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The Mindful Teacher s Toolkit

Author : Kevin Hawkins
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Do you want to help your students develop their social and emotional skills? Do you want to help build a whole school approach to mindfulness and wellbeing? The Mindful Teacher’s Toolkit gives you clear directions to develop mindful practices and ideas for how to integrate these into your teaching. The book contains detailed guidance on how to work with different age groups, from 4-18 years, and looks at whole-school approaches through specific subject areas and implementation strategies. Designed so that you can dip into each chapter, all of the activities are adaptable by language, tone and content so that you can apply and personalise them to your teaching. The combination of expert advice, teaching tips, reflections, activities and real-life examples provides you with everything you need to be able to develop your own mindful classroom and contribute to improving wellbeing in your school community.

The Mindful Teacher s Toolkit

Author : Kevin Hawkins
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The Mindful Teacher’s Toolkit gives educators clear directions to develop their own mindful or awareness-based practice and ideas for how to embody and integrate these practices in their teaching. The combination of activities, guidance and real-life examples provide mindful teachers with a toolkit of everything they need to be able to develop their own mindful classroom.

Mindful Teacher Mindful School

Author : Kevin Hawkins
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With this guide to mindful practice, teachers will learn how to use mindfulness in their own professional and personal lives as well as how to incorporate it in their teaching to support student wellbeing.

The Mindful English Teacher

Author : Francis Gilbert
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WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE MINDFUL ENGLISH TEACHER "I found the book really helpful, as a person who has struggled with anxious thoughts in the past, I've found it has helped me process those in a mindful way that has left me with more confidence. I like how the book is very accepting of different teaching styles and differentiates between by using different teaching voices in the book. I found the book accessible and the writing was easy to read. It was an engaging read as well as an educational one." An English teacher. "This book is basically a 'go to' book for student teachers. It is easy to read and detailed, which alongside Francis Gilbert's study guides really sets student teachers on the road to success. Thanks Francis!" Chloe Charles, PGCE English teacher. "I think mindfulness, planning, reciprocal reading, all discussed at length in the book, have been effective tools in developing my pedagogy and are methods I will definitely use in my teaching. I think the book is an excellent introduction to teaching English and makes the theory and learning easy and accessible." An English teacher. "A useful guide for both new and experienced teachers who want to excel." An English teacher. "A great read with so many useful tips and tasks. It made me step back and reflect easily on my practice." An English teacher. "This book looks at English teaching in a refreshing and non-intimidating manner. It is inclusive for all training and qualified teachers with a clear structure that encourages passionate and creative teaching in modern schools." Sarah Stevens, PGCE English teacher. In need of some inspiration? Are you feeling you're losing your mojo? This is the ultimate guide for English teachers in the 21st century because it not only offers advice about the content, skills and strategies necessary to become an effective English teacher but also provides invaluable help in dealing with the stresses and strains of the job. The well-being of students and teachers are seen as integral to outstanding teaching and learning. The Mindful English Teacher is jam-packed with creative ways to be happy and productive on the job: it is full of useful meditations, creative visualisations and activities which not only make being an English teacher fun but also with its moments of relaxation. It is undergirded with a firm grounding in theory and evidence-based practice, which is explored in the form of lively scripts, real-life conundrums & audits. The scripts can be read by groups of teachers, making the book ideal to use for school-based CPD or Initial Teacher Education. This unique guide aims to inject a genuine sense of joy into one of the most challenging jobs in teaching, using techniques that have been proven to work in a wide range of educational settings.

Teacher Toolkit

Author : Ross Morrison McGill
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Ross Morrison McGill, aka @TeacherToolkit believes that becoming a teacher is one of the best decisions you will ever make, but after more than two decades in the classroom, he knows that it is not an easy journey! Packed with countless anecdotes, from disastrous observations to marking in the broom cupboard, [email protected] TOOLKIT is a compendium of teaching strategies and advice, which aims to motivate, comfort, amuse and above all reduce the workload of a new teacher. The book includes humorous illustrations, photocopiable templates, a new-look 5 minute plan and QR codes to useful videos. This limited edition hardback version will be an invaluable addition to your school CPD library or a long-lasting bible to keep with you throughout your teaching career. As anyone who has followed him on Twitter knows, Ross is not afraid to share the highs and lows of his own successes and failures. He strives to share great teaching practice, to save you time and to ensure you are the best teacher you can be, whatever the new policy or framework. His eagerly-awaited new book continues in this vein and is a must-read for all new teachers. Vitruvian teaching will help you survive your first five years: Year 1: Be resilient (surviving your NQT year) Year 2: Be intelligent (refining your teaching) Year 3: Be innovative (take risks) Year 4: Be collaborative (share and work with others now your classroom practice is secure) Year 5: Be aspirational (moving towards middle leadership) Start working towards Vitruvian today.

Mindful Teacher Mindful School

Author : Kevin Hawkins
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With this guide to mindful practice, teachers will learn how to use mindfulness in their own professional and personal lives as well as how to incorporate it in their teaching to support student wellbeing.

Mentoring English Teachers in the Secondary School

Author : Debbie Hickman
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This practical guide will help school-based mentors of trainee or newly qualified English teachers in developing their own mentoring skills, whilst providing the essential guidance their trainees need as they navigate their new role in the secondary classroom. With analytical tools for self-evaluation, this is a key resource that will support and inspire mentors and help them identify both strengths and skill gaps to develop confidence and knowledge in their mentoring position. By providing practical tools such as tasks, feedback guides, further readings and examples of dialogue with trainees, this volume covers the knowledge, skills and understanding every mentor needs. Key topics explored include: Roles and responsibilities of mentors; How to develop a mentor–mentee relationship; Developing beginning English teachers’ subject knowledge and expertise, including planning for pupils’ learning; Managing workload and student teacher well-being; Developing collaborative practice; Developing the wider, professional role of the teacher. Filled with tried-and-tested strategies based on the latest research, Mentoring English Teachers in the Secondary School is a vital guide for mentors of English teachers, both trainee and newly qualified, with ready-to-use strategies that support and inspire both mentors and beginning teachers alike.

Mindful Learning

Author : Linda Campbell
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Presents over one hundred research and instructional strategies that have proven to be successful in the classroom, designed to meet the needs of students with diverse aptitudes and interests.

Character Toolkit for Teachers

Author : Frederika Roberts
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Format : PDF, Docs
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This accessible and much-needed resource sets out advice on how to develop character and encourage wellbeing in pupils aged 5-11. Schools are increasingly aware of how beneficial positive character skills can be, but resources on how to develop them are scarce. This book gives teachers the means to promote gratitude, positive emotions, character strengths, and positive relationships through 100+ easy-to-implement activities such as student diaries, classroom displays and letter writing campaigns. It also includes tools and strategies that go beyond the classroom, helping to embed character education into the culture and ethos of the entire school. Each chapter will include a short introduction to the relevant theoretical background, and all activities are based on validated character education and positive psychology interventions. Bite-sized and practical, and full of ideas that can be dipped in and out of in the classroom, this is an ideal book for busy teachers.

The Environmental Toolkit for Teachers

Author : Neil Fraser
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The Environmental Toolkit for Teachers is the essential guide to reducing your school's ecological footprint and creating and embedding a sustainability ethos. Whether you are a teacher eager to make your classroom a more eco-friendly environment or a head teacher who wants to set up a whole school project, there are practical strategies and activities in this book for you. Written by an expert environmental education, this book includes 75 eco-projects and lessons that cover how to manage litter, waste and energy efficiently in a time saving, cost effective manner. Each project is tried and tested and includes a step-by-step guide, case studies and examples. There is also advice on how to monitor and evaluate your projects. A key part of the book is the focus on getting students involved in the projects in order to educate them on the ever-increasing importance of living in an environmentally friendly and sustainable community. The Environmental Toolkit for Teachers is an invaluable resource for buy teachers eager to get their school sustainability up to scratch and become the best Eco-Teacher they can be.

A Toolkit For Creative Teaching In Post Compulsory Education

Author : Eastwood, Linda
File Size : 26.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the essential resource for trainees and teachers working in the PCET sector who are looking for new and creative ways of engaging and motivating their learners. The book contains 50 brilliant activities that can be used in a variety of settings and applied to different subject areas. The authors give specific details relating to planning, preparation and implementation for each activity and, in addition, suggest a whole range of further variations for each activity to try out too! Key features include: 50 practical and innovative teaching activities Practical tips to get the most from each activity; Variations and subject-specific examples; Thinking Points to encourage reflection; What Next signposts to further reading; A theoretical framework which sets the activities within the context of creativity and innovation.--Back cover.

A Toolkit for the Effective Teaching Assistant

Author : Maureen Parker
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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'This new edition helps the reader better understand their role in the school and classroom, in the complex and constantly changing world of education. It provides excellent support for helping the reader develop greater effectiveness in their classroom practice, both through exploring the theory that underpins the topics covered and by providing practical support and advice' - Gianna Knowles, Co-ordinator for the Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning Support and Primary Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Chichester If you're studying for a Foundation Degree or seeking Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) status, this is the book you need on your shelf. Containing guidance for students and Teaching Assistants (TAs) on working with colleagues, supporting pupils and supporting learning, this fully revised edition has been expanded to include five new chapters on: - distributed Leadership for the TA/HLTA; - behaviour management; - inclusion (linking with the Every Child Matters agenda); - supporting emotional health and well-being; - supporting curriculum subjects. In addition to these new chapters, the book will help you to understand and participate in change, enhance the role of the TA, and use ICT to support learning. Packed with practical activities, case studies and links to the new HLTA standards, this essential text will develop your professional capabilities and help you put theory into practice.

The Growth Mindset Classroom Ready Resource Book

Author : Annie Brock
File Size : 80.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Skip the late-night lesson planning and start stretching your students' minds with this practical, ready-to-use companion to the popular The Growth Mindset Coach series. Thanks to the revolutionary power of growth mindsets, teachers everywhere have been helping their students realize their boundless potential. However, with busy schedules and crowded classes, infusing growth mindset principles into your lessons every day is sometimes easier said than done. From the best-selling authors of The Growth Mindset Coach, this new book makes implementing mindset strategies easier than ever before. With over 50 ready-to-use resources all focused on fostering growth mindsets, The Growth Mindset Classroom-Ready Resource Book, is your new go-to teaching assistant. These resilient- and grit-building ideas include: - Interactive lesson plans - Creative conversation starters - Mindful reflection exercises - Classroom management strategies A perfect supplement for any teacher looking for additional support in banishing fixed mindsets and instilling a growth mindset culture in their classroom.

Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools

Author : Catherine P. Cook-Cottone, PhD
File Size : 24.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the first research-based text intended to help teachers and practitioners implement mindfulness and yoga programs in schools. A complete review of the literature on mindfulness and yoga interventions is provided along with detailed steps on how to implement such programs. Training requirements, classroom set-up, trauma-sensitive practices, and existing quality programs are reviewed. Twelve core principles of mindfulness and yoga in schools are woven throughout for the utmost in continuity. As a whole, the book provides tools for enhancing classroom and school practices as well as personal well-being. It is distinguished by its emphasis on research, translation of research into practice, and insight into potential roadblocks when using mindfulness and yoga in schools. Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools provides: A thorough examination of the efficacy of mindfulness and yoga in reducing stress and conflict and enhancing student engagement to serve as a rationale for integrating such programs into schools How-to sections for training, classroom and lesson plan preparation, and implementing specific techniques and comprehensive programs Photographs, scripts, and figures to help implement your own programs A tool for assessing and cultivating teacher and student self-care Part I reviews the conceptual model for embodied self-regulation and the risks associated with a lack of self-regulation, an intervention model used in education, and tips for implementing mindfulness and yogic practices within this approach. Parts II and III review the philosophical underpinnings of mindfulness and yoga and critically review the mindfulness and yoga protocols and interventions implemented in schools. Part IV addresses mindful self-care for students and teachers, including a scale for establishing self-care goals and a scoring system.

The Library Collaboration and Flexible Scheduling Toolkit Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Author : Andria C. Donnelly
File Size : 49.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Appropriate for experienced elementary librarians as well as students in school library preparation programs, this powerful book explains the advantages of utilizing a flexible schedule with collaboration as compared to a fixed schedule without collaboration. • Provides a succinct and accessible yet complete explanation of research about collaboration • Supplies practical guidance for moving towards a collaborative methodology, including methods to approach the administration to win support, a training plan for staff, and team planning strategies • Explains the many side benefits of collaboration, including lowered student-to-teacher ratios, better accommodation of individual student differences, more physical and personnel resources, and higher student achievement • Addresses how to incorporate the library assistant into collaboration as well as what to do if there is no assistant • Identifies methods for handling a variety of personalities and common situational issues or difficulties

The Coaching Toolkit

Author : Shaun Allison
File Size : 22.55 MB
Format : PDF
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Coaching is happening in every school, and this resource will provide anyone engaged in coaching with everything they need to make sure they're doing it right.

Educate Train Transform Toolkit On Medical And Health Professions Education

Author : Dujeepa D Samarasekera
File Size : 57.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This handbook contextualises medical and health professions education concepts using contemporary best evidence available with the relevant theoretical underpinnings.Each section is developed by internationally renowned experts in their respective fields. All chapters are succinct and concise, providing answers to everyday issues and challenges using practical solutions. Through its unique structure, this handbook facilitates learning by raising and providing solutions to the questions 'What', 'Why' and 'How'. It emphasises lifelong learning and future directions in medical and health professions education — highlighting trends, issues, priorities and strategies (TIPS).

The Middle School Writing Toolkit

Author : Tim Clifford
File Size : 52.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Middle School Writing Toolkit addresses the 5 major writing genres that middle-school students are expected to master - reports, persuasive essays, how-to (procedural) essays, narratives, and literary responses - and provides 57 mini-lessons and more than 200 workstation tasks to start English teachers well on their way to creating a successful writing program in the classroom.

EBOOK Outstanding Primary Teaching and Learning A journey through your early teaching career

Author : Sally Hawkins
File Size : 87.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If you have ever asked yourself “How do I become an outstanding teacher?” then this is the book for you. Combining state-of-the-art practices with deep insight from many years’ experience of teaching, the book develops and explains how to change practice and attain excellence as a teacher. Seven core themes are embedded in a four level hierarchy of practice that guides the reader from the fundamentals of successful teaching to the highest levels of accomplishment. The book offers: • A ‘one-stop-shop’ providing a structured and supported approach to becoming an outstanding teacher • A unique action planning feature at the end of each level, creating a platform for your personal development • A range of guided reflection activities, to help develop your skills and understanding of the many aspects of teaching The unique focus on your individual development and creating an authentic identity as the foundation for excellence makes Outstanding Primary Teaching and Learning essential reading for the every trainee teacher or those wishing to enhance practice. “There are a few educational texts that you do not want to put down, and this is one! The book will encourage, motivate and inspire trainee teachers, recently qualified, early career and established teachers to reach the heights of their potential. If becoming an outstanding teacher seems like an unattainable goal, this book will convince the reader otherwise. The author speaks to the reader, coaxing and encouraging, as if she was there by their side. She follows her own advice by creating innovative and stimulating sessions, but in text form. The accessible structure with reflection sections, activities, prompts, checklists, further reading, and thought provoking quotes and extracts, provides an interactive resource, for all those who aspire to be the best possible teacher for their pupils. In simple terms, an outstanding book, that provides a pathway through the minefield that education can be.” Dr. Tracy Whatmore, Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, UK “An easy to read book with sound practical advice underpinned by theory which every trainee teacher or early career teacher can dip into for guidance. It captures the essence of primary teaching through the metaphor of a coat and I’m sure readers will adapt their coats accordingly as they journey through the book.” Professor Vini Lander, Edge Hill University, UK “Outstanding Primary Teaching and Learning” is an absolute must-read for teachers of any age or experience who would like to become more outstanding in their practice. Written from a unique and highly reflective perspective of pedagogy as an art, a proactive and inspiring approach is taken to journey the reader along a personalised path, enabled through highly constructive and reflective opportunities. Sally Hawkins inspires with her clear passion to primary teaching and learning, and considers all aspects of that which it takes to develop “outstandingness”. With her methodical yet holistic approach to pedagogy, “Outstanding Primary Teaching and Learning” takes a thoughtful and academic approach to deconstruct the constantly evolving machine that is primary education, into useable ideas and concepts. As a current PGCE student, I have found this to be an enormous asset to both my reflective practice in the classroom, but also through the contextualising of a complex and ever-changing education system.” Alexander S Phipps, Postgraduate Student, Institute for Education, The University of Chichester, UK “Although this book is aimed at trainee primary school teachers, it will be equally useful for secondary school and more experienced teachers. By contextualising her examples around the analogy of ‘the perfect jacket’, Sally clearly outlines the complexities and challenges of modern teaching. However, through the systematic approach that she adopts and the examples she gives, she makes these challenges both achievable and desirable. She de-bunks some of the myths around ‘outstanding’ teaching and provides readers with clear frameworks and reference points from which they can evaluate and develop their own teaching. Sally’s writing style is both personal and humorous, which will engage and motivate busy teachers. She seamlessly combines the latest theories and applies them to classroom practice. By including regular reflection tasks, this book can become a valuable accompaniment to trainees regular mentor meetings. Those who engage with Sally’s questions and follow her recommendations, will develop a deep understanding of the role of the teacher and will develop a substantial toolkit to draw upon in the classroom.” Mark Bagust, Associate Headteacher, Cantell School, UK

CliffsNotes Praxis II Principles of Learning andTeaching Second Edition

Author : Diane E Kern
File Size : 31.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A new edition of the bestselling test-prep guide Covers early childhood, grades K-6, grades 5-9, and grades 7-12 Each test area includes a self-assessment test, subject reviews, and two practice tests, for a total of twelve tests in this test-prep guide The only test-prep product that includes all Principles of Learning and Teaching tests