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The Military and Militarism in Africa

Author : Codesria
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The Military and Militarism in Africa

Author :
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Military and Militarism in Africa

Author : Eboe Hutchful
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Raising Armies in a Rough Neighbourhood

Author : Bjørn Møller
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The Military in African Politics

Author : William Gutteridge
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The Military Militarisation and Demilitarisation in Africa

Author : Robin Luckham
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War and Society

Author : Jacklyn Cock
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Achieving Security in Sub Saharan Africa

Author : Geoff Harris
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At War

Author : David Kieran
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The country’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, its interventions around the world, and its global military presence make war, the military, and militarism defining features of contemporary American life. The armed services and the wars they fight shape all aspects of life—from the formation of racial and gendered identities to debates over environmental and immigration policy. Warfare and the military are ubiquitous in popular culture. At War offers short, accessible essays addressing the central issues in the new military history—ranging from diplomacy and the history of imperialism to the environmental issues that war raises and the ways that war shapes and is shaped by discourses of identity, to questions of who serves in the U.S. military and why and how U.S. wars have been represented in the media and in popular culture.

Militarizing Marriage

Author : Sarah J. Zimmerman
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Following tirailleurs sénégalais’ deployments in West Africa, Congo, Madagascar, North Africa, Syria-Lebanon, Vietnam, and Algeria from the 1880s to 1962, Militarizing Marriage historicizes how African servicemen advanced conjugal strategies with women at home and abroad. Sarah J. Zimmerman examines the evolution of women’s conjugal relationships with West African colonial soldiers to show how the sexuality, gender, and exploitation of women were fundamental to the violent colonial expansion and the everyday operation of colonial rule in modern French Empire. These conjugal behaviors became military marital traditions that normalized the intimate manifestation of colonial power in social reproduction across the empire. Soldiers’ cross-colonial and interracial households formed at the intersection of race and sexuality outside the colonizer/colonized binary. Militarizing Marriage uses contemporary feminist scholarship on militarism and violence to portray how the subjugation of women was indispensable to military conquest and colonial rule.

Militarism and Peace Education in Africa

Author : Yashpal Tandon
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Demilitarizing the Mind

Author : Alexander De Waal
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Highlighting a central but neglected component of Africa's complicated and intractable wars, the essays collected here argue that political militarism stands in the way of enduring peace, democracy and the development of civil society. Present in both right-wing and left-wing guises - the latter practised by former liberation fronts, which have all betrayed the ideals that enthused their earlier struggles - these anonymous essays, drawn from the experience of conflict and peacemaking, focus on militarism's different manifestations and the ways of overcoming it.

The Military Consequences of Military Rule in Sub Saharan Africa

Author : W. A. Terrill
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This study has sought to shed some light on several of the most significant after-effects of military coups in Sub-Saharan Africa. In doing this, the authors have examined both the governing military's relations with its own subordinate elements and the governing military's relationship with the society itself as a whole. The first priority here has been to examine the military consequences of military rule in terms of such things as resource allocation, fostering of professionalism and morale, as well as the provision of adequate military training. Another important aspect of military rule addressed by this study is a determination regarding the effects of military rule on the propensity for a nation to use both external and internal force. The foreign and domestic policies of military juntas are, therefore, addressed. Finally, this study is concluded with an analysis of those instances where the military has returned to power to civilian authorities with some speculation regarding the conditions which are most favorable to such a transition. Section I presents a broad overview of African militaries in general. The basic conclusion of this overview is that, to varying degrees, African militaries are afflicted with a variety of internal divisions and cleavages. These cleavages can be ethnic, tribal, linguistic generational, political and/or ideological. Nigeria, Congo-Brazzaville, Uganda, Liberia and Zaire are studied.

Criminologies of the Military

Author : Ben Wadham
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This innovative collection offers one of the first analyses of criminologies of the military from an interdisciplinary perspective. While some criminologists have examined the military in relation to the area of war crimes, this collection considers a range of other important but less explored aspects such as private military actors, insurgents, paramilitary groups and the role of military forces in tackling transnational crime. Drawing upon insights from criminology, this book's editors also consider the ways the military institution harbours criminal activity within its ranks and deals with prisoners of war. The contributions, by leading experts in the field, have a broad reach and take a truly global approach to the subject.

Problems of Contemporary Militarism

Author : Asbjørn Eide
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This book, first published in 1980, presents a comprehensive and detailed look at the problem of international militarisation. It examines the key issues, the meaning of the problem, the international context and the spread of militarism to the Third World, its fast growth and dangerous implications – including to the development of often poorer countries.

Democracy Development and the Military

Author : William Jay Foltz
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Conflicting Images of the Military in Africa by Kenneth W Grundy

Author : Kenneth W. Grundy
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The African Military and Political Development

Author : Claude Emerson Welch
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Militarism Humanism and Occupation

Author : Maximilian C. Forte
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Describing and theorizing "the new imperialism" in international relations, this volume presents anthropological and sociological viewpoints on the topics of militarism and militarization; humanitarian interventionism; the responsibility to protect; Canada's role in the occupation of Afghanistan, and the establishment of what is effectively a protectorate in Haiti; the role of NGOs in the formation and management of a new global imperium; and, soft power. Specific case studies are also devoted to the U.S. Army's Human Terrain System; the U.S. Army's Africa Command (AFRICOM); torture and international law; Coca Cola in Colombia; the NATO war in Kosovo; cultural militarization and "militainment;" and, the rising militarism in Canadian public discourse.

International African Bibliography

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