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The Messenger

Author : Joseph F. Girzone
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From the bestselling author of Joshua and A Portrait of Jesus comes a moving, eye-opening parable about a messenger sent to reawaken faith, love, and compassion in a world that has strayed from the lessons of the Gospels. In this Image paperback original, Joseph Girzone once again weaves a story that will transform readers' understanding of Jesus' teaching and change the way they put that teaching into action in their own lives. The Messenger is the story of the Kingdom of Light created by God on Earth. This kingdom started as a small community and grew to encompass vast numbers of people of every race and nation, transcending the boundaries of all worldly realms. But with the passage of time, the message of peace and forgiveness, love and joy, preserved in the book, is forgotten, overwhelmed by the selfish interests of its leaders. Watching over his people, God resolves to send a special messenger to renew the spirit of compassion and freedom among the rulers of the world. Francis, who became attached to God as a young boy and never lost the beauty and joy of that friendship, is entrusted with the precious mission. As Francis travels throughout the United States, Girzone brings to life the conflicts, hostility, and pain of our times and points the way toward peace and understanding. With humility and a strong sense of purpose, Francis teaches leaders to break through the crushing letter of the law and restore its spirit, to reunite groups torn apart by prejudice and hatred through love, and to show compassion to the less fortunate by welcoming them back home to the kingdom. Under the guidance of a new ruler well versed in the book, fear and skepticism give way to the sharing of ideas and the bringing together of people of different beliefs. And the miracle that begins in one part of the world soon spreads, touching the hearts and of transfiguring the lives of the people across the globe.

The Messenger of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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The Messenger of the Lord Described a Sermon on Job Xxiii 23 26

Author : Thomas OXENHAM
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The Messenger

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Please Don t Shoot the Messenger

Author : Gary S. Goodman
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In PLEASE DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! Dr. Gary Goodman arms you with the helpful and practical communications skills you need in order to sail through sensitive business communication situations with customers and colleagues alike. In or out of the office, PLEASE DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! shows you how to improve your communciation skills in practically every possible challenging business situation. Highspirited yet helpful, this book is a must-have for business communication success.

The Masterpieces of Charles Paul de Kock Sans Cravate or The messengers Little streams

Author : Paul de Kock
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Prayers of Muhammad

Author : Farid Abini Hamid
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The Quest of the Thirteen

Author : John DeFilippis
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Life in the Kingdom of Mavinor was lived according to "The Scrolls," until they were attacked by the army of a neighboring kingdom (Xamnon). Every copy of The Scrolls was destroyed in the war. Despite countless hours of labor, the task of reproducing them was far from complete, and their society was slowly unraveling. In order to try and save his people from falling into an age of darkness, King Onestus, whose health is failing, announces that he will assemble a group of thirteen men to undertake a prophesied quest. This quest, to return a sacred medallion to the kingdom, will decide his successor. "The Medallion of Mavinor" is the story of how thirteen very different men learn to work together; warriors, a scholar, a rich man, a fisherman, thrown together against nearly impossible odds. They face off against their world, magical creatures, and one another on an epic journey into the past, and the future of their world.

The Jewish Law of Divorce According to Bible and Talmud with Some Reference to Its Development in Post Talmudic Times

Author : David Werner Amram
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Author : Bo H Lim
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In this commentary Old Testament scholar Bo Lim and theologian Daniel Castelo work together to help the church recover, read, and proclaim the prophetic book of Hosea in a way that is both faithful to its message and relevant to our contemporary context. Though the book of Hosea is rich with imagery and metaphor that can be difficult to interpret, Lim and Castelo show that, with its focus on corporate and structural sin, Hosea contains a critically important message for today’s church.