Secrets of Harry Bright

Author : Joseph Wambaugh
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Raucous cops, outlaw bikers, and suntanned celebrities collide in a steamy landscape swirling with natural beauty and unnatural death. Seventeen months ago the California desert revealed the remains of Jack Watson. The rich man’s son was found incinerated in a Rolls-Royce, a bullet in his head. Now, a year and a half later, Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective Sidney Blackpool is called into the desert to take on the case. But what begins for Blackpool as an investigation sandwiched between golf games in nearby Palm Springs quickly becomes an obsession. For the savage beauty of the wastelands holds many secrets. Secrets that stir up Blackpool’s long-suppressed nightmares of his own son’s death. Secrets that threaten to destroy an entire police department. Secrets that, by rights, should remain forever buried by the wind in the ageless desert sands. In this riveting novel, bestselling author Joseph Wambaugh jolts our emotions while entertaining us with his special brand of bawdy, beautiful, dark humor.

In Pain Almost in Vain

Author : Haneef Yusoff
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In Pain Almost In Vain is a real-life account of a nervous disorder patient from the moment he was diagnosed, through his journey finding the cure, not curing, up till rehabilitation. His disorder affects his sensory, muscle motors and digestive system. He is still in continuous pain due to his skin hypersensitiveness, burning sensation, muscle cramps, stiffness, numbness, imbalance and a slightly improved digestive system. He writes about how his disorder brought him to meet different practitioners and people who have changed his outlook towards life. He approached his predicament as a normal human with remorse, anger, frustration and he didn't hide his real feelings. He expressed what he sees and experienced in a casual, sincere and slightly humorous manner. In Pain Almost In Vain shows how all problems should be faced in a child-like attitude, trying everything possible, listen to suggestions and do it without worrying about the results because we are not the one determining it. He realized from his ailment that out there, people are readily willing to help him, not individualistic as he perceived. He has learned that being with other patients is an education. It is a book about appreciation, love and hope.

Lectures on Massage Electricity in the Treatment of Disease masso electrotherapeutics

Author : Thomas Stretch Dowse
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Tick Tock

Author : J. Robert Kennedy
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*** FROM USA TODAY & MILLION COPY BESTSELLING AUTHOR J. ROBERT KENNEDY *** Sometimes Hell is Other People Crime Scene tech Frank Brata digs deep and finds the courage to ask his colleague, Sarah, out for coffee after work. Their good time turns into a nightmare when Frank wakes up the next morning covered in blood, with no recollection of what happened, and Sarah's body floating in the tub. Determined not to go to prison for a crime he's horrified he may have committed, he scrubs the crime scene clean, and, tormented by text messages from the real killer, begins a race against the clock to solve the murder before his own co-workers, his own friends, solve it first, and find him guilty. Billionaire Richard Tate is the toast of the town, loved by everyone but his wife. His plans for a romantic weekend with his mistress ends in disaster, waking the next morning to find her murdered, floating in the tub. After fleeing in a panic, he returns to find the hotel room spotless, and no sign of the body. An envelope found at the scene contains not the expected blackmail note, but something far more sinister. Two murders, with the same MO, targeting both the average working man, and the richest of society, sets a rejuvenated Detective Shakespeare, and his new reluctant partner, Amber Trace, after a murderer whose motivations are a mystery, and who appears to be aided by the very people they would least expect--their own. Tick Tock, Book #2 in the internationally bestselling Detective Shakespeare Mysteries series, picks up right where Depraved Difference left off, and asks a simple question: What would you do? What would you do if you couldn't prove your innocence, but knew you weren't capable of murder? Would you hide the very evidence that might clear you, or would you turn yourself in and trust the system to work? From USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy comes the highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit Depraved Difference, Tick Tock. Filled with heart pounding terror and suspense, along with a healthy dose of humor, Tick Tock's twists will keep you guessing right up to the terrifying end. Available Detective Shakespeare Mysteries: Depraved Difference, Tick Tock, The Redeemer USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy’s novels are ideal for fans of Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Tom Clancy, and James Patterson, and those who enjoy intense action and intrigue with a healthy dose of humor and a touch of romance. Readers interested in action adventure, archaeological mysteries, historical fiction, men’s adventure, conspiracies and ancient mysteries, will love the James Acton Thrillers. If spies and espionage is your thing, then check out the CIA Special Agent Dylan Kane Thrillers for riveting tradecraft action. And for those who prefer the team approach and Special Forces, check out the Delta Force Unleashed series for exciting military thrills. Or maybe you just feel like a mystery? Check out the Detective Shakespeare Mysteries for dark, intense psychological thrillers.

Consumption Informal Markets and the Underground Economy

Author : M. Pisani
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Using original qualitative ethnographic field interviews and quantitative field survey results, Consumption, Informal Markets, and the Underground Economy explores the rationale for and model of 'off the books' consumption in a borderlands environment.