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The Modernist Imagination

Author : Martin Jay
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Some of the most exciting and innovative work in the humanities is occurring at the intersection of intellectual history and critical theory. This volume includes work from some of the most prominent contemporary scholars in the humanities.

Race and the Modernist Imagination

Author : Urmila Seshagiri
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In addition to her readings of a fascinating array of works---The Picture of Dorian Gray, Heart of Darkness --

Social Dance and the Modernist Imagination in Interwar Britain

Author : Rishona Zimring
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Social dance was ubiquitous in interwar Britain. The social mingling and expression made possible through non-theatrical participatory dancing in couples and groups inspired heated commentary, both vociferous and subtle. By drawing attention to the ways social dance accrued meaning in interwar Britain, Rishona Zimring redefines and brings needed attention to a phenomenon that has been overshadowed by other developments in the history of dance. Social dance, Zimring argues, haunted the interwar imagination, as illustrated in trends such as folk revivalism and the rise of therapeutic dance education. She brings to light the powerful figurative importance of popular music and dance both in the aftermath of war, and during Britain’s entrance into cosmopolitan modernity and the modernization of gender relations. Analyzing paintings, films, memoirs, a ballet production, and archival documents, in addition to writings by Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, Vivienne Eliot, and T.S. Eliot, to name just a few, Zimring provides crucial insights into the experience, observation, and representation of social dance during a time of cultural transition and recuperation. Social dance was pivotal in the construction of modern British society as well as the aesthetics of some of the period’s most prominent intellectuals.

Latino Fiction and the Modernist Imagination

Author : John S. Christie
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company. The aim of this book is to approach Latino fiction from a wider perspective, and to cross the standard critical boundaries between Latino groups in order to focus upon the literary language of a collection of complicated novels and stories.

Ecocriticism in the Modernist Imagination

Author : Kelly Elizabeth Sultzbach
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Although modernism has traditionally been considered an art of cities, Ecocriticism in the Modernist Imagination claims a significant role for modernist texts in shaping environmental consciousness. Analyzing both canonical and lesser-known works of three key figures - E. M. Forster, Virginia Woolf, and W. H. Auden - Sultzbach suggests how the signal techniques of modernism encourage readers to become more responsive to the animate world and non-human minds. Understanding the way these writers represent nature's agency becomes central to interpreting the power dynamics of empire and gender, as well as experiments with language and creativity. The book acknowledges the longer pastoral tradition in literature, but also introduces readers to the newly expanding field of ecocriticism, including philosophies of embodiment and matter, queer ecocriticism, and animal studies. What emerges is a picture of green modernism that reifies our burgeoning awareness of what it means to be human within a larger living community.

Shell Shock and the Modernist Imagination

Author : Wyatt Bonikowski
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Looking closely at both case histories of shell shock and Modernist novels by Ford Madox Ford, Rebecca West, and Virginia Woolf, Wyatt Bonikowski shows how the figure of the shell-shocked soldier and the symptoms of war trauma were transformed by the literary imagination. Situating his study with respect to Freud’s concept of the death drive, Bonikowski reads the repetitive symptoms of shell-shocked soldiers as a resistance to representation and narrative. In making this resistance part of their narratives, Ford, West, and Woolf broaden our understanding of the traumatic effects of war, exploring the possibility of a connection between the trauma of war and the trauma of sexuality. Parade’s End, The Return of the Soldier, and Mrs. Dalloway are all structured around the relationship between the soldier who returns from war and the women who receive him, but these novels offer no prospect for the healing effects of the union between men and women. Instead, the novels underscore the divisions within the home and the self, drawing on the traumatic effects of shell shock to explore the link between the public events of history and the intimate traumas of the relations between self and other.

The Female Imagination and the Modernist Aesthetic

Author : Sandra M. Gilbert
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First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Great War and the Modernist Imagination in Italy

Author : Luca Somigli
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A Change in the Weather

Author : Geoffrey Jacques
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Examines the relationship of African American culture to literary modernism.

When the Future Disappears

Author : Janet Poole
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Taking a panoramic view of Korea's dynamic literary production in the final decade of Japanese rule, When the Future Disappears locates the imprint of a new temporal sense in Korean modernism: the impression of time interrupted, with no promise of a future. As colonial subjects of an empire headed toward total war, Korean writers in this global fascist moment produced some of the most sophisticated writings of twentieth-century modernism. Yi T'aejun, Ch'oe Myongik, Im Hwa, So Insik, Ch'oe Chaeso, Pak T'aewon, Kim Namch'on, and O Changhwan, among other Korean writers, lived through a rare colonial history in which their vernacular language was first inducted into the modern, only to be shut out again through the violence of state power. The colonial suppression of Korean-language publications was an effort to mobilize toward war, and it forced Korean writers to face the loss of their letters and devise new, creative forms of expression. Their remarkable struggle reflects the stark foreclosure at the heart of the modern colonial experience. Straddling cultural, intellectual, and literary history, this book maps the different strategies, including abstraction, irony, paradox, and even silence, that Korean writers used to narrate life within the Japanese empire.

Anglo Saxon Culture and the Modern Imagination

Author : David Clark
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The Anglo-Saxon world continues to be a source of fascination in modern culture. Its manifestations in a variety of media are here examined.

Beasts of the Modern Imagination

Author : Margot Norris
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In exploring these modern philosophers of the animal and its instinctual life, the author inevitably rebiologizes them even against efforts to debiologize thinkers whose works can be studied profitably for their models of signification.

Triumph of Pierrot

Author : Martin Green
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This text is an investigation of the influence of the Commedia dell'Arte on the work of many artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and on Western art and culture to this day.

Latino Fiction and the Modernist Imagination

Author : John Sutherland Christie
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The Female Imagination and the Modernist Aesthetic

Author : Sandra M. Gilbert
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The Sculptural Imagination

Author : Alex Potts
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Potts also offers a detailed view of selected iconic works by sculptors ranging from Antonio Canova and Auguste Rodin to Constantin Brancusi, David Smith, Carl Andre, Eva Hesse and Louise Bourgeois - key players in modern thinking about the sculptural. The impact of minimalism features prominently in this discussion, for it disrupted accepted understanding of how a viewer interacts with a work of art, thereby placing the phenomenology of viewing three-dimensional objects for the first time at the center of debate about modern visual art."--Jacket.

Romanticism Realism and the Modernist Turn

Author : Gloria K. Fiero
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Radical Philosophy

Author :
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Verbal Imagination

Author : Alfred Clement Goodson
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This study traces Coleridge's developing meditation on language in relation to his idea of poetry and in connection with the formation of Cambridge English under the auspices of I. A. Richards. Coleridge on language has haunted the modern critical imagination since the time of Richards; Coleridge's institutional inheritors have defined their orientation not only by their attitude to Richards himself, but also by their sense of Coleridge's achievement, particularly his thought on language and imagination. The New Criticism in America made Coleridge the touchstone of critical value, stressing the idealist implications of his "imagination," but missing the subversive force of his meditation on language. Goodson here provides an integrated account of the development of Coleridge's critical position while following its implications for modern criticism.

Directory of Graduates of the FBI National Academy and Officers of the FBI National Academy Associates

Author : FBI National Academy
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