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The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England

Author : Exeter Symposium
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Twelve papers focus on mysticism as an experience and on the work of individual mystics. The proceedings of the fifth meeting include: studies of medieval mystics in continental Europe; clarification of the nature of Bridgettine spirituality through examination of the thinking that governed the practical details of their daily routine and their religous instruction; analyses of the distinctively creative quality of the writings of Julian of Norwich and of the status of visionary autobiography as a literary genre; comparison between modern philosophical understanding and that of a medieval mystic; enquiry as to what books were available and to whom in fourteenth-century Cambridge; radical questioning of the identity of the translator of the text known as Benjamin Minor traditionally ascribed to the author of the Cloud of Unknowing. Contributors: JOHN CLARK, TARJEI PARK, OLIVER DAVIES, VINCENT GILLESPIE, MAGGIE ROSS, NICHOLAS WATSON, KATHRYN KERBY FULTON, SASKIA MURK JANSEN, ULLA SANDER OLSEN, VERONICA LAWRENCE, GUNNEL CLEVE, SONYA SIKKA, ROGER ELLIS.

Mystical Theology and Continental Philosophy

Author : David Lewin
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Exploration of the interface between mystical theology and continental philosophy is a defining feature of the current intellectual and even devotional climate. But to what extent and in what depth are these disciplines actually speaking to one another; or even speaking about the same phenomena? This book draws together original contributions by leading and emerging international scholars, delineating emerging debates in this growing and dynamic field of research, and spanning mystical and philosophical traditions from the ancient, to the medieval, modern, and contemporary. At the heart of which lies Meister Eckhart, perhaps the single most influential Christian mystic for modern times. The book is organised around significant historical and contemporary figures who speak across the intersections of philosophy and theology, offering new insights into key interlocutors such as Pseudo-Dionysius, Augustine, Isaac Luria, Eckhart, Hegel, Heidegger, Marion, Kierkegaard, Deleuze, Laruelle, and Žižek. Designed both to contribute to current trends in mystical theology and philosophy, and elicit dialogue and debate from further afield, this book speaks within an emerging space exploring the retrieval of the mystical within a post-secular context.

The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England

Author : Edward Alexander Jones
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The series has from the beginning been instrumental in sustaining this field of study. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY

Manuscript Culture and Medieval Devotional Traditions

Author : Jennifer N. Brown
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Essays exploring the great religious and devotional works of the Middle Ages in their manuscript and other contexts.

The Visual Object of Desire in Late Medieval England

Author : Sarah Stanbury
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Stanbury explores the lost traffic in images in late medieval England and its impact on contemporary authors and artists.

Mystics Visionaries and Prophets

Author : Shawn Madigan
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Winner of Catholic Press Association Book-of-the-Year Award-Spirituality Unique in its range and depth, this lavish anthology for the first time captures in a single volume the most notable spiritual writings of leading women from all periods of Christian history. Because spirituality involves more than simply prayer and piety, Madigan has selected women whose quests for intimacy with God also involves some visionary experience or social witness. Ranging from Perpetua in the third century to Mother Teresa and Edwina Gately in this century, her volume includes writings from both European women and, in the modern period, Asian, American, and African American women. Apart from redressing the heavy gender imbalance of most histories of Christianity, this volume also provides strong historical introductions to and bibliographies of the twenty-six women whose writings are generously excerpted. Women included in this volume are: Perpetua the Martyr Pelagia the Actress Brigit of Ireland Balthild the Queen of Neustria Dhuoda of Septimania Hildegard of Bingen Heloise Mechthild of Magdeburg Gertrude the Great Hadewijch Julian of Norwich Catherine of Siena Margery Kempe Teresa of Avila Jane Frances de Chantal Sojourner Truth Maria Stewart Gabrielle Bossis Dorothy Day Caryll Houselander Pauli Murray Laura Lopez Silvia Maribel Arriola Mother Teresa Cho Wha Soon Mercy Amba Oduyoye Edwina Gately

Mystical Languages of Unsaying

Author : Michael A. Sells
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The subject of Mystical Languages of Unsaying is an important but neglected mode of mystical discourse, apophasis. which literally means "speaking away." Sometimes translated as "negative theology," apophatic discourse embraces the impossibility of naming something that is ineffable by continually turning back upon its own propositions and names. In this close study of apophasis in Greek, Christian, and Islamic texts, Michael Sells offers a sustained, critical account of how apophatic language works, the conventions, logic, and paradoxes it employs, and the dilemmas encountered in any attempt to analyze it. This book includes readings of the most rigorously apophatic texts of Plotinus, John the Scot Eriugena, Ibn Arabi, Marguerite Porete, and Meister Eckhart, with comparative reference to important apophatic writers in the Jewish tradition, such as Abraham Abulafia and Moses de Leon. Sells reveals essential common features in the writings of these authors, despite their wide-ranging differences in era, tradition, and theology. By showing how apophasis works as a mode of discourse rather than as a negative theology, this work opens a rich heritage to reevaluation. Sells demonstrates that the more radical claims of apophatic writers—claims that critics have often dismissed as hyperbolic or condemned as pantheistic or nihilistic—are vital to an adequate account of the mystical languages of unsaying. This work also has important implications for the relationship of classical apophasis to contemporary languages of the unsayable. Sells challenges many widely circulated characterizations of apophasis among deconstructionists as well as a number of common notions about medieval thought and gender relations in medieval mysticism.

Saint Bride and Her Book

Author : Saint Bridget (of Sweden)
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First published in 1992.

A Companion to Middle English Prose

Author : Anthony Stockwell Garfield Edwards
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The essays in this volume provide an up-to-date and authoritative guide to the major prose Middle English authors and genres. Each chapter is written by a leading authority on the subject and offers a succinct account of all relevant literary, history and cultural factors that need to considered, together with bibliographical references. Authors examined include the writers of the Ancrene Wisse, the Katherine Group and the Wohunge Group; Richard Rolle; Walter Hilton; Nicholas Love; Julian of Norwich; Margery Kempe; "Sir John Mandeville"; John Trevisa, Reginald Pecock; and John Fortescue. Genres discussed include romances, saints' lives, letters, sermon literature, historical prose, anonymous devotional writings, Wycliffite prose, and various forms of technical writing. The final chapter examines the treatment of Middle English prose in the first age of print. Contributors: BELLA MILLETT, RALPH HANNA III, AD PUTTER, KANTIK GHOSH, BARRY A. WINDEATT, A.C. SPEARING, IAN HIGGINS, A.S.G. EDWARDS, VINCENT GILLESPIE, HELEN L. SPENCER, ALFRED HIATT, FIONA SOMERSET, HELEN COOPER, GEORGE KEISER, OLIVER S. PICKERING, JAMES SIMPSON, RICHARD BEADLE, ALEXANDRA GILLESPIE.

On Deification and Sacred Eloquence

Author : Louise Nelstrop
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This book considers the place of deification in the writings of Julian of Norwich and Richard Rolle, two of the fourteenth-century English Mystics. It argues that, as a consequence of a belief in deification, both produce writing that is helpfully viewed as sacred eloquence. The book begins by discussing the nature of deification, employing Norman Russell’s typology. It explores the realistic and ethical approaches found in the writings of several Early Greek Fathers, including Irenaeus of Lyons, Cyril of Alexandria, Origen, and Evagrius Ponticus, as well as engaging with the debate around whether deification is a theological idea found in the West across its history. The book then turns its attention to Julian and Rolle, arguing that both promote forms of deification: Rolle offering a primarily ethical approach, while Julian’s approach is more realistic. Finally, the book addresses the issue of sacred eloquence, arguing that both Rolle and Julian, in some sense, view their words as divinely inspired in ways that demand an exegetical response that is para-biblical. Offering an important perspective on a previously understudied area of mysticism and deification, this book will be of interest to scholars of mysticism, theology, and Middle English religious literature.