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The Waning of the Middle Ages

Author : J. Huizinga
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Making a Living in the Middle Ages

Author : Christopher Dyer
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In this book, Christopher Dyer reviews our thinking about the economy of Britain in the Middle Ages. In analysing economic development and change, he allows us to reconstruct the daily lives and experiences of people in the past.

The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages

Author : Geraldine Heng
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This book challenges the common belief that race and racisms are phenomena that began only in the modern era.

Leprosy and identity in the Middle Ages

Author : Elma Brenner
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For the first time, this volume explores the identities of leprosy sufferers and other people affected by the disease in medieval Europe. The chapters, including contributions by leading voices such as Luke Demaitre, Carole Rawcliffe and Charlotte Roberts, challenge the view that people with leprosy were uniformly excluded and stigmatised. Instead, they reveal the complexity of responses to this disease and the fine line between segregation and integration. Ranging across disciplines, from history to bioarchaeology, Leprosy and identity in the Middle Ages encompasses post-medieval perspectives as well as the attitudes and responses of contemporaries. Subjects include hospital care, diet, sanctity, miraculous healing, diagnosis, iconography and public health regulation. This richly illustrated collection presents previously unpublished archival and material sources from England to the Mediterranean.

A Short History of the Middle Ages

Author : Barbara H. Rosenwein
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Inleiding in de geschiedenis van de Middeleeuwen.

The English Nobility in the Late Middle Ages

Author : Chris Given-Wilson
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An authoritative and vivid reconstruction of the true nature of political society in late medieval England. Arranged thematically, it is ideal for student use.

Jurisprudence in the Middle Ages

Author : Walter Ullmann
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Economic and Social History of the Middle Ages

Author : James Westfall Thompson
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The Meaning of the Middle Ages

Author : Norman F. Cantor
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Reading the Middle Ages

Author : Barbara H. Rosenwein
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Reading the Middle Ages is well-known for providing thematic and geographical diversity, clear and informative introductions, and close integration with A Short History of the Middle Ages.

Whose Middle Ages

Author : Andrew Albin
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“An ethical and accessible introduction to a historical period often implicated in racist narratives of nationalism and imperialism.” —Sierra Lomuto, Assistant Professor of Global Medieval Literature, Rowan University A collection of twenty-two essays, Whose Middle Ages? gives nonspecialists access to the richness of our historical knowledge while debunking damaging misconceptions about the medieval past. Myths about the medieval period are especially beloved among the globally resurgent far right, from crusading emblems on the shields borne by alt-right demonstrators to the on-screen image of a purely white European populace defended from actors of color by Internet trolls. This collection attacks these myths directly by insisting that readers encounter the relics of the Middle Ages on their own terms. Each essay uses its author’s academic research as a point of entry and takes care to explain how the author knows what she or he knows and what kinds of tools, bodies of evidence, and theoretical lenses allow scholars to write with certainty about elements of the past to a level of detail that might seem unattainable. By demystifying the methods of scholarly inquiry, Whose Middle Ages? serves as an antidote not only to the far right’s errors of fact and interpretation but also to its assault on scholarship and expertise as valid means for the acquisition of knowledge. “In example after example, the authors show how people shape the Middle Ages to reflect their fears and dreams for themselves and for society. The results range from the amusing to the horrifying, from video games to genocide. Whose Middle Ages? Everyone’s, but not everyone’s in the same way.” —Michelle R. Warren, author of Creole Medievalism

A History of the Middle Ages

Author : Joseph Dahmus
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"During the Merovingian centuries when most kings were weak, and brutal men fought over power and booty, ordinary folk, as well as many who were not so ordinary, again found themselves in desperate need of protection. The result was the appearance and wide extension of a practice called commendation. ....[from back cover]

Gender and Sexuality in the Middle Ages

Author : Martha A. Brozyna
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"This reader brings documents from throughout the medieval world into one collection. The book's chapters are organized according to nine areas allowing for comparative examination of different societies and periods of the Middle Ages"--Provided by publisher.

Seafarers Merchants and Pirates in the Middle Ages

Author : Dirk Meier
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In this engaging and highly-illustrated volume, Dirk Meier brings to life the world of the medieval seaman, based on evidence from ship excavations and contemporary accounts of voyages.

Fashion in the Middle Ages

Author : Margaret Scott
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"This publication is issued in conjunction with the exhibition Fashion in the Middle Ages, on view at the J. Paul Getty Museum from May 31 to August 14, 2011."

The Art of Warfare in Western Europe During the Middle Ages

Author : J. F. Verbruggen
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First full English edition of classic work on medieval warfare, updated to take recent scholarship into account.

Music of the Middle Ages Volume 1

Author : Giulio Cattin
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A unique history of the vast repertory of monophonic music of the Middle Ages.

Understanding the Middle Ages

Author : Harald Kleinschmidt
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This volume critically traces the transformation of ideas in Western Europe over more than 1000 years presenting the middle ages as a period of continual change and continually changing attitudes.

Science in the Middle Ages

Author : David C. Lindberg
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In this book, sixteen leading scholars address themselves to providing as full an account of medieval science as current knowledge permits. Designed to be introductory, the authors have directed their chapters to a beginning audience of diverse readers.

The Middle Ages without Feudalism

Author : Susan Reynolds
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This volume brings together articles (including two hitherto unpublished pieces) that Susan Reynolds has written since the publication of her Fiefs and Vassals (1994). There she argued that the concepts of the fief and of vassalage, as generally understood by historians of medieval Europe, were constructed by post-medieval historians from the works of medieval academic lawyers and the writers of medieval epics and romances. Six of the essays reprinted here continue her argument that feudalism is unhelpful to understanding medieval society, while eight more discuss other aspects of medieval society, law, and politics which she argues provide a better insight into the history of western Europe in the Middle Ages. Three range outside the Middle Ages and western Europe in considering the idea of the nation, the idea of empire, and the problem of finding a consistent and comprehensible vocabulary for comparative and interdisciplinary history.