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The Military History of Tsarist Russia

Author : F. Kagan
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The Military History of Tsarist Russia examines Russian military history from the rise of the Muscovite state to the present, even peeking briefly into the future. The volume covers Russia's land forces extensively, but also covers the development of the Russian Navy, and the creation and development of the Russian Air Force - parts of the Russian military machine that are frequently neglected in general writings. The historical analysis addresses the development and function of the Russian military whether in peace or in war, as well as the impact of war and changes in the military upon Russian society and politics. Questions of military organization, doctrine, and technique are paramount, as well as the critical question of the interface between the armed forces and society.

The Military History of the Soviet Union

Author : Robin Higham
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Volume two of the set provides an introduction to the history of the Soviet armed forces from 1917 to 1991.The sixteen chapters show how the Bolsheviks survived the end of the First World War, the struggles against the White Armies and the Poles, the Leninist, Trotskyite, and Stalinist reconstructions, the Red Air Force, the Five-Year Plans, and more. Robin Higham and Frederick W. Kagan highlight the many facets of the Cold War, including the rise of the Soviet Navy after the Great Patriotic War, the disaster in Afghanistan, and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Military History of the Soviet Union

Author : F. Kagan
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The Military History of the Soviet Union and The Military History of Tsarist Russia treat Russian military history from the rise of the Muscovite state to the present, even peeking briefly into the future. The two volumes will cover Russia's land forces extensively, but will also cover the development of the Russian Navy, and the creation and development of the Russian Air Force, parts of the Russian military machine which are frequently neglected in general writings. The historical analysis will address the development and function of the Russian military whether in peace or in war, as well as the impact of war and changes in the military upon Russian society and politics.

The Cambridge History of Russia Volume 2 Imperial Russia 1689 1917

Author : Research Professor Dominic Lieven
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A definitive new history of Russia from early Rus' to the collapse of the Soviet Union

Transformation in Russian and Soviet Military History

Author : United States. Air Force. Office of Air Force History
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A Military History of Russia

Author : David R. Stone
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A concise but comprehensive exploration of Russia's military past, this book traces the course of Russia's wars, both victories and defeats, showing how war has shaped Russian society and how the nature of Russian society has shaped Russia's military and the wars it has fought.

Air Space Power Journal sum 03

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Transformation in Russian and Soviet military history

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Reforming the Tsar s Army

Author : Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, David Hendrik
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From Peter the Great to Nicholas II, Russian rulers always understood the need to maintain an army and navy capable of preserving the empire's great power status. This volume examines how Imperial Russia's armed forces sought to adapt to the challenges of modern warfare. The tsars inevitably faced the dilemma of importing European military and technological innovations while censoring political beliefs that could challenge the autocracy's monopoly on power. Within the context of a constant race to avoid oblivion, the impulse for military renewal emerges from this volume as a fundamental and recurring theme in modern Russian history.

Reader s Guide to Military History

Author : Charles Messenger
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This book contains some 600 entries on a range of topics from ancient Chinese warfare to late 20th-century intervention operations. Designed for a wide variety of users, it encompasses general reviews of aspects of military organization and science, as well as specific wars and conflicts. The book examines naval and air warfare, as well as significant individuals, including commanders, theorists, and war leaders. Each entry includes a listing of additional publications on the topic, accompanied by an article discussing these publications with reference to their particular emphases, strengths, and limitations.

The Fog of Peace and War Planning

Author : Talbot C. Imlay
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How do we plan under conditions of uncertainty? The perspective of military planners is a key organizing framework: do they see themselves as preparing to administer a peace, or preparing to fight a future war? Most interwar volumes examine only the 1920s and the 1930s. This new volume goes back, and forward in time, to draw on a greater expanse of history in order to tease out lessons for contemporary planners. These chapters are grouped into four periods: 1815-1856, 1871-1914, 1918-1938, and post-Second World War. They progress from low-tech to high-tech concerns, for example, the first period examines armies, while the second period examines navies, the third asseses navies combined with air forces, and finally for the Kaiser chapter explores nuclear issues and decision-making.

The Journal of Military History

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European War and Diplomacy 1337 1815

Author : William Young
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The history of international relations and warfare of early modern Europe has gained popularity in recent years. This bibliography provides a valuable listing of books, dissertations, and journal articles in the English language for scholars and general readers interested in diplomatic relations and warfare from the Hundred Years' War to the Napoleonic Wars.

The Harmon Memorial Lectures in Military History 1959 1987 A Collection of the First Thirty Harmon Lectures Given at the United States Air Force Academy

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Author : Andrew Roberts
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The definitive biography of the great soldier-statesman by the New York Times bestselling author of The Storm of War—winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography and the Grand Prix of the Fondation Napoleon Austerlitz, Borodino, Waterloo: his battles are among the greatest in history, but Napoleon Bonaparte was far more than a military genius and astute leader of men. Like George Washington and his own hero Julius Caesar, he was one of the greatest soldier-statesmen of all times. Andrew Roberts’s Napoleon is the first one-volume biography to take advantage of the recent publication of Napoleon’s thirty-three thousand letters, which radically transform our understanding of his character and motivation. At last we see him as he was: protean multitasker, decisive, surprisingly willing to forgive his enemies and his errant wife Josephine. Like Churchill, he understood the strategic importance of telling his own story, and his memoirs, dictated from exile on St. Helena, became the single bestselling book of the nineteenth century. An award-winning historian, Roberts traveled to fifty-three of Napoleon’s sixty battle sites, discovered crucial new documents in archives, and even made the long trip by boat to St. Helena. He is as acute in his understanding of politics as he is of military history. Here at last is a biography worthy of its subject: magisterial, insightful, beautifully written, by one of our foremost historians.

Ring of Steel

Author : Alexander Watson
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Sunday Times History Book of the Year 2014 Winner of the 2014 Wolfson History Prize, the 2014 Guggenheim-Lehrman Prize in Military History, the Society for Military History's 2015 Distinguished Book Award and the 2015 British Army Military Book of the Year For the empires of Germany and Austria-Hungary the Great War - which had begun with such high hopes for a fast, dramatic outcome - rapidly degenerated as invasions of both France and Serbia ended in catastrophe. For four years the fighting now turned into a siege on a quite monstrous scale. Europe became the focus of fighting of a kind previously unimagined. Despite local successes - and an apparent triumph in Russia - Germany and Austria-Hungary were never able to break out of the the Allies' ring of steel. In Alexander Watson's compelling new history of the Great War, all the major events of the war are seen from the perspective of Berlin and Vienna. It is fundamentally a history of ordinary people. In 1914 both empires were flooded by genuine mass enthusiasm and their troubled elites were at one with most of the population. But the course of the war put this under impossible strain, with a fatal rupture between an ever more extreme and unrealistic leadership and an exhausted and embittered people. In the end they failed and were overwhelmed by defeat and revolution.

A Military History of India and South Asia

Author : Daniel Marston
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An accessible introduction to South Asian military history from 1700 to the present

The Supplement to The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian Soviet and Eurasian History Constitution of Azerbaijan Democratic state conference

Author : George N. Rhyne
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The Russian Imperial Army 1796 1917

Author : Roger R. Reese
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The majority of articles in this volume employ social-historical methodology, and see the Russian military as a window on the symbiotic triangular relationship between army, state and society. They demonstrate that the issues affecting the tsarist army were at all times a reflection of the many social problems, aspirations, or political thought of the broader imperial Russian civil society.

For Peace and Money

Author : Jennifer Siegel
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From the late imperial period until 1922, the British and French made private and government loans to Russia, making it the foremost international debtor country in pre-World War I Europe. To finance the modernization of industry, the construction of public works projects, the building of railroads, and the development of the military-industrial complex, Russia's ministers of finance, municipal leaders, and nascent manufacturing class turned, time and time again, to foreign capital. From the forging of the Franco-Russian alliance onwards, Russia's needs were met, first and foremost, by France and Great Britain, its allies, and diplomatic partners in the developing Triple Entente. Russia's continued access to those ready lenders ensured that the empire of the Tsars would not be tempted away from its alliance and entente partners. This web of financial and political interdependence affected both foreign policy and domestic society in all three countries. The Russian state was so heavily indebted to its western creditors, rendering those western economies almost prisoners to this debt, that the debtor nation in many ways had the upper hand; the Russian government at times was actually able to dictate policy to its French and British counterparts. Those nations' investing classes-which, in France in particular, spanned not only the upper classes but the middle, rentier class, as well-had such a vast proportion of their savings wrapped up in Russian bonds that any default would have been catastrophic for their own economies. That default came not long after the Bolshevik Revolution brought to power a government who felt no responsibility, whatsoever, for the debts accrued by the tsars for the purpose of oppressing Russia's workers and peasants. The ensuing effect on allied morale, the Anglo-French relationship, and, ultimately, on international relations in the twentieth century, was grim and far-reaching. Jennifer Siegel narrates a classic tale of money and power in the modern era-an age of economic interconnectivity and great power interdependency-involving such figures as Lord Revelstoke, chairman of Baring Brothers, the British and French Rothschild cousins, and Sergei Witte, Russia's authoritative finance minister during much of this age of expansion. For Peace and Money highlights the importance of foreign capital in policymaking on the origins and conduct of World War I.