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The Michigan Roadside Naturalist

Author : J. Alan Holman
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Did you know . . . ? Michigan is seventeenth in oil production in the United States. The Great Lakes are said to be the only glacially produced structures that can be seen from the moon. Michigan was once part of a coral reef. The wood frog is one of the commonest true frogs of moist woodland floors in Michigan today and is able to freeze solid during the winter without harmful effects. These and many more amazing facts await the curious traveler in The Michigan Roadside Naturalist, J. Alan and Margaret B. Holman's captivating guide to the natural treasures of Michigan. A perfect accompaniment to the classic Michigan Trees and The Forests of Michigan, this user-friendly guide offers a Who's Who of the geology, biology, and archaeology of the Great Lakes State, as well as highway adventures along the state's major routes. The book begins with an educational yet accessible tour of important points in Michigan's natural and archaeological history, followed by seven road trips based on commonly traveled state routes, moving from south to north in the Lower Peninsula and east to west in the Upper Peninsula. Readers can proceed directly to the road trips or familiarize themselves with the state's treasure trove of fascinating features before embarking. Either way, an informative and fun odyssey awaits the passionate naturalist, amateur or otherwise. J. Alan Holman is Curator Emeritus of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Michigan State University Museum and Emeritus Professor of Geology and Zoology at Michigan State University. Margaret B. Holman is Research Associate at Michigan State University Museum and Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University.


Author : Janey Levy
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Presents the history, geography, government, economy, and people of Michigan, as well as general facts about the state.

The Forests of Michigan

Author : Donald Dickmann
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No book currently on bookstore shelves explores, as The Forests of Michigan does, the natural history, ecology, management, economic importance, and use of the rich and varied forests that cover about half of the state's 36.3 million acres. The authors look at the forests, where they are, how they got to be, and their present-day usage, using the story of Michigan forests as a backdrop for the state's history, including its archaeology. The Forests of Michigan explores how the forests came back after the great Wisconsin glacier began to recede over 12,000 years ago, and how they recovered from the onslaught of unrestrained logging and wildfire that, beginning in the mid-1800s, virtually wiped them out. The emphasis of the book is on sustaining for the long term the forests of the state, with a view of sustainability that builds not only upon the lessons learned from native peoples' attitude and use of trees but also on the latest scientific principles of forest ecology and management. Generously illustrated and written in an engaging style, The Forests of Michigan sees the forest and the trees, offering both education and delight. "As forest scientists," the authors note, "we opted for a hearty serving of meat and potatoes; anyone who reads this book with the intention of learning something will not be disappointed. Nonetheless, we do include some anecdotal desserts, too." Donald I. Dickmann is Professor of Forestry at Michigan State University and holds a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin. He is the author of The Culture of Poplars. Larry A. Leefers is Associate Professor in the Department of Forestry at Michigan State University. He holds a doctorate from Michigan State University.

Retrieving Michigan s Buried Past

Author : John R. Halsey
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This volume presents more than a hundred centuries of human occupation in the Great Lakes state. It covers the full range of prehistoric occupations in the state and also examines the archaeology of Michigan from the time of the first European exploration to the dawn of the 20th century.

Michigan s Best Nature Centers and Wilderness Preserves

Author : Matt Forster
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When it comes to the beauty and serenity of nature, Michigan is second to none. Most people are familiar with the legendary state parks, national parks and waterfalls, but are you aware of the hidden gems? Michigan offers some of the best preserves and nature centers in the world! Written by outdoors author Matt Forster, this is your introduction to 50 wild and natural places -- and why you should visit them. Whether you're an outdoors enthusiast or are looking for a great way to explore the state, this book is for you. Book Features: 50 preserves and nature centers from around the state, including urban areas Full-color photographs, highlights and neat-to-know details about each locale Hidden gems that many people aren't aware of, even if they live nearby Sites organized by ecosystem, so visiting them is a good introduction to Michigan's ecosystems

West to Far Michigan

Author : Kenneth E. Lewis
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West to Far Michigan is a study of the lower peninsula's occupation by agriculturalists, whose presence forever transformed the land and helped to create the modern state of Michigan. West to Far Michigan traces changes and patterns of settlement crucial to documenting the large-scale development of southern Michigan as a region.

The American Naturalist

Author :
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Encyclopedia of Birds

Author : Joseph Forshaw
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This beautifully illustrated book with colour photographs and original paintings, maps and diagrams, presents an up-to-date and comprehensive survey of the natural history of birds. It will provide readers with a better understanding and appreciation of the world of birds and the preservation of their habitats.

The History of the Earth s Crust

Author : Don L. Eicher
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Emphasizes modern understanding of the changing geography and environments of the earth's crust -- the outermost skin of rock in which the panorama of earth history is most clearly recorded. The treatment is chronological, beginning with our planet's origin at the birth of the solar system almost 5 billion years ago, and ending with the rise of modern humanity amid the fluctuating glacial climates of the last few hundred thousand years.

Introduction to Mineralogy

Author : William D. Nesse
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Physical, optical, and X-ray powder diffraction techniques of mineral study are described in detail, and common chemical analytical methods are outlined as well. Detailed descriptions of over 100 common minerals are provided, and the geologic context within which these minerals occur is emphasized. This comprehensive text is useful for undergraduate students in a wide range of mineralogy courses."--BOOK JACKET.

The American Midland Naturalist

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Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Pomological Society of Michigan

Author : State Pomological Society of Michigan
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The Book of Field and Roadside

Author : John Andrew Eastman
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Provides accounts of eighty-five genera of wildflowers, weeds, and trees commonly found in open country settings, meadows, and regenerating fields, and along roads and trails, each with a listing of other names and close relatives, as well as discussion of lifestyle, associates, and lore.

Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Horticultural Society of Michigan

Author : Michigan State Horticultural Society
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Junior Naturalist Monthly

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The Ottawa Naturalist

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Michigan Living Motor News

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Wanderings in New South Wales Batavia Pedir Coast Singapore and China

Author : George Bennett
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Field Ornithology

Author : Elliott Coues
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The Canadian Record of Science

Author :
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