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The Millennium Laws

Author : Thomas D. Powell
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When the country moved into the new Millennium, it was under siege from around the world to the wheat fields of Kansas. The people of the United States decided it was time for change to make life safe again. The Millennium Laws were passed and life in the United States would never be the same. In the year 2043 the Senator from Colorado, Shane Silverstone, was being groomed for the White House. A personal tragedy causes him to step down and move to Chicago, Illinois where he becomes the US Marshall responsible for maintaining the Millennium Laws. The daughter-in-law of the mayor of Chicago has disappeared and all police agencies are required to do whatever it takes to find her. US Marshall, Shane Silverstone, is brought into the search that will take him from New York to New Orleans across the mountains of Colorado into the desert of Nevada and eventually to Las Vegas. During the search for the missing woman, Shane has doubts about how far the laws have swayed giving the government too much control. The pendulum needs to be brought back into balance giving the people the freedom they lost when the Millennium Laws were passed. Follow Shane on his search and you will decide.

LexIslamica Series Book 1 Islamic Law for the New Millennium

Author : Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee
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Diplomatic Law in a New Millennium

Author : Paul Behrens
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The granting of diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange, the dangers faced by diplomats in troublespots around the world, WikiLeaks and the publication of thousands of embassy cable - situations like these place diplomatic agents and diplomatic law at the very centre of contemporary debate on current affairs. Diplomatic Law in a New Millennium brings together 20 experts to provide insight into some of the most controversial and important matters which characterise modern diplomatic law. They include diplomatic asylum, the treatment (and rights) of domestic staff of diplomatic agents, the inviolability of correspondence, of the diplomatic bag and of the diplomatic mission, the immunity to be given to members of the diplomatic family, diplomatic duties (including the duty of non-interference), but also the rise of diplomatic actors which are not sent by States (including members of the EU diplomatic service). This book explores these matters in a critical, yet accessible manner, and is therefore an invaluable resource for practitioners, scholars and students with an interest in diplomatic relations. The authors of the book include some of the leading authorities on diplomatic law (including a delegate to the 1961 conference which codified modern diplomatic law) as well as serving and former members of the diplomatic corps.

Corporate Law on the Edge of the Millennium

Author :
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International Conflict of Laws for the Third Millennium Essays in Honor of Friedrich K Juenger

Author : Patrick Borchers
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Few scholars have contributed more to this new and important view of conflict of laws than Professor Friedrich K. Juenger of the University of California, Davis. In this Festschrift in his honor, leading scholars from North America and Europe bring their vision and expertise to bear on this core issue of private international law, reflecting the multiple facets of a fundamental doctrine as it adapts to new and unprecedented global realities. Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

Ritualism dethroned and the True Church found or the Divine Law most revealed in those Churches and Martyrs of Jesus that have witnessed against a ceremonial and sacramental law etc

Author : William B. ORVIS
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Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law Vol 3

Author : International Monetary Fund
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The Legal Department and the Institute of the IMF held their eighth biennial seminar for legal advisers of central banks of member countries on May 7-17,2000. The papers presented in this volume are based on presentations made by the seminar participants. The seminar covered a broad range of topics, including activities of the IMF and other international financial institutions, sovereign debt restructuring, the architecture of the international financial system, and money laundering and the financing of terrorism. In addition, participants addressed the role of central banks, payment systems, securities, technology in the financial sector, and monetary arrangements.

Development in International Law

Author : Qerim Qerimi
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The dominant conceptions of development and the right thereto have been confined to narrow, sectoral interpretations focusing on economic matrices and collective entities such as the state or peoples. This book delimits these key notions of the public order of the 21st century in an entirely new fashion. Drawing on fundamental precepts of policy-oriented jurisprudence, this book offers a comprehensive and systematic study and redefinition of development and the right to development guided by the goal of maximum access by all to the processes of shaping and sharing of all things humans value, including, empirically, aspirations to power, wealth, well-being, affection, enlightenment, skills, respect, and rectitude. This new paradigm of development offers fertile ground for legal and policy responses designed to bring about a public order of human dignity in all parts of the planet.

Law and Practice of the United Nations

Author : Simon Chesterman
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"In memory of Professor Thomas M. Franck"

International Poverty Law

Author : Lucy Williams
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This book provides a new framework for the future theoretical development of international poverty law. It explores specific human rights initiatives that address particular aspects of poverty, including human rights conventions, the right to food as framed in UN development documents, and the development in South Africa of an alternative vision of constitutional law.