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The Midlife Mind

Author : Ben Hutchinson
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The meaning of life is a common concern, but what is the meaning of midlife? With the help of illustrious writers such as Dante, Montaigne, Beauvoir, Goethe, and Beckett, The Midlife Mind sets out to answer this question. Erudite but engaging, it takes a personal approach to that most impersonal of processes, aging. From the ancients to the moderns, from poets to playwrights, writers have long meditated on how we can remain creative as we move through our middle years. There are no better guides, then, to how we have regarded middle age in the past, how we understand it in the present, and how we might make it as rewarding as possible in the future.

Reading Goethe at Midlife

Author : Paul Bishop
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This book explores the history of the idea of the midlife crisis, using the writings of C.G. Jung and Goethe to investigate its relevance for today. Tracing how “the ages of humankind” became “the stages of life” in which the midlife crisis represents a pivotal moment, Paul Bishop offers a detailed analysis of a paper by Jung on this subject. He then shifts the focus to Goethe’s interest in Orphic wisdom, and one of Goethe’s major later poems, “Primal Words. Orphic” (Urworte Orphisch). Using Jungian ideas to explore the psychological implications of this poem, Bishop draws on Goethe’s own commentary, and other background material, to uncover its vital message. Reading Goethe at Midlife reveals the remarkable symmetry between the ideas and Jung and Goethe. Jung’s analysis of the stages of life, and his advice to heed the “call of the self,” are brought into the conjunction with Goethe’s emphasis on the importance of hope, showing an underlying continuity of thought and relevance from ancient wisdom, via German classicism to analytical psychology. At a time when many Jungians are turning to neuroscience to provide an external underpinning for Analytical Psychology, this scholarly book is very welcome: it returns to psychology’s home territory, placing Jung firmly in a long cultural tradition. Impressively well-read in many fields extending from literature and the history of ideas to psychoanalysis and Jungian studies, Paul Bishop allows a text by Jung and a late poem by Goethe to mirror and enhance each other, demonstrating Jung's intellectual proximity to the tradition of German classicism. The wealth of “amplifications” that Bishop brings to the many themes treated allows us to experience a living reality—a continuity of ideas across different times and cultures.

Midlife Maze

Author : Janis Clark Johnston
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Have you found yourself wilting in midlife, and wondering what you might do to flourish in your remaining years? Have you lost your way in the midlife maze due to a significant loss? Did you lose your job or desired career advancement? Did you separate or divorce? Did your last child leave home? Did your family experience a virtual storm of bankruptcy or lose your life savings in a financial meltdown? Did you or someone in your family experience the loss of good health? Or did you weather the death of a family member, partner, or friend? Your loss story is personal. Your path through winding passages during midlife is unique. Perhaps the most important encouragement for your grieving process is to know this simple fact: grieving is a natural healing response to loss rather than a pathological experience. Midlife can be a time of reflection, rebellion, or reconnecting to old or new interests and activities. It can also be a time when losses start to happen or begin to pile up – divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job or home, the moving out and on of grown children—and learning how to move forward can be a challenge. Here, a seasoned psychologist looks at the geography of loss in midlife, the way it can affect us, and what we can do to get back on track or redirect ourselves when necessary. Through first hand stories and practical exercises, the author leads readers through the midlife maze to a place of recovery, purpose, and peace.

There Are No Grown ups

Author : Pamela Druckerman
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The best-selling author of BRINGING UP BÉBÉ investigates life in her forties, and wonders whether her mind will ever catch up with her face. When Pamela Druckerman turns 40, waiters start calling her "Madame," and she detects a new message in mens' gazes: I would sleep with her, but only if doing so required no effort whatsoever. Yet forty isn't even technically middle-aged anymore. And there are upsides: After a lifetime of being clueless, Druckerman can finally grasp the subtext of conversations, maintain (somewhat) healthy relationships and spot narcissists before they ruin her life. What are the modern forties? What do we know once we reach them? What makes someone a "grown-up" anyway? And why didn't anyone warn us that we'd get cellulite on our arms? Part frank memoir, part hilarious investigation of daily life, There Are No Grown-Ups diagnoses the in-between decade when... • Everyone you meet looks a little bit familiar. • You're matter-of-fact about chin hair. • You can no longer wear anything ironically. • There's at least one sport your doctor forbids you to play. • You become impatient while scrolling down to your year of birth. • Your parents have stopped trying to change you. • You don't want to be with the cool people anymore; you want to be with your people. • You realize that everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently. • You know that it's ok if you don't like jazz. Internationally best-selling author and New York Times contributor Pamela Druckerman leads us on a quest for wisdom, self-knowledge and the right pair of pants. A witty dispatch from the front lines of the forties, THERE ARE NO GROWN-UPS is a (midlife) coming-of-age story--and a book for anyone trying to find their place in the world.


Author : Kieran Setiya
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Philosophical wisdom and practical advice for overcoming the problems of middle age How can you reconcile yourself with the lives you will never lead, with possibilities foreclosed, and with nostalgia for lost youth? How can you accept the failings of the past, the sense of futility in the tasks that consume the present, and the prospect of death that blights the future? In this self-help book with a difference, Kieran Setiya confronts the inevitable challenges of adulthood and middle age, showing how philosophy can help you thrive. You will learn why missing out might be a good thing, how options are overrated, and when you should be glad you made a mistake. You will be introduced to philosophical consolations for mortality. And you will learn what it would mean to live in the present, how it could solve your midlife crisis, and why meditation helps. Ranging from Aristotle, Schopenhauer, and John Stuart Mill to Virginia Woolf and Simone de Beauvoir, as well as drawing on Setiya’s own experience, Midlife combines imaginative ideas, surprising insights, and practical advice. Writing with wisdom and wit, Setiya makes a wry but passionate case for philosophy as a guide to life.


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Joining Dr. Peter Kramer are members of the Mid-Life Crisis Comedy tour. Dr. Ronald Kessler from the MacArthur Foundation Midlife Network tells us that midlife can be the best of times and the worst of times -- it just depends on the gender, the class, and the age of the person you're talking with. Dr. Margie Lachman, a psychologist at the Lifespan Lab at Brandeis University explains that even as mid-lifers start to experience some loss in "the mechanisms of cognition," years of knowledge make them invaluable additions to the workplace. Singer/songwriter Loudon Wainwright III offers a brand-new song touching on the "ancients" at your high school reunion. The Infinite Mind's Jackson Braider tells anxious midlifers that it's okay to worry -- the world of work is indeed fraught with change, with very little benefit to the midlife employee. Finally, centenarian and former Poet Laureate Stanley Kunitz offers a vision of midlife from the vantage point of a lifetime of experience.

Call the Midlife

Author : Chris Evans
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During his run into turning FIFTY, CHRIS EVANS is on a MISSION. To take stock of WHERE HE IS and WHERE HE'S AT in order to figure out how BEST to get the MOST out of what he BELIEVES are the BEST YEARS yet to come. His typically positive and upbeat journey involves ONE HUNDRED DAYS of contemplation, research, focus, frustration and DECISION MAKING while SECRETLY: *Training for The London MARATHON *Bringing back his cult Nineties TV show TFI FRIDAY *And the small matter of suddenly being asked to take over TOP GEAR. HEALTH, LOVE, MARRIAGE, SEX, DEATH and even RELIGION all come under his witty microscope as he poses the conundrum - MIDLIFE: CRISIS vs OPPORTUNITY ? There can only be one winner.

Midlife Mojo

Author : Frankie Picasso
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Are you tired of asking the Universe, Why am I here ? What is my purpose in life ? When will I be happy? Do you let your fears, negative self talk and guilt stop you from being who you want to be? Are you missing out on the joy of living because you are stuck in a job you dislike, a love less marriage and just maybe a victim mentality? When you wake up each day, do you ever wish ( even for a moment) that you could be anyone but you? If so, then what is stopping you from taking ACTION? Why haven't you moved heaven and earth to change your circumstances? Is it Fear of change or more commonly, fear of leaving your comfort zone ? Guilt that you don't deserve to be happy or maybe, You just don 't know where to start! If you are ready to transform yourself into who you really ARE then I am here to show you how to do it, step by step! Midlife Mojo is like having a one on one Conversation' with Master Coach Frankie Picasso aka, The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso, and she will take you by the hand and champion you to "Get through your Midlife Crisis and emerge as your true Self." Although this book is targeted for those in Midlife, it has been successful in helping those in any age group make positive changes to their lives. Midlife Mojo is your prescription for change and it is both participatory and passive. Each chapter will help you identify what it is you want from life, why you don't have it, where you can get it, and how to turn your impossible dreams into unstoppable outcomes! What are you waiting for? Love, joy, happiness, peace are waiting for you.

Broken Dreams

Author : Mark Jackson
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The midlife crisis has become a cliché in modern society. Since the mid-twentieth century, the term has been used to explain infidelity in middle-aged men, disillusionment with personal achievements, the pain and sadness associated with separation and divorce, and the fear of approaching death. This book provides a meticulously researched account of the social and cultural conditions in which middle-aged men and women began to reevaluate their hopes and dreams, reassess their relationships, and seek new forms of identity and fresh pathways to self-satisfaction. Drawing on a rich seam of literary, medical, media, and cinematic sources, as well as personal accounts, Broken Dreams explores how the crises of middle-aged men and women were shaped by increased life expectancy, changing family structures, shifting patterns of work, and the rise of individualism.

Introduction to Psychology Gateways to Mind and Behavior

Author : Dennis Coon
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Co-written by an author who garners more accolades and rave reviews from instructors and students with each succeeding edition, INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY: GATEWAYS TO MIND AND BEHAVIOR, TWELFTH EDITION attracts and holds the attention of even difficult-to-reach students. The Twelfth Edition's hallmark continues to be its pioneering integration of the proven-effective SQ4R learning system (Survey, Question, Read, Reflect, Review, Recite), which promotes critical thinking as it guides students step-by-step to an understanding of psychology's broad concepts and diversity of topics. Throughout every chapter, these active learning tools -- together with the book's example-laced writing style, discussions of positive psychology, cutting-edge coverage of the field's new research findings, and excellent media resources -- ensure that students find the study of psychology fascinating, relevant, and above all, accessible. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Midlife Crisis

Author : Horton Knight
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This book consists of two titles, which are the following: Book 1: Some people in their midlife time period get trapped into what has been referred to as a “midlife crisis.” Others argue that such a phase does not exist, or if it does, then not everyone goes through it. Despite the fact that life circumstances may vary between individuals, the truth remains that some people experience extreme sadness, losses, envy, depression, decreased libido, longing for youth or missed opportunities, and so much more. Today, we will research this life stage more by looking at symptoms, solutions, false myths about the midlife crisis, and ways to prevent falling into it. Book 2: This book is focused on the many aspects that pertain to a midlife crisis, including the definition, the despair, the drama, and the effects of it. For example, in this guide, you will find more information about what you should do if you are in a midlife crisis to minimize negative impacts on your life. Another hot topic is what happens specifically to many women if they are in a midlife crisis. Furthermore, we’ll talk about handling a partner who is that stage of life and various tips you can use to improve your life. Don’t wait and get started now!

The Mature Mind

Author : Gene D Cohen
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The Golden Years are being redefined. The fastest-growing segment of the population, those beyond the age of fifty, are no longer content to simply cope with the losses of age. Mental acuity and vitality are becoming a life-long pursuit. Now, the science of the mind is catching up with the Baby Boom generation. In this landmark book, renowned psychiatrist Gene Cohen challenges the long-held belief that our brain power inevitably declines as we age, and shows that there are actually positive changes taking place in our minds. Based on the latest studies of the brain, as well as moving stories of men and women in the second half of life, The Mature Mind reveals for the first time how we can continue to grow and flourish. Cohen's groundbreaking theory-the first to elaborate on the psychology of later life-describes how the mind gives us "inner pushes" and creates new opportunities for positive change throughout adult life. He shows how we can jump-start that growth at any age and under any circumstances, fine-tuning as we go, actively building brain reserves and new possibilities. The Mature Mind offers a profoundly different and intriguing look at ourselves, challenging old assumptions, raising bold new questions, and providing exciting answers grounded in science and the realities of everyday life.

The Midlife Method

Author : Sam Rice
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In The Midlife Method, food and lifestyle writer Sam Rice explores why it is so much harder to lose weight as we get older and what we can do about it. Rather than focusing exclusively on restricted eating, as so many diets do, Sam guides us through her 'method' for midlife weight loss based on extensive research into the specific physiological changes that occur in our middle years. She answers the questions that she herself asked when, in her forties, the weight suddenly started accumulating around the middle: * Why is this happening to me? * What am I eating that isn't helping? * What foods should I be eating more of? * How do calories fit into the equation? * How much and what kinds of exercise are most beneficial? * What other lifestyle changes do I need to make? Including more than 80 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and family-friendly dinners, along with an easy 4-week meal plan, The Midlife Method shows how combining Light Days (active calorie restriction via calorie-controlled recipes) and Regular Days (focused on eating well-balanced, nutrient-dense food) can bring about healthy and sustainable weight loss. But we don't just want to lose weight as we get older, we want to feel great too, that is where The Midlife Method Healthy Habits come in. Learn how to exercise optimally, get a better night's sleep, manage stress and enjoy alcohol as part of a healthier lifestyle. If you feel stuck in a midlife weight rut then this is the book for you.

The Middle Years

Author : Liz Fraser
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This is not a book about parenting. There are 1.3 billion of those already, and the main thrust is, ‘if possible, try not to be a shit parent.’ Instead, this is a book about us. You and me. The knackered parents, flailing about in the supposedly ‘easier’ Middle Years, when our babies have sprouted body hair and attitudes, we’re supposed to be ‘getting our life back’ at last . . . but everything feels as if it’s gone a bit tits down. From puberty to parents’ evenings, anxiety to A-Levels, divorce to depression, sex to social media, hormones to . . . Jesus, is that chin hair?! This comprehensive, honest, hilarious and at times heart-breaking rummage through the Rotting Salad Drawer of MidlifeTM that we all go through but nobody tells us about until we’re already drowning in it, holds your weary hand and offers a giant, life-saving snog of, 'IT’S OK. IT’S NOT JUST YOU'. Praise for The Middle Years: 'Everyone in the middle years of parenting needs to read this frank, funny and courageous book!' - Beverley Turner ‘A TRIUMPH! Liz nails the reality of the Middle Years with humour, empathy and fearlessness. I laughed out loud, teared up and cringed.' - Natasha Pearlman, Executive Editor of Glamour US ‘This is a brilliantly insightful, wonderfully written, bloody funny book!’ - Ben Shephard, Good Morning Britain ‘I am reading this and crying with laughter.’ - Tanya Byron

Midlife Crisis How To Get Your Full Power Back For Men

Author : Francisco Bujan
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Midlife Crisis? These strategies should be common knowledge and still... As a man, you can go through 80 years of existence without ever hearing about the basics that create a fulfilling and balanced life! - A midlife crisis is an awakening! - It is a transition into a new era of your existence - Of course, some hormonal changes might be impacting on your biochemical balance but everything is in the mind - In this powerful book, I give you strategies and support to help you understand why being in the midlife zone is so thrilling - I give you tactics for business, body and love life to make sure that you don't self sabotage yourself - These strategies are the result of 10 years of experience coaching guys healthily transition through the midlife zone - If by any chance you still need targeted support after reading this book, you can contact me me for one on one power kick sessions by phone.

The Midlife Kitchen

Author : Mimi Spencer
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As featured in The Times and The Daily Mail. Are you at a point in your life where health is becoming more of a priority? Are you confused by ever-changing headlines that contrive to make the simple act of eating a peril rather than a pleasure? The Midlife Kitchen has the answers. Midlife is not a time to be concerned with food fads and foibles, but rather a glorious opportunity to wrest back control of your eating in the interests of health, happiness and a long life. Taste must certainly come first, but with health firmly snapping at its heels, underpinned by well-established nutritional common sense. Busy lives require simple, sustaining recipes that incorporate health-giving ingredients without too much fanfare or fuss. This book is not about 'clean-eating' or super foods, detoxing or restriction. Instead, it is about building up a balanced and diverse diet, with less sugar, better fat and good carbs. Alongside each recipe is the Midlife Kitchen emblem, the star anise. With each of the eight seeds representing a specific Midlife Health category - such as Hormone Harmony; Mind, Memory, Mood; or Heart Health - authors Sam and Mimi are able to provide simple nutritional information. Health tips explain the benefits of certain ingredients, while 'Why We Love It' sections explore the advantages of cooking each dish. Midlife Must-Haves show how to create homemade essentials such as Midlife Grown-up Granola, Midlife Power Porridge and Midlife Sweetener. From Seared Sirloin on Pan-roasted Veg to The Mother of All Greek Salads, Nurture Bircher to Three-ginger Fire Cake, the recipes in this book come together to create a vibrant menu bursting with mouth-watering flavours.

The Midlife Crisis of Paul Revere

Author : Ian Fletcher
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Startled by his wife's request for a divorce, Paul Revere's life is badly out of joint. Then he meets Sarah, and his life is forever changed. This is a story of romance and sex told with great wit, sophistication and subtle humor.

Borderless Broads New Adventures for the Midlife Woman

Author : Morgana Morgaine
File Size : 81.47 MB
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Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman is written to you, one midlife woman to another. Discover a new vision of yourself as borderless, an edge woman, and explore how to make this phase of your life spacious, resilient and most importantly, option-filled. Why? Because midlife, age 50 to infinity, is a time to expand into the essential truest self that you are. Contraction and Limitation Begone! Learn how thinking of yourself as a mystic, a maverick, and a maven catapults you into embracing a new journey, energized, purposeful and willing to go beyond the borders of who you think you are and what you think is possible. This book is not a RECIPE for living. It is a book to awaken your soul-self through stories, luscious quotes, a dashing splash of humor, and the author's "take" on things that matter. You too can become a Borderless Broad and discover why midlife is a striptease - consider "Pod Living" as the new normal in lifestyles - explore the healing power of harems - come home to yourself - reclaim your Wildness - and live life full out!

The Matter of Mind

Author : Kathlyn Kingdon
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In this remarkable book, Master Djwhal Khul lays out the dimensions of the mind in a coherent presentation unlike any other available today. Whether you approach the mind from a psychological basis, a spiritual perspective, or simply want fuller disclosure of how it perceives and creates, this book will provide amazing insights. You will discover why those who have attained enlightenment all teach the critical necessity of training the mind as the only means to achieving lasting peace. In collaboration with Kathlyn Kingdon, Master Djwhal Khul reveals that the keys to happiness lie within each of us, buried beneath our conditioning and false beliefs, which we mistake for reality. Using this masterful guide, you will discover the importance of dissolving limiting emotional patterns and cutting through the web of illusion, which has held you prisoner in a cage of repeating patterns. The Matter of Mind is an inspiring and lucid treatise created to help you navigate the labyrinth of your mind and open to the experience of your enlightenment. It is hard to imagine reading this classic only once.

Discovering the Musical Mind

Author : Jeanne Bamberger
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Following her distinguished earlier career as a concert pianist and later as a music theorist, Jeanne Bamberger conducted countless case studies analysing musical development and creativity within the classroom environment. 'Discovering the musical mind' draws together these classic studies, and offers the chance to revisit and reconsider some of the conclusions she drew at the time.