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The Modern Sauna and Related Facilities

Author : Allan Konya
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This highly practical book is impressive in its thoroughness. It is an 'everything you need to know' reference complete with full design and construction details along with numerous examples of excellence from Finland, Sweden and the USA. It is illustrated with over 150 drawings and more than 300 photographs most of which are in colour. What reviewers have said about an earlier work by Allan Konya on this subject: "The book has been assembled with obvious devotion to, and a quietly persuasive enthusiasm for, the subject and is packed with pictures and drawings capturing that enthusiasm. It is a must for anyone designing or building a sauna or thinking about owning one." The Architects' Journal "Allan Konya has written the most complete text on the Finnish sauna, covering the broad spectrum from the origin and rituals (something often overlooked), design and construction, materials, siting and layout. Every facet of the subject is thoroughly covered in detail and one comes away feeling he has finally understood what it takes to make a 'good' sauna. ..Anyone interested in designing, building or using a sauna should try to locate this book. It is the 'bible' of the Finnish sauna and is far superior to any other text on the subject. I have designed and built several saunas and still find useful information and inspiration in this book."

Modern Finland

Author : Harald Haarmann
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Providing a multifaceted view of modern Finland, this book describes its history, culture, language, geography, natural history and the mythology of early peoples. Topics include Fenno-Scandia inhabitants and their environment, traditional naturalism and modern environmentalism, and the salient features of "Finnishness," including an analysis of the Finnish educational system and gender equality. Finland's art, architecture and music are highlighted, along with its peace-keeping missions worldwide. The country's several ethnic groups and their languages are discussed--the Saami, Finns, Finland-Swedes, Russian-speaking peoples, Jews and Gypsies. The author examines Finland's late but rapid development in commerce and industry, with a focus on the history of Nokia Corporation, which grew from a 19th-century manufacturer of pulpwood and rubber boots to a 21st-century international digital communications company.

The Sauna

Author : Robert L. Roy
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With a history going back at least one thousand years, the sauna is ready for a new generation of enthusiasts seeking health, pleasure, and peace of mind, and Rob Roy is ready to recruit! "If the sauna is just a bath, then Buckingham Palace is just a house." So writes sauna expert and intrepid do-it-yourselfer Roy in this new, updated version of The Sauna. This completely revised and expanded edition of The Sauna contains everything you ever wanted to know about the famous "Finnish bath." In this inviting book, Roy shares his infectious enthusiasm for the sauna and provides a complete, detailed guide to sauna building, along with resources for equipment and supplies. The Sauna is replete with history, tradition, health benefits, instructions for proper use and maintenance, as well as step-by-step instructions for building a variety of cordwood masonry saunas and, new to this edition, conventionally wood-framed saunas. The beautiful color photographs, also new to this edition, will inspire you to create your own sauna haven.

Life in the New Finland Woods

Author : New Finland Historical and Heritage Society
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Nordic Lifestyle

Author : Susanna Heiskanen
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Ever wondered why people in the Nordic countries are said to be the happiest in the world? Nordic Lifestyle has been praised as the antidote to modern day busy-ness. Understand how the Nordics have managed to keep it all together even through hardship and freezing temperatures. Inside Nordic Lifestyle, you will learn: What makes the Nordics Nordic Who are the Nordic people and what makes them special What the Nordics have given the world How you too can live like the Nordics If you liked the Little Book of Hygge, you will love Nordic Lifestyle: Embrace slow living, cultivate happiness and know when to take off your shoes. Discover how you can have Nordicness in your life and embrace the slower life you crave. Cosy up with a candle, warm cup of something and this book. And dream about moving North…

Modern Hydrotherapy for the Massage Therapist

Author : Marybetts Sinclair
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This text offers a modern approach to hydrotherapy— the use of water, ice, steam, and hot and cold temperatures to improve or maintain health— as performed by massage therapists. Authored by an experienced massage therapist, this book presents clear, uncomplicated explanations of how hydrotherapy affects the body, and then demonstrates a wide variety of hydrotherapy treatments. The book suggests how massage therapists may use hydrotherapy treatments before and during massage sessions, or give these treatments to clients to do between sessions for faster and better results. The author presents real-life examples and case studies obtained through interviews with massage therapists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, naturopathic doctors, aquatic therapists, and medical doctors treating patients in a medical hydrotherapy setting.

How Languages Work

Author : Carol Genetti
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A new and exciting introduction to linguistics, this textbook presents language in all its amazing complexity, while guiding students gently through the basics. Students emerge with an appreciation of the diversity of the world's languages, as well as a deeper understanding of the structure of human language, the ways it is used, and its broader social and cultural context. Chapters introducing the nuts and bolts of language study (phonology, syntax, meaning) are combined with those on the 'functions' of language (discourse, prosody, pragmatics, and language contact), helping students gain a better grasp of how language works in the real world. A rich set of language 'profiles' help students explore the world's linguistic diversity, identify similarities and differences between languages, and encourages them to apply concepts from earlier chapter material. A range of carefully designed pedagogical features encourage student engagement, adopting a step-by-step approach and using study questions and case studies.

A Survey of Modern English

Author : Stephan Gramley
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A Survey of Modern English covers a wide selection of aspects of the modern English language. Fully revised and updated, the major focus of the third edition lies in Standard American and British English individually and in comparison with each other. Over and beyond that, this volume treats other Englishes around the world, especially those of the southern hemisphere countries of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa as well as numerous varieties spoken in southern, eastern and western Africa, south and southeast Asia, and the Pacific. The main areas of investigation and interest include: pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary; multiple facets of English dialects and sociolects with an emphasis on gender and ethnicity; questions of pragmatics as well as a longer look at English-related pidgin and creole varieties. This authoritative guide is a comprehensive, scholarly, and systematic review of modern English. In one volume, the book presents a description of both the linguistic structure of present-day English and its geographical, social, gender, and ethnic variations. This is complemented with an updated general bibliography and with exercises at the end of each chapter and their suggested solutions at the end of the volume, all intended to provide students and other interested readers with helpful resources.

A History of the Old Icelandic Commonwealth

Author : Jon Johannesson
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The founding of the Old Icelandic Commonwealth in 930 A.D. is one of the most significant events in the history of early Western Europe. This pioneering work of historiography provides a comprehensive history of Iceland from 870 A.D. to the end of the Commonwealth in 1262.

Finding Sisu

Author : Katja Pantzar
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Finnish-born writer Katja Pantzar was raised and educated in Canada, where the consumerist and materially obsessed culture left her feeling empty and unhappy. When she received treatment for depression in her mid-20s, the doctor treating her simply prescribed medication and sleeping pills, no thought given to her lifestyle. After moving to Finland, Katja discovered sisu: the Finnish approach to well being defined by a special kind of resilience, grit and courage. She embraced this way of living and experienced a dramatic turnaround in her health and happiness. Simple, functional exercise (as simple as riding her bike to work), the Nordic diet,spending time in nature and water together with a more courageous outlook, all served to transform Pantzar's life: her anxieties, fatigue and pain left behind in the sea. In Finding Sisu, Pantzar offers an honest (no place is perfect - Finland is not an exception) and uplifting account of her physical and psychological health transformation from a slightly lethargic depressive into an energetic optimist. She examines the link between sisu and the Nordic reputation for excellent wellbeing and overall life satisfaction, and looks at the ways in which we, too, can apply sisu to our lives - wherever we may be. Finding Sisu is a personal but also practical approach to the power of this 500-year-old philosophy and how it can help us all to lead healthier, happier - and braver lives.