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The Mission of Detective Mike Moving Abroad

Author : Simone T. Costa Eriksson
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Mike is unsettled. He knows that something odd is happening at home because his parents are whispering all the time. Being a detective, Mike is quickly on the case and discovers his family is moving to another country. This story will allay the fears of every relocating family member.

Adventure Mystery and Romance

Author : John G. Cawelti
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In this first general theory for the analysis of popular literary formulas, John G. Cawelti reveals the artistry that underlies the best in formulaic literature. Cawelti discusses such seemingly diverse works as Mario Puzo's The Godfather, Dorothy Sayers's The Nine Tailors, and Owen Wister's The Virginian in the light of his hypotheses about the cultural function of formula literature. He describes the most important artistic characteristics of popular formula stories and the differences between this literature and that commonly labeled "high" or "serious" literature. He also defines the archetypal patterns of adventure, mystery, romance, melodrama, and fantasy, and offers a tentative account of their basis in human psychology.

Making the Mission

Author : Ocean Howell
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In the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, residents of the city’s iconic Mission District bucked the city-wide development plan, defiantly announcing that in their neighborhood, they would be calling the shots. Ever since, the Mission has become known as a city within a city, and a place where residents have, over the last century, organized and reorganized themselves to make the neighborhood in their own image. In Making the Mission, Ocean Howell tells the story of how residents of the Mission District organized to claim the right to plan their own neighborhood and how they mobilized a politics of place and ethnicity to create a strong, often racialized identity—a pattern that would repeat itself again and again throughout the twentieth century. Surveying the perspectives of formal and informal groups, city officials and district residents, local and federal agencies, Howell articulates how these actors worked with and against one another to establish the very ideas of the public and the public interest, as well as to negotiate and renegotiate what the neighborhood wanted. In the process, he shows that national narratives about how cities grow and change are fundamentally insufficient; everything is always shaped by local actors and concerns.

Seven Librarian Detective Series

Author : Bobby Cinema
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Bobby Cinema has written seven detective stories in one book about each different character going through solving a difficult case, being in the action and deal with real intensive stuff they had to go through from solving cases. For these seven ordinary detectives and their team, their work usually ends up in a library, which is their sanctuary and a place to read and relax at the same time. The first detective series is called Raymond: Librarian PI. Ray Levenstein, a former FBI agent, took over the head librarian job from his friend Jerry who helped him get in the LAPD police academy and became his mentor when he grew up. He was forced into retirement when he was shot in the line of fire when he was a FBI agent. Ray was well respected and highly decorated as an FBI agent, but he decided to retire at a young age of thirty-five. He took over Jerry’s job as a head librarian in the Los Angeles Public Library and decided to run a detective agency in his library since he has a PI license. He hires Kevin Sandler, Nick Arbuckle, and Alyson Harris who joined the PI team. Thank you for reading the Seven Librarian Detective series. I hope you enjoy reading them. Who knows, maybe I can come up with another princess story in another time. This is my seventh book that I turn my seven librarian detective stories in one book. See you next time, and the library is now closed. Good-bye!

The World of Jack Dennison Detective Book 2 A Continuing Story

Author :
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100 Greatest Literary Detectives

Author : Eric Sandberg
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Crime fiction is one of the most popular literary genres and has been for more than a century. At the heart of almost all forms of mysteries—from the Golden Age puzzler to the contemporary police procedural, from American hardboiled fiction to the Japanese timetable mystery—is the investigator. He—or, increasingly, she—can be a private eye, a police officer, or a general busybody. But whatever forms these investigators take, they are the key element of crime fiction. Criminals and their crimes come and go, while our attention is captured by these fascinating characters who exist at the intersection of so many different literary and social roles. 100 Greatest Literary Detectives offers a selection of the most influential, important, and intriguing fictional sleuths—amateur or professional—from around the world. From Sherlock Holmes to Harry Hole, Kinsey Millhone to Kiyoshi Mitarai, the detectives profiled here give readers a broader picture of one of fiction’s most popular genres. Each entry summarizes the distinctive features of notable investigators and their approaches to crime, provides a brief outline of major features of their fictional careers, and makes a case for their importance based on literary-historical impact, novelty, uniqueness, aesthetic quality, or cultural resonance. The characters profiled here include Lew Archer, Martin Beck, Father Brown, Brother Cadfael, Adam Dalgliesh, Mike Hammer, Miss Jane Marple, Hercule Poirot, Ellery Queen, Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins, Kay Scarpetta, Sam Spade, Phillip Trent, V. I. Warshawski, Lord Peter Wimsey, Nero Wolfe, and many others. Readers will find some of their favorite detectives here, learn more about their literary and cultural significance, and discover other great sleuths—old and new, local and international—in this engaging volume. 100 Greatest Literary Detectives provides a fascinating look into some of the most intriguing fictional characters of all time.

The Detective s Accidental Baby

Author : Jacqueline Diamond
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She may work at a fertility clinic, but the mommy track is definitely not in dedicated nurse Erica Benford's future. So when a one-night stand with hunky private detective Sherlock Vaughn leads to an unexpected pregnancy, Erica plans the only logical next step?. Becoming a father was the furthest thing from Lock's mind. But he'll be darned if he's going to sign away his rights to his own child! Lock knows how it feels to be unwanted, and no way is he giving up his son or daughter for adoption. If Erica isn't ready for parenthood, he'll go it alone. Except?what does he know about being a dad? Nurse Erica will just have to train the single father-to-be. And hope she doesn't lose her heart to both of them in the process!

Army Detective

Author : Dick Miller
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Dick Miller is a retired special agent with the US Army Criminal Investigation Division who faithfully served his country for over twenty-three years in the military and an additional twenty years working for various US government law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies. His book, Army Detective: Life and Times of Dick Miller, not only chronicles his early years growing up in a small coal-mining town in southwestern Indiana but goes into his first tour in the US Army where he served a year in Vietnam then left to pursue a college degree. He writes about how his personal life, studies, and aspirations to work in law enforcement were hindered by his wife’s refusal to support his career ambitions, which overflowed into her disruptive personality and own personal desires to make him stay in their hometown without the hope of pursuing any type of career. Knowing his life would be forever stagnated without hope of achieving his goals and realizing his marriage was a failure, he reentered the US Army and achieved his career goal at the same time by seeking to serve as a CID special agent. His decision caused his marriage to end but opened the opportunity to find true love with a different woman and establish a stronger bond with his son, Chris. His journey to become successful picked up momentum at this stage, and as he rose through the ranks from a street investigator to senior investigative manager, he accomplished a lifelong dream of having that career in law enforcement. The many gruesome and violent crimes he investigated took their toll on his health and psyche. Realizing what his lifelong career had done, he had to find an avenue to allow him to keep associated with his work without the trials and tribulations of the job. Knowing it was a risk to get out of investigations, he pursued a position with the US Army Protective Services Unit. This action would allow him to continue working until retirement. This decision caused him to leave investigations but to stay in the job until his retirement. At the end, the US Army did offer him a chance to return to criminal investigations, but he turned them down and retired. He moved to Sun City Center, Florida, where he enjoys spending time with his wife of thirty-five-plus years, Elda, traveling throughout the United States and other parts of the world with her, and reading the many books accumulated over the years.

Quest for the King s Crown

Author : Robert Vernon
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The Last Chance Detectives are searching for a long-lost treasure, but they’re not the only ones. In book seven of the Last Chance Detectives series, readers learn that people aren’t always what they seem—and that some treasures are worth more than gold. Mike and his friends come across an ancient artifact that could unlock riches beyond their wildest dreams. Those dreams are threatened, however, by an unexpected break-in that has the local sheriff puzzled. When a mysterious stranger shows up in town, Mike, Winnie, Ben, and Spence wonder if they are in more danger than they realized. Their hunt for the treasure becomes a race against time as the Last Chance Detectives come face-to-face with perhaps their greatest foe ever! Quest for the King’s Crown is a story of heart-pounding action, age-old mysteries, and several unexpected twists. Does the gang have what it takes to meet this challenge? The Last Chance Detectives won’t stop until the mystery is solved!

Punishment and Sacrifice

Author : John Reid
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The children we abuse today could become the monsters of tomorrow. This is the story of child abuse and the nightmare it can create both in the present and the future. It parallels and distorts what is madness and what is sanity until the line becomes blurred beyond recognition. Dr. Jack Barker: Respected Psychologist, loving father, responsible neighbor, serial killer Under his mask of sanity he is driven to commit his monstrous acts in a game of cat and mouse and justifies it all by the wrongs that are done to him in the present and were perpetrated on him in his childhood. MIke Swanson: Broken recovering alcoholic police detective who has seen too many atrocities human beings can do to each other.Will he be able to stop the monster in this case or be consumed by his own demons from his past. When these two worlds collide in a cataclysmic explosion, the battle will not only be over who will survive but how to live with the nightmarish truth that ties each together in the bondage of the past.