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The Mental and Moral Philosophy of Laughter

Author : Edwin Paxton Hood
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The Mental and Moral Philosophy of Laughter

Author : Edwin Paxton Hood
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The Victorian Comic Spirit

Author : Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor
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This title was first published in 2000: "Comedy" and "humour" are not words most associate with the Victorian period, yet their culture was rife with laughter and irony. The 12 essays in this volume reanimate this "comic spirit" by exploring the humour in its social context. While previous studies of humour in the period focus on the age's own ongoing interest in the old distinction in comic theory between wit and humour, this volume aims to show how inadequate this distinction is in accounting for the many types of Victorian comic representation. The essays turn from linguistic or psychological analyses of humour towards the social production of humour and the cultural dynamics which underlie it.

Why Can t Philosophers Laugh

Author : Katrin Froese
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This book analyzes Western and Chinese philosophical texts to determine why laughter and the comic have not been a major part of philosophical discourse. Katrin Froese maintains that many philosophical accounts of laughter try to unearth laughter's purpose, thereby rendering it secondary to the intentional and purposive aspects of human nature that impel us to philosophize. Froese also considers texts that take laughter and the comic as starting points, attempting to philosophize out of laughter rather than merely trying to unearth reasons for laughter. The book proposes that continuously unraveling philosophical assumptions through the comic and laughter may be necessary to live well.

Reading Popular Prints 1790 1870

Author : Brian Maidment
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This book offers readers access to the critical issues and methodological complexities raised by the interpretation of popular graphic images from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Philosophy of Laughter and Humor

Author : John Morreall
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This book assesses the adequacy of the traditional theories of laughter and humor, suggests revised theories, and explores such areas as the aesthetics and ethics of humor, and the relation of amusement to other mental states. Theories of laughter and humor originated in ancient times with the view that laughter is an expression of feelings of superiority over another person. This superiority theory was held by Plato, Aristotle, and Hobbes. Another aspect of laughter, noted by Aristotle and Cicero and neglected until Kant and Schopenhauer developed it into the incongruity theory, is that laughter is often a reaction to the perception of some incongruity. According to the third and latest traditional theory, the relief theory of Herbert Spencer and Freud, laughter is the venting of superfluous nervous energy. Historical examples of all these theories are presented along with hybrid theories such as those of Descartes and Bergson. The book also features traditional explorations of the place of humor in aesthetics, drama, and literature. This is the first work in the last fifty years to include the classic sources in the philosophy of humor and the first to present theories by contemporary philosophers.

The Vocabulary of Philosophy Mental Moral and Metaphysical

Author : William Fleming
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Common sense arguments in anecdotes

Author : Edwin Paxton Hood
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The Vocabulary of Philosophy mental moral and metaphysical with quotations and references

Author : William FLEMING (D.D.)
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The Vocubulary of Philosophy Mental Moral and Metaphysical 2 Ed Revised and Enlarged

Author : William Fleming
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